149th message

The devil has...


It is the 149th message.

       The devil has a whole government and he has planned everything to dominate the soul and the flesh of the man. For, he is a very cunning master who plays the role of the actor and that of the thief leader in the same time. He bewitches and cures in the same time, he is darkness and in the same time, he disguises himself as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11/14). As he is the devil, he can take another form; that of God in order to make believe (convince) to man that there is a difference between the spirit of darkness and the angel of darkness which is disguised as an angel of light. Meanwhile he is the one who takes these two forms. That is why every time that the man makes a choice, he always end by falling on him (the devil).

       The devil knows that the people want to run away from him in order to follow Jesus Christ. Therefore, in order to prevent them from doing this, he stands in front of them like someone who leads them in the kingdom of heaven (like the man of God). And when the people meet him, they say to themselves that they have found the pathway of the Lord Jesus Christ. From the moment they fall in his hands (those of the devil), this one will say to them: “You have arrived where you were going and for this reason, you can sing and dance for the victory”. This is verified from the moment that the man comes out of the old church according to him, to the new or awakened church (the pentecostal church). 


       It is like someone who believes to run away from a person who he has suspected to be a dead person in a night club by taking a taxi, but not knowing that the one driving this taxi is the dead person that he believes to run away. But it is on the way that he notices it because this one has disguised himself by showing him that he is still this dead that he is running away. It is thus the case of those who believe to be with Jesus Christ now and who after the death of their flesh, they will know that it was not Jesus Christ; but they will no longer have the possibility to return backward in order to take the good path.

       In other words, the devil plays a double game; he presents certain people that are considered like the devil and others who are considered to be the servants of God. Meanwhile, these last (servants of God) serve him more than the witches, the magicians, the charlatans. For, these “servants of God” keep well his richness which is man’s soul. They are the keepers (shepherds) that prevent the soul from coming out of his house (the house of the devil) for fear that it enters in another house which is that of the Lord Jesus Christ.

      When the devil wants to get many souls, he touches his left so that the witches, the magicians should provoke (raise) sicknesses, night meals or night intercourses so that the victims should go towards the “men of God” that he (the devil) has established. These ones then bless the bottles of water, salt, the handkerchiefs, and sell them with the promise that they will destroy these things. Also, when the people see that they cannot dominate because the witches, snakes, and the spirits of the dead march around their houses, they will go to “the man of God” so that he should give them the products that they will spray in their homes. Sometimes, they light the incense and for them, the odour that comes out of these products is taken to be the Holy Spirit. From the moment the demonic spirits no longer torment them because of these products, they will start to say: “Satan you have been defeated in the name of Jesus”.

       Moreover, when the man has problems, he goes towards “the man of God” who will make him a composition of products that he will put in the water to bath and this is called the bath of sanctification (the washing of the bad body). The other “men of God” always sell the handkerchiefs said blessed which the man will tie on his hand or which he will put in his pocket. Others again bless the crosses that the men will carry on the pretext that it is a protection. Again, when the man knows that things do not walk in his life, he goes towards “the man of God” who will say to him that it is this or that member of his family who is blocking him. For, you should understand that when the devil touches you through the witches, he heals you and protects you by these products said spiritual through “the men of God. For the devil destroys and pretends to arrange.

       Furthermore, you will find that certain “men of God” are found both on the left and right of the devil, in short, they are found on both sides; it means that this one is a “man of God” and in the same time a witch. They bewitch (possess) and in the same time, they pray on the people, and others even remove people’s stars. In addition, you will see a witch man or witch woman who lives in the body of a woman and this spirit more often prophesy, and other witch women are even prophetess.

       The devil has so much tormented this world up to the point where I feel pity for it (the world). Today, the man knows that the great man of God” is that one who will tell you all what is happening in your life or it is that one who can heal or cast out the evil spirits from the bodies. Faced to these things, the blinds and deaf will say to you: “only God can do such things”. You should understand that he who does not know the devil in the spirit will not know him in his manifestation; for he will always take his manifestations (those of the devil) to be those of God. In other words, it is to say that he who knows the chameleon by its colour and form does not know it. For the day it will change its colour, you will no longer recognise it. Today, we count on the tips of fingers the men of God who fight for the resurrection of the souls, for the word is easily preached, but the revelation is not easily revealed (Romans 10/13-15). The last days of the judgement reserve us great surprises; but to God only wisdom, intelligence and glory for the eternity.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)


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