173rd message

To be a messenger


It is the 173rd message.


       To be a messenger of Jesus Christ in this century more wicked than ever is a very great suffering. For in this century, everybody pretend to see, that is to know the truth. But then, who in this century recognise to be blind, that is ignorant in the knowledge of the truth and seeks to see or to recover the view?

       In the time of the apostles Peter, John, Paul and the others, the work was a little bit easier because the people were conscious of their state of blindness. It is the reason for which these blinds, that is; these ignorant of the truth were seeking to recover the view or to know the truth of the Lord Jesus. But it is not the case today because everybody will tell you that he sees, that is he knows the truth, meanwhile we are all blind in truth. And since the men say that they know the truth meanwhile they do not know it, it then becomes difficult to bring them in this truth of the Lord Jesus.

       It has nevertheless permitted me to understand why the Lord Jesus said: “For judgement I came into this world, that those who do not see may see, and those who see may become blind” (John 9/39). In one of my messages, it is written: “The bible is in parables, reading it does not mean that we understand it, for it is not given to everybody, but it is a revelation of God”, that is why the Lord Jesus says: “... and no one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and anyone to whom the Son chooses to reveal him” (Matthew 11/27; Galatians 1/11-12).

       In this century, many people will not be saved because they say to have already recovered the view. Meanwhile they are blind because they do not know Jesus Christ, his truth, but they rather know the church or the religion. That is why they like to say: “You belong to which church?” For, almost all the believers will ask you this question, but they do it because they do not know what the church is according to God. Meanwhile some are pastors, apostles, prophets, priests, and others church elders, not of Christ, but of the denomination or the religion. Blinds, it is proper to ask to someone in what truth he is, instead of asking him in which church he belongs; for it is a mouth of darkness which asks such type of question. Understand that there is the truth of man (of the devil) and that of God (of the Lord Jesus); and do you know what they call the church?

       Today, it is the religion which has taken the name of the church. Meanwhile the church of God is Jesus Christ, Jesus being in his brothers and sisters, the brothers and sisters being gathered somewhere in the same thought, feeling and love of Jesus Christ; that is what constitute the church of God as it was yesterday in the time of the apostles Paul and the others. Apostle Paul called Saul before his conversion was persecuting the church of God (the brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ), that is why the Lord told him: “... Saul, Saul why are you persecuting me?...” (Acts 9/4-5). Therefore, it is no longer question to say: “You are in which church?”, but you should rather say: “in what truth is the man found or belongs” because we have the truth of God which is Jesus Christ and the truth of man which is the devil. That is why the fight was to be between these two truths and not between the churches of men (appellations or denominations).

       The Lord Jesus has sent me to be the fall and the rise of many people (Luke 2/34). It is time for things to change and to become like it was in the beginning; because yesterday, the image of God was seen in the churches of God, but today, it is the image of the devil that we see. That is why I came in this world to preach Jesus Christ (the truth), the only name that must be carried by the living (James 2/7). For if the men know Jesus Christ, they will also know the church of God and they will know that it is not the building or a denomination, but Jesus in them. In all the places where I will arrive, I will preach Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 4/5). It is therefore good for the blinds, that is those who pretend to see, to stop asking me in which church I belong, because I am sent to change the data in the churches of men where it is the human knowledge, theology, money, the glory of man and corruption that are at the centre of all and that are the masters.

       In October 2013, I went for a trip in the district of NYANON, department of Sanaga Maritime where there were more than 150 people who came to hear me talking of Christ. There was then a basket for the offerings that the people were to give after the preaching. When I was preaching, the Lord told me to remove this basket in front of him because the people that were seating there did not come for him, which is to receive his word that transforms, that freed from the sin and gives eternal life; but they were there for prayers. He said to me: “Me the Lord, I am the word, that is a new heart for them, and if they did not come to receive this offering that I give them which is nothing else than this new heart, what offering will they bring to me so that I should rejoice in return?”.

       Next, he said to me: “I did not suffer so that the men should have pity on me by bringing me coins of money, but I suffered for them, so that they should have pity on themselves in order to receive the offering that I give them which is nothing else than the new heart”. That is why it is important for the men to give the offering after the preaching of the gospel of Christ. It therefore means that if the man has not received his offering which is a new heart, a word of truth, he will not also receive the offering (money) that the man will give him. For he is not thirsty of money, but of the justice, the truth and mercy (Matthew 9/13). The blinds should stop asking me in which church I belong because I am not an apostle of a church, but I am apostle of the truth of Jesus Christ, because the church of God is founded in the only gospel of life (Galatians 1/7; Ephesians 2/20). Calling me apostle does not rejoice me because I know the one that call me as such. For the Lord said to me: “If they ask you who you are, respond that you are apostle of Jesus Christ”. I myself or in my physic, I know that I am not apostle, but the apostle is he who is in me in spirit and in truth, and his works, his word, his writings bear witness of what he is.

       I am apostle before the foundation of the earth, but in my physic, I was baptised in November 2009 in Yaounde by a prophet. But the Lord did not want that I should be taught by a man, that is why towards the end of the year 2009, he (the Lord) told me to leave this town and to go in another town called Douala. When I was leaving the town of Yaounde, I had tears in my eyes. And when I arrived in this town (Douala), the Lord told me to stay in the family house, and it is from there that I started to read the bible that I was not understanding, but he is the one (the Lord) who was edifying me and he made me to understand that if he does this, it is for me to transmit his message to the nations, that is where I started writing these messages.

       What the Lord did permitted me to understand that it is difficult to find an assembly worthy of the image of God. For, where I am edified by the Lord, there are some people who are with me since I started in February 2010, this assembly does not yet have something similar to the image of God. Since I do not have much time, I have thus established two pastors to lead the others. I even asked them to take the offerings that are deposited in the offering basket because I decided to no longer touch them (the offerings). Unfortunately, the assembly has fallen in the seduction, that is they believe to already have enough knowledge of God’s truth. But I told them to be very careful because if me who is the messenger of God recognise to be still ignorant, how much more of them. Being therefore in the seduction, the devil has dragged them in rivalries, the glory of man, clans, mockeries, jealousy and especially problems coming from money. It is even one of the reasons for which I have suspended the offering basket and I told them that I do not longer want to hear talking of money nor projects of money, and it could be definitive as long as they will not change their behaviours.

       If it is money that reigns in this world, in God, it is his justice, his mercy that is and remains for the eternity. I come in this world like a rich who must go towards the poor to make them become rich. Therefore, either in my native country or elsewhere, it is the president of the republic who must seek me and not the contrary. And if I seek him, it is not for his money, his glory, his greatness, but it is for his soul, because it is this soul that the Lord Jesus came to seek and to save in this world (Luke 19/10). He being therefore in me, he asks me to gain the souls that are in captivity. As I seek to know, to live and to transmit the truth, money will also seek for me. I like the mockers, those who intrigue me, the witches, the magicians, the false men of God, for they are the ones who permit me to work, to fight, to combat, to battle in order to become stronger and tough in the Lord. The fire (the truth which is in me) is not meant to be sent to the witches, but to the lie and seduction of the false men of God.

       To God is the glory by Jesus Christ for the eternity.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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