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It is the 141st message.

       The state of this century saddens me day after day because the devil through his men fights in order to make believe to the people that the spirit of God is money. I do not say these things by chance, because it is what takes place in this country where in order to benefit the grace of God, you must have money and the material for you to see how the power of Jesus Christ manifest in you or out of you.

        In Cameroon, the men of God are rich; some of them have big vehicles, radio and television channels; for others, in order to enter in their place of prayer, you must first of all give money. Others again bless bottles of TANGUI water that they sell. Others sell handkerchiefs and perfumes; others sell posts (functions) in the middle of their assemblies; others sell baptisms to babies and little children; others ask money when it comes to pray on a sick or bewitched person. Others prescribe products said spiritual to those who are possessed; others sell prayers to those who want to receive marriages, vehicles…

        Others forbid their believers not to put yellow coins in the offering basket; others ask a big thanks giving (a high amount of money) in order to receive a great blessing in return. That is why they always say: “the person who has one million, five hundred thousands… should come and give”, and they always add this: “those who do not have money with them can take an engagement (a gift) that they will pay later”. Others again, the manner in which they take themselves, it becomes difficult to meet them; I will even say to discuss with them. But they do all these things for the glory of money and that of man.

        Such are the acts that bring the people to believe that money is at the centre of everything even in God. For, the eyes of these “men of God” are not focused in the changing of hearts, thoughts, spirits and feelings, but they are focused on offerings, tithes and thanks giving. That is why their gospel, prophecy and prayer always rely on things that make war to the soul (1 Peter 2/11). These people gain their money through ways that are not those of the Lord; that is why they stress (give more importance) on visions and miracles of lies (2 Thessalonians 2/9). When they do these things, they do not become the image of Christ, but the one that the men envy and seek more; which is the image of a rich man, who is well in his skin and appreciated by the men, meanwhile this image lead them astray (Matthew 24/24).

       The people envy these men because of divinations, prodigies or the money that they gain through swindling, flattery, seduction and stealing, because they (the people) think that it is a good image. That is why many people aspire to become servants of God not to suffer for the truth, but to make money and to receive the glory of men. It is even one of the reasons for which the houses of prayer are created everyday, but everyone having his own doctrine. For the people have understood that it is an enterprise that easily brings in money. But the people will be surprised in the last day to notice that the image that they have refused, taking it to be mad, poor, difficult to live, was the best or the good one. Today, the people know that God is money because if somebody does not have money, they automatically know that he does not have God. That is what makes that today, even in these places of prayer, the glory and the greatness belongs to money. When a man of God has money, he is the true image of God; such are the types of words that the blinds for whom Jesus Christ is money say (Job 22/24-25).

       You must understand that God made us the grace and this grace is Jesus Christ. If Jesus Christ was in these men, would they react as they do today? I do not think so. For they have a spirit of money that acts in them; they only think of money, that is why they are obliged to flatter, to seduce and to deceive people in order to take their money and to create radio and television channels, and to make the advertisement of their church and their own image on the advertising boards. Others write books that are for sale in order to make money. But know that in the last day, the Lord Jesus will ask them: “Why did you fight against me by using an image through which people have identified themselves, and have then ignored mine which is a grace?” .

        In addition, I will like to precise that when these charlatans are in a radio or television channel, they spent all their time to make visions or to reveal to the people the problems that they have. It is to tell you that all what they do or say, for example: “you feel the pain on such part of your body”, “you there, I am seeing you, you are in such a town or neighbourhood and you have a problem”; as long as there is not the truth (Jesus Christ) preached and practiced, there will always be darkness in the world and in the man. And if there is darkness in the man, this one will always be dominated by the spirits of darkness and will believe to have the deliverance not by the change of thoughts, feelings, life…, but rather from the imposition of hands. It is even the reason for which the confessions and the demonic spirits have dominated the people.

       You must understand that ignorance reigns in this world because when they baptise a baby or a child for example, when this one becomes big, if he notice that what he received when he was a child was not done according to the prescriptions or the image of the Lord Jesus Christ, and when he decides to abandon this custom and tradition in the profit of a pentecostal church, they will then say that he came out from the death to life. But I tell to you that it is just a change of religion which is still equal to the death; for this change which has been made in the seduction serve for nothing. I have already said it to you, there is no choice in one.

        To God only is the glory by Jesus Christ for the eternity.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)


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