100th message

 The men today ...


It is the 100th message.


       The men today do not seek or at least do not want to become slaves of God, which means slaves of the justice, mercy and holiness of Jesus Christ. I do not say these things by chance, but it is because I know them or because the spirit reveals them to me.

       We therefore have some who are slaves of the priests or of pastors making exorcism simply because these ones give them water, salt, soap and other spiritual products said blessed. It is the reason for which the slaves are always praying their god so that he should strengthen (fortify) or give more days of life to their man of God for him to continue blessing their water, salt… What then makes that when this one (man of God)travels, the slaves are anxious, that is why the man of God always receives phone calls here and there coming from these ones (his slaves), simply because they want to know when this one (the man of God) will be back from his journey. For, if they do it, it is because they are afraid that their power, their protection which is the water, salt, incense… should not finish. For if their god is in Europe and that this one asks for money to come back in the country, the blinds and deaf (the slaves) are ready to pay for his air ticket, simply because this one is before all their protection.

       Then, there are others who are not slaves of the products said spiritual, but rather of divinations and prayers. For these slaves of divinations, the most important is to know what goes on in their life or what might happen in the future. And for the slaves of prayers, as long as the man of God does not lay his hands upon them or does not touch them, they automatically know that they are not blessed and that they neither have the power capable to dominate the evil.

       Given that the slaves are in need, these foxes who are the men of God, consider themselves to be more important at this time. What has then made that for one of them to only touch you, you must spent much money; it therefore means that their hands are too expensive. For, just to receive a person is all a problem because you must pass from a protocol to another as if we were in the presidency of the republic.

       What takes place there is that; the more we have money, the less we spent days and hours to meet the man of God; and the less we have money, the more it becomes difficult to meet this one. These people have become like saviours, vanity of vanities. When these men of God bless a bottle of TANGUI water, which means when they put Jesus Christ in this bottle, they sell it dear. But I want them to tell me, between Jesus Christ and water who is the saviour? Or who has created the other? If they do it, it is not only to satisfy the devil who is their father, but also their stomach. The time is serious because the devil has started the machine, he himself being the big engineer who is personally charged for the good functioning of this one (the machine), which makes that in the case where there is a breakdown, he is the only one who can find the solution. This machine which is put in place is the acceleration of witchcraft and the deception.

       Today, each of these men of God ask their believers to make that their hall of prayer should be full of people because they (the men of God)know that the basket will be full because of many people. Meanwhile, he who is of Jesus Christ is in joy only when he sees how the hearts enter in the house of God which is his life (the life of God). But he is sad when he sees how the people remain in the house of the devil which is his life, life in which we only seek for money and the glory of man, meanwhile it is the glory of the justice that comes from the mercy, purity of only one person that we were to seek and this person is Jesus Christ.

       Therefore, that is why in the “house of God” where the life of Jesus is practiced, we do not find war there, but we rather find love, humility, forgiveness and it is everyone who looks for the interest of the other. Meanwhile in the house of the devil, we see the division because it is money and the glory of man that are put in front; it is the reason for which we find jealousy and hatred there; and that is what push the people to create houses of prayer. The devil is divided and Jesus Christ breaks the separation and unites.

       An advice: the listening and practice of the truth is all, for it is by listening and living this truth that we become free and powerful. That is why Jesus says: “you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8/32), we should then understand that the laying of hands or praying on somebody is a second element, it means that the prayer comes later. For, without listening and living or practicing, we will always be dominated by the power of the enemy.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)


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