178th message

In the same time...



                                     It is the 178th message

       In the same time, the devil is malignant and master of the cunning, he has made the people to believe that to dominate the evil spirits, the witches and the magicians is to dominate him, and the entire world has fallen in this seduction while believing in this false victory. For the people, the veritable devil is the witch, the magician and the evil spirits. Meanwhile these last are only the smallest in the hierarchy of the government of the devil in this world because they come after his “men of God”.

       But the Lord Jesus, stronger and wiser than the devil warned us against this false victory which is only limited in the domination of the evil spirits and the malefic confessions. That is why it is said: “Nevertheless, do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven” (Luke 10/20).

        The Lord Jesus knows that the evil spirits are not the true devil; unfortunately, the people always rejoice believing to have defeated the devil meanwhile these ones (the people) only have the domination on the spirits that prevent them to work, to get married, to travel, to have the finances, to prosper in the trade, in the business, to have the promotion, the childbirth, to be in good health in the flesh…

       All these spirits of celibacy, of reject, of drought, of blockage, of failure, of limitation, of impossibility, of misery, of pursuit, of control, of human, of animal, of fish… are the first target of people, and when they dominate them, these last rejoice, dance and believe to have defeated the devil. But the Lord Jesus make us understand that this false victory or domination of people on the evil spirits means that they have defeated or knocked down Goliath who was preventing them to have the physical things (the vanities).

       If the people do not know the devil, how can they fight him and defeat him so that their names should be written in the book of the eternal life? The people do not know the devil, besides, the proof is that this one (the devil) has succeeded in his objective by bringing them not to fight him, but rather the evil spirits. That is why he helps them by giving them other spirits that become their weapons of protection and of defence. These weapons can be water, salt, the handkerchief, the perfume, the soap said blessed; peels, herbs; hairs and horns of animals, onions and rings. That is in fact the help brought by the devil to the people.

       For it is in this seduction that the devil (his men of God) gives products to the people to put in water and to bath, and it is called the bath of sanctification or the washing of the bad body. Certainly, these things that are put in water will cast away the malefic declarations, but they will never cast out the devil himself. If man does not know God in truth, he will not be able to know the devil.

       The people do not know that the devil is gaining them in his double game. He is the actor and the chief bandit at the same time. It means that on one part, he has the spirits that are there to destroy the flesh, and on the other part, he has provided the spirits of protection and of deliverance to the people. For the spirit which attacks man is like the chief bandit, and the one that dominates this spirit is like the actor. Meanwhile all these spirits belong to the devil (Lucifer).

       The people do not know what it means to have triumph the devil, that is why after casting out these evil spirits, after they have reversed or destroyed these malefic confessions in these places of prayer, they start dancing with the devil and for the devil. For these places where they prophesise on the future, marriages, traveling and others, people gather there in numbers saying: “there is God here”. That is why the blind and deaf who are always at these rendezvous always tell to those who have never gone there: “If you had gone to our prophet, pastor, doctor, apostle, you would already be married, you would already travel, you would already have a job, you would be healed, you would have success, you would give birth…”.

       But these captives of the devil (the captives of prodigies and miracles) (Matthew 24/24) will never say: “If you were where God reveals himself, you would no longer live this death, that is to say; jealousy, the glory of man, the slavery of money, pride, or you would no longer be blind, deaf, a leper, a paralytic, that is to say; ignorant of the knowledge and life of the truth”. For if the people were fighting the devil in this century in truth, the evil would not develop, but since they only fight the evil spirits; the witches and the magicians, not by the truth (Jesus Christ) but with the help of the devil (the materials said blessed), that is why the evil keeps on increasing.


       Glory to God only by Jesus Christ for the eternity.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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