163rd message



It is the 163rd message.


     Yesterday, I was living like an animal and I was pleasing myself in this life of blindness. But it has pleased the Lord to call me and to open my eyes so that I should look at myself (my state). When the Lord opened my eyes, he said to me: “Look, see and hear how the people are preaching, they believe and make believe to the people that they are talking of me. And now, look at those who are listening to them, they believe to know me and to live me, and they even believe to enter the kingdom of heaven with this” He said to me: “Look at all what exist, the sky, the earth and all what it encloses, as well as man’s flesh will no longer exist very soon. But what will exist is man’s soul”. For this reason, he said to me: “I want that through my word, these souls should live my feeling, my thought when they are still in the flesh (on earth) For, because of these souls, I sacrificed the flesh that I took, I suffered in this flesh, I was crucified and my blood has shed: it was the triumph (the victory)”.

     The Lord said to me: “I have chosen the people who were there before you and they have wrote and work a lot for the deliverance of souls, for that is where is found all the fight against the prince of darkness and of the death.” He said to me: “The world (the man) is in danger of eternal death. For some people believe in their prophets, priests, apostles, others believe in their own life; and now, others want to know my word, but they do not find it (Amos 8/11-12)”. He said to me: “The men that you see, each one have his belief and his life. They do not know that they are perishing slowly. It is like someone who is in a river and leaves himself to be carried by the water, or as someone who being on moving sand, sinks slowly”. He said to me: “I am sending you like an expert, a fire man or specialist in this domain so that you should bring them out of this situation. Do not be afraid, he said, have courage, for if you are afraid, he said, they will carry you with them”. He added: “It is your courage that will save you, not only you, but also them”.

      Encouraged, warned and fortified by these words, I am ready to sacrifice my flesh and all what I possess like material for the goodness of God. This goodness is for everyone to have knowledge of the truth and to be saved (1 Timothy 2/3-4). As the men are held captive by the customs, traditions, flattering, lies that does not only lead them in the ignorance, blindness, but it also make them become weak and impotent; it is in my obligation to make them know the truth by edifying them. The majority of these people (men of God) are only flatters, liars and crooks (John 10/8). I am not afraid for the fact that these “men of God” will rise against me or because they will send people to behead me as it was the case of John the Baptist (Matthew 14/10-12). I am not only ready to be beheaded, but also to be cut, fried and eaten for the name of the one that suffered and died in the flesh for me. For, I was mad and I was eating in the dust bin, that is to say I was living a bad life, and I had men’s belief; he (the Lord Jesus) then brought me out of this madness so that I should live a better life.

      The enemies of the truth will never tell you that what they are saying or doing is not of Jesus Christ. That is why they do all according to their own knowledge (like they wish) in order to say at the end that it is Jesus Christ that they announce. Do you know that the Lord Jesus preferred to first leave the glory that he had in heaven to come and take the form of a servant in becoming in the likeness of men so that we should become free? They mocked at him in this flesh that he took (Luke 14/14), they spited on him, he received punches and they have crucified him on a wood. And if he did or accepted these things, it was because of whom? We should understand that his blood and his flesh are not in the price of the world, but they are in the price of man’s soul. How will I refuse (after the Lord had done everything for me) to make discover his truth to the people which is a big intelligence, richness, glory and greatness! But the devil has raised, established and brought up people that fight for him so that the souls should not be freed from him in order to live in the kingdom of heaven. Since the beginning, the men have always killed those who were carrying and revealing the word of deliverance of the souls. I therefore recognise that I will neither be the first nor the last to be killed. For, me also, I am in danger of eternal death in the case where I do not bring out what is in me. You should therefore understand that I am seeking to save my soul which is essential and not the flesh which is only vanity.

      Today, certain people say that I am shooting on them or on their religion. But they should understand that what they believe (man’s word) is what knocks against what stays (Matthew 24/35). Others who are fearful or those who run away tell me that what I say is true, but they are afraid that they will kill me. But what I will like to tell you is that, if Apostle Paul was afraid to say the truth or to speak of it, what would you read today and how would you know the truth? Do you not know that he was imprisoned, chained and later killed because of the truth of Jesus Christ? When you read the New Testament starting from the book of the Acts of the apostles Chapter 13 up to Philemon, you will see how Paul has work and he was tortured (2 Corinthians 11/23-33). If Paul the apostle did not sacrifice himself for this name (Jesus) would you know the truth?

      Today, even if it happens that I die now or later, I have nevertheless written a lot by the grace of God. I have also noticed that people say that I judge a lot. Meanwhile it is said: “The spiritual person judges all things, but is himself to be judged by no one. “For who has understood the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?” But we have the mind of Christ” (1 Corinthians 2/15-16).

      We should understand that Jesus Christ will judge the work of everyone. Therefore, it is not money, the wife, the child, the glory of man nor the appellation (Apostle, Prophet…) that makes my joy and peace, but it is what I have said and written. For the one that sees and hears, this world gives no envy to live in it. I am neither of the pentecostal church, the awakened church, the old church nor of the new church. But to Jesus courage and the glory for the eternity.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)


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