164th message.



It is the 164th message.


      I endlessly thank the Lord Jesus who reveals himself to me. For, without this revelation, I would also be glorifying myself like the others do while being in the net of the devil. It is thanks to what the Lord reveals to me that I have understood that the devil is a very cunning god and nobody can know him except the Lord Jesus reveals himself to him. This has also permitted me to understand why the Lord was saying that the devil will raise people to seduce the world if possible even the elect of God (Matthew 24/24). The man of God who does not have the revelation is a man who glorifies himself without knowing that he is in the net of the devil. I ask myself how the men of God who have titles of apostle, prophet, pastor, doctor, evangelist have been unable to avoid the trap of the devil on which all of them fall. Meanwhile the Lord predicted it in the book of Matthew 24/24. For Jesus Christ knew that the devil will rise in order to set confusion in Christianity.

      The bible tells us that it is in Antioch that the disciples of Jesus were called Christians for the first time (Acts 11/15-16). But they have been called Christians because they were listening, receiving and living or walking for Christ to whom they belonged. They were of Christ by a life. And those who were not in this life or who were not walking according to it were called pagans. Today, is considered like pagan that one who does not belong to any church. Meanwhile a Christian or pagan is defined by the belonging to the life that he lives. But which conduct, which life or image do the men show in the houses of prayer today? For I say it to you, they are too far to reflect or to be at the image of the Spirit of Christ, that is to be called Christians. Unfortunately today, all those who carry the bible have the name of Christian, not in the life, but in the appellation (James 2/7).

      The people in these houses of prayer are Christians of appellation, but pagans in the life. And if we are pagans in the life, do we still merit the name of Christians according to God? In other words, I saw another power and cunning of the devil when he divided the world by bringing the men to become Christians for some andmuslims for the others. The devil did this in order to let the men astray. For today, if a man is not Christian, he will tell you that he is a Muslim, failing to that, he will be considered like a pagan. We have another confusion where those who say to be Christians believe in the existence of a pentecostal church. But the devil does this in order to prevent the man from seeking what has to be listened and lived.

      In addition of setting this confusion which consists in distinguishing the Christians from the muslims, he has brought the men who say to be Christians to distinguish the pentecostal church to the old church. We therefore come to the following conclusions: that one is a muslim, the other one is a pentacostal and the other one is of the old church. Meanwhile it is the same person who is plotting all this. He has thus made that today, the people take in consideration this church said new which is also called pentecostal church as if there was an old church. I have pity not only on these pastors, apostles, prophets, doctors who seduce themselves to be servants of God meanwhile they are in the net of the devil, but also on all those who do not like when they talk badly of their church said awakened or pentecostal. See how the devil has made you to become small in front of him. For when they talk badly of the devil, it hurts you.

      Today, the men have taken themselves for Christians in the form, that is in the shell or on the simple appellation of pentecostal. That is why in this image or appellation, we always find some men of God who are magicians, others are crooks, others bewitchers. In this appellation, we find some men of God who sleep with their believers. In this appellation, the women dress like they want, they are apostles, pastors, evangelists. In this appellation, they commit crimes and abominable acts where people go to seek for satanic spirits in order to make visions and deliverances of the flesh that will serve for nothing in the end times. Besides, these spirits are spirits of pythons and frogs speaking languages for the majority, and seducing the men (Revelation 16/13-14).

      The devil in his cunning has made believe to the people (the ignorant) that it is in what we call new church that we find magic, people become mad there, women abandon their marital homes, they refuse to bury people (corpses) on pretext that they will come back to life, which means they are in a spiritual journey. By these acts, the people automatically know that the new church is dangerous, but that the old one is better. That is why certain people will say to you: “We prefer to stay in the old church”, and others will say to you: “We prefer to stay in our houses because the churches have become dangerous”. I will tell you that the devil has set confusion and he has succeeded. When I listen to the blinds and deaf saying: “Us, we are of the pentecostal church”, it has permitted me to understand why it is said: “when there is no prophetic vision, the people cast off restraint” (Proverbs 29/18). We should understand that the world lacks prophets that reveal the life of God, but not those who reveal vanities and calumnies. And it has also permitted me to understand that the devil gains the men through small details of the bible. I will take the feast of the Jews (the Pentecost) as an example; in this day, for the first time, the disciples of Jesus Christ received the Holy Spirit; by then, after centuries, the devil dragged the people in this name of pentecostal.

      For even where I teach, I said to this community that it is still far to be an assembly of God. That is why to call them brothers or sisters is heavy in my mouth. I always ask them to work hard in order to becomebrothers and sisters of Jesus Christ. For, I do not seduce them. Such is my case when the Lord Jesus reveals himself to me. For this reason, I must fight in order to become or remain his friend and his brother, for I am still in the beginnings of the knowledge of the truth, because my knowledge must not be carried towards the domination on the man, but towards the domination on the devil. I nevertheless remind you that, there is no difference in the life and feeling of those who go in the houses of prayer today and those who do not go. Therefore, when we talk of pagans today, we start by citing those who go in these houses of prayer. The time has come to know the veritable Christians in the life of the Lord Jesus Christ and not in the appellations as it is the case today. For the war must be between the truth and the lie and not between the appellations. Let all the old churches, the new churches, the awakened or pentecostal churches according to the devil not revolt against what I say. For it is only the truth which remains for the eternity.

       To Jesus Christ is the glory, he who is the chief of the church for the eternity.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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