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                                 It is the 157th message.

    This word is a prophecy of the last seconds, a prolongation and redemption granted to the people by the Eternal God. I am always surprised to notice or the less, I notice that the people of this last century are following the way (the word) of the other men while believing that this way can permit them to have a place in the kingdom of heaven. For, their hope relies on this way (the word) of divination while believing that it is the prophecy of the Eternal God. But I have understood that the men do not like listening to God because if it was the case, they would be seeking the truth of God that will transform them into the living gods (living men).The people are in the perdition because they run after the miracles, their eyes are focused on the crowd and they are looking at the luxurious buildings. They give themselves in the fight against the evil spirits instead of fighting against the bad life (the life of the devil) that maintain them in the eternal death and which make them to become weak in front of the satanic spirits. 

       They follow the men who have the glory of this world as if they were the servants of the Lord Jesus (the men of God). But they do it because these ones (the men of God) are respected by the head of states and also because they have radio and television channels, and because they have a great reputation in front of the people. These “men of God” make politics (they are in the political parties) because they always need to put something under the tooth. Because of the appearance, they have not considered the veritable servants of God; they have rejected and turned away their back from them by saying: “They are poor; they have never been in school in order to be trained”. For this reason, they have preferred the liars, the seducers and the crooks (John 10/8). But you should understand something: in a few while, all what is physical will disappear and what is spiritual will remain. It thus means that the veritable and the cunning will be seen by all.The time has come for the people to seek the men of God whose wisdom and predication rely on the demonstration of the spirit and of power and not those who make the divinations, miracles and history (1 Corinthians 2/4-5). 

       The people have gone astray in the love of the blood and flesh that rely on the family, the language, the region, the tribe, the skin colour… thus, the pity of the people do not come from the spirit, but it rather comes from the blood. When we have the fleshly feeling, it becomes very difficult for us to have pity on somebody that we do not know or somebody who is not in our family. For, this manner of doing simply proves that we live like the men and not like the gods. Meanwhile, we were to be the veritable brothers and sisters in the same feeling, the same thought, the same love and spirit.In addition, I have understood that when it comes to give something (the material) to somebody, we always give to the one that has more because we know that we will receive something (another material) in return. But we do not give to the one that lacks in the physic in order to receive in the spirit in return. In the same way, we help more the members of our family, our relatives compared to the strangers who are always in need. We do not share by pity, but rather by the glory. That is why when we give something to somebody, instead of allowing him to testify our good act, we are rather the first to glorify ourselves almost everywhere to have done such thing to such a person.

        Besides, when we are gathered where we frequently listen to the Word of God, we call each one brother and sister. But this appellation is not done in the spirit, but rather in the appearance (hypocrisy). I say it because your brothers and sisters of the same blood who even mock at your God and who live a bad life are more loved than those with whom you share the same word of life. The people (the family members) are loved with the heart and the others (those with whom you share the same word) are loved on the tips of the lips, your heart is not with them. Meanwhile Jesus Christ towards whom we must look or the one that we must imitate said: “Who are my mother and my brothers?” (Mark 3/33).I will like to announce you that the love of the blood and the flesh has filled the men, what makes that in the middle of the churches, there are rivalries, jealousy, mockeries and murmur, the things that do not testify the Lord Jesus, but rather the devil. We want to be loved by the man of God not in the transformation of the heart, but by the presence and the gifts. At times, we bring the names of the other people in order to have the glory of man and to be considered by the man of God.

       I have thus understood that the people do not go towards the man of God in order to receive the word, meanwhile it is this word that transform and give us the glory in front God.There is also something that happens in these churches: he who gives much material despises those who give less or nothing. And those who give less are jealous of those who give much. There is also a lot of jealousy in these churches, for you will see someone who is jealous of his brother because he has received a gift from God; meanwhile this gift is given to him for the advancement of the work of Christ. In these churches, the people do not give the material with a pure heart, but they rather give it for the human glory. In return, “the men of God” in their cunning always stand in the assembly to say: “such a brother or sister has given such an amount of money or has given such a gift to the church”. The man of God at this time gives all types of honours to this one. But when he (the man of God) does it, you should know that he is seducing this person; it means that he want to excite the others to do the same thing or more. He knows that while doing that, there will be competition and everyone will like to be called the greatest giver. And all this is in the profit of this fox (the man of God) and not God.The people’s hearts (souls) are not in the truth, but they are rather in the religion. 

       That is why certain people are ready to fight or to die when you say the truth to them, not the truth that comes from man, but the one that comes from God by Jesus Christ. For, when you say the truth to them, they say to themselves that you are against their religions (their god). I have seen certain “men of God” writing or saying that this or that church is satanic. These words or wisdom is not that of a strong man of God, but it is rather that of a weak man of God. These “men of God” should understand that the fight is not against the name of a religion or a church, but it is against the lie which brings the people to be invisible in front God but visible in front the devil.For me, even if they close all the houses of prayer, my mission will not stop. The closing of the houses of prayer do not cause any obstacle to my mission. Whether it is the closing or the opening of the houses of prayer, the lie will be attacked and reversed as well as those who in spirit have taken the body of their similar to be their home, office and warehouse. And also those who have found that the flesh of their similar is like meat and their blood like water; for them, their similar is a source of rejuvenation. Such are the works that the Lord Jesus Christ and I are accomplishing.

        I am neither looking for the offerings, the crowd, nor the construction of luxurious houses or to have the glory of man. But I am here to reverse the lie and the liars as well as the bewitchers.I am ready to cover many kilometres even by foot in order to go and save the man (his soul) who is found in the bush. I do not have money to rent a room, I sleep where it happens to me to sleep, for even the little money that I can have is not even enough to bring out the messages that you read. But I do not flatter the people to receive the finances from them. For, money and the men of money will not walk on me because Jesus Christ who makes my glory should not be despised or sold because of money. I love the false men of god, the witches, the magicians, the mockers because they are the ones that make me to become strong and big. To repent after reading and to make the others to read will permit you to live up to the eternity. Glory to Jesus only for the eternity. 

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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