147th message.

In this world...


It is the 147th message.


      In this world, we have pastors, prophets, apostles, doctors, priests, bishops, evangelists, but who are not born again even though they are famous, popular or making big deliverances and healings. For they have obtained these titles and glory without listening nor passing through the truth which makes to be born again. Even though they have these titles and glory, they need to listen to the truth and to recognise their state of ignorance and their unborn in Christ.

      Unfortunately, with their celebrity, their money, their glory, their power to cure diseases and to make visions, they are ashamed that the people will say that they were doing all these things without being born again. This shame before the men thus prevent them to be born again; consequently, they prefer to make their souls to suffer as well as the souls of those who listen to them and who confide to their teachings. That is why the Lord says: “How can you believe, when you receive glory from one another and do not seek the glory that comes from God only?” (John 5/44).

      These “men of God” are popular, famous just because some of them are great exorcists and because others have forces capable to heal and to freed the people from diseases, and even making the lame to walk and making the blinds to see, but not in the spirit of truth because on that side, they themselves are paralytic and blind. These “men of God” are kings of the television, radio and news paper; and it is the reason for which they like putting their title and longevity in front saying: “I am pastor, apostle, prophet, priest, doctor, bishop for many years, what can you tell me concerning faith?” Also, many among them refuse sometimes to listen to the truth (Jesus Christ) because they know that their titles or longevity will become null. For, they do it because they are afraid that they will discover that they are not yet born again. Others will say: “you are poor (materially) and you speak of God to me?”. They therefore know that on that side (in the material), they are above you. But what do they gain in return by selling their souls to the devil?

      When I look at this world, I laugh and in the same time, I have pity on the “men of God” who are too solicited, envied and appreciated (having hundreds and thousands of believers), no matter the fact that they are not yet born again. For all those who suck a poisoned sugar cane will be empoisoned and will all finish by dyeing. My sadness also comes from the fact that these people do not die alone, but they drag with them almost all those who consider them. For, I say it to you; it is Goliath (the lie and the seduction) that prevents the people to be born again because he himself is not born again. Where is this Goliath (this lie and seduction) that want to despise the people of God (the truth of Christ)? Who cannot circumcise the hearts, but think to be able to dominate. Can an uncircumcised circumcise? In other words, how can somebody who is not born again be able to bring the people to be born again?

      In addition, I know that Goliath (the lie and seduction) has less grace to be still up in a short while, because the man (David) who is not known and who will come from nowhere will knock him down. It is then good and beneficial for the “men of God” having titles, money, and the glory to be born again, to overcome the shame and to accept suffering for the truth (Philippians 1/29). For, if even for a short while, the people could imagine the suffering that their souls will face after the death of their flesh or in the judgement day, they would not negotiate with the devil as they do today for vanities. But the Lord Jesus spoke of the suffering of the soul in the story of the rich and the poor Lazarus (Luke 16/19-31).

      “Men of God”, be careful! You should not think that because you heal people, you make deliverances, visions and exorcism, or because you are invited by presidents and kings of countries, stars, rich men or because you have money, the glory and the respect that make you servants of the living God by Jesus Christ. Be careful, for it is better to suffer in his flesh for a short while than to suffer eternally in his soul. For, if I speak as such, it is because he who possesses me asks me to do that. I therefore thank all those who mock at me, for it is because of them that I am tough in my inner man.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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