179th message


                                            It is the 179th message.


       The manner in which the devil torments the people saddens me and gives me insomnia. For when he (the devil through his men of God) teaches the people, he makes them believe that the witches and the magicians are the devil, meanwhile these witches and magicians are only the least in his government in this world. Those who are even the greatest and the most respected in this government are these men of God that the people consider like the enemies of the men of the devil, that is the witches and the magicians meanwhile they are rather their friends. I will like to remind you that the devil has a whole government.

       You should nevertheless admit that the devil is powerful to render blind. For he has made the world to become blind because when he uses these priests and pastors to teach, there are these same men of God who bring the people to commit the acts that are contrary to the truth without these ones (the people) noticing it. I tell you the truth, ninety-nine per cent (99%) of the pastors, apostles, prophets, doctors of these religions or churches said awakened, pentecostal, ancient fight God. What hurts me in this is that; some of them do not know that they are not in the truth (because they are dragged by the seduction); and the others, although they have listened to the truth and they recognise to be ignorant, but because of the glory of man, the titles, the oldness in the blindness, they refuse to humiliate themselves in order to receive life.

       In fact, it is very difficult to suspect that these people that are looked and considered like the great men of God serve the devil more than the witches and the magicians. Why? Firstly, it is because these “men of God” went to school and have obtained diplomas; and secondly because they have followed a training course to become “men of God”. Because of this, it is difficult for the blinds and deaf to consider them like the true servants of the devil in this world. For, even by demonstrating it through the writings, they will not easily believe you. But I tell you that if these conductors that we see today were not of the devil, the evil would not expand. These priests, pastors, prophets, apostles, doctors are great, they make exorcism, miracles and prodigies, but without the power of the truth which deliver the people (their souls) from the evil. Certainly, they deliver the people from the evil spirits, they cure the sicknesses, but they never deliver or cure the people from the evil which is the devil and who continues to make his work.

       Let us ask ourselves the question to know why the evil keeps on increasing day after day meanwhile there are many houses of prayer that are excessively full, especially on Sunday? But it is because the devil is the one that teaches his religion and his seduction. The people go in these places of prayer without the bible and the others do not see the importance of reading this bible, if they read it, it is when it comes to read the psalms of protection. What therefore makes that when you say the truth to one of them and that this last doubt, if you ask him to read a verse in a chapter of the bible, he can take many minutes without seeing the book or the chapter in which this verse is found; this manifestation of the ignorance is due to the rarity of the teaching of the truth. For, the people spent all their time in their customs and traditions, reciting prayers that are given to them and which they find to be more important than the reading of the Holy Scriptures. How can someone who does not know the Holy Scriptures belong to God? For the Lord Jesus says: “But this crowd that does not know the law is accursed” (John 7/49). The man confuses God and the devil, that is why he believes to dominate the devil, meanwhile it is this one (the devil) who teaches him and guides him: who dominates him.

       In Cameroon, majority of the men and women who are cabled always ask their suppliers to make everything possible so that they should have channels and images of quality of those people who make miracles and prodigies because it is for these channels of miracles that they subscribe themselves. I have also understood that these people seduce themselves, for you need to come and see how they are concentrated or in joy when they watch the cinema of these foxes; they will thus say to you: “this man of God is powerful because he knocks down the devil, that is the evil spirits, the maleficent confessions…”. But they have not understood that it is the devil who is powerful because the person that they consider to be the powerful man of God is rather a powerful man of the devil.

       In addition, we should understand that the men of this world who say to be Christians or muslims do not know that they are in the plane of the religion which will have the pond of eternal fire (hell) for landing ground. It is to tell you that the world of the religious or the religion has taken “Air Hell” while thinking to have taken “Air Kingdom of Heaven”, but these people will be surprised bitterly at the moment of landing. For, the manner in which the people live or believe in God simply shows that they only believe in one death which is the physical death.

       To God only is the Glory by Jesus Christ for the eternity.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)


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