180th message.

We are in a world ...



                                  It is the 180th message.

       We are in a world in which the devil uses his fatal weapon which is the seduction. The people talk of the spiritual fight but they have orientated this fight towards the evil spirits and the maleficent confessions. In truth, do they know what is meant by the spiritual fight? The people of this world believe of fighting the devil, but they ignore that this last in truth is not the evil spirit.

       The devil is too shrewd and cunning because he knows that the people want to know him in order to fight him; for this reason, he has placed his shell in front of the blind and deaf who the people are. This shell is the maleficent words and the evil spirits (the witches and the magicians). The people have thus focused themselves on this shell; it means they fight against it, believing that it is the devil. That is why they call on the name of Jesus by sending fire on the night planes, on vehicles, in houses, to their enemies, on the witches, on the witch doctors, in their mouths and hearts.

        In the same manner, they say: “I make all my enemies (the witches, the magicians…) to become blind by the blood of Jesus, I cover and bath myself in the blood of Jesus, I purify my mouth and sanctify myself in the blood of Jesus, I purify my heart, my soul, my spirit and all my being in the blood of Jesus; I take the sword of the Holy Spirit and I cut all the invisible hands in the name of Jesus; I send the Holy Spirit in mission to dig up and to recover all what the enemies have taken” That is what the blind and the deaf call the spiritual fight. You will find them in these houses of prayer soaked with sweat saying: “Satan you are defeated in the name of Jesus”. But which Satan are they talking about?

       The devil deceives the people by making them to believe that that he is the shell which is placed in front of them; it is thus what permits him not to be worried. Nevertheless, it has permitted me to understand that the devil is above the men, but it is curious to listen the following words from these evil mouths: “The devil is small, I crush him in the name of Jesus”. That is why during their spiritual fight, they are always trampling the ground strongly thinking that they are thus crushing the devil. Blind, do you know the devil out of the evil spirits? Instead of fighting the devil, how can you rather fight against the monuments, his shell or statue which is only a representation? How will the devil be worried in such a fight? He will rather spend his time mocking at you. That is then the spiritual fight which is taking place between the devil and the men.

      The people do not fight the devil but they are already singing the victory. For, you should understand that the devil has enrolled the people in the seduction up to the point where when somebody only comes to read the holy scriptures, he says to himself that he understand them. This seduction has thus pushed them in the pride and smugness through which some of them even listen to the truth with contempt. But Apostle Peter recognised the wisdom that God gave Apostle Paul to write the messages and this one warned the people against all those who distort the sense of the holy scriptures that are hard to understand (2 Peter 3/15-16).

       Effectively, they have gone astray because they distort the sense: it is the case of the spiritual fight. Meanwhile Apostle Paul says: “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6/12).

       When Apostle Paul says: “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers”, it means that we are not fighting the flesh and blood to live according to the flesh and the human feeling. In other words, it means that in Jesus Christ, we no longer consider the blood or we no longer say: “this one belongs to my blood”. You will see that Jesus Christ had his brothers but who were not his true brothers because they were not living the spirit of truth. But his true brothers were those who were living this spirit of truth or who were living his will. That is why he said: “My brothers, my sisters and my mother are those who make the will of my Father who is in heaven”. In fact, if we want to fight the evil spirits, we must not live according to the flesh or the fleshly feeling because they cannot fight and defeat.

       However, the true spiritual fight is to know the truth and to become this truth in spirit and in truth, for it is he who is in you (the spirit of truth) that carry the victory and he is the spirit of victory. That is why it is said: “You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world” (1 John 4/4). If we are born and that we remain in the spirit of light and of life, the spirit of darkness or of death will be dominated in us for the eternity.

       In truth, the spiritual fight is between the spirit of truth and the spirit of the lie, which is to say; the fight is between Jesus Christ and the devil. In short, the fight is to become and to make become by reversing the spirit of the lie which hold the people captive of the false belief. That is why it is said: “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” (2 Corinthians 10/5).

       In other words, the true spiritual fight is to demonstrate the lie and seduction (the devil) because the evil spirits, the witches, the magicians… are only the monuments or shells of the devil. The people have thus thrown themselves in the fight against these monuments, leaving the lie, the religion and the seduction aside. You should know that the devil is like a snake, and this last (the snake) is his venom and not his body; when you reach to dominate his venom, it means that you have overcome or defeated him. It is to say that the devil is his lie and seduction, for if you touch them, it means that you have touched the entire world. It is like an evil spirit hidden in the body of the man, when you detect the place where it is hiding in this body, this spirit will start manifesting; for it is in this way that the veritable devil reacts in this world when he is touched.

       But what I will like to tell the people is that; even if they cast out all the evil spirits found in the bodies, even if they guess all what will happen in this world, it will never worry the devil. But when we reveal the truth by demonstrating what the lie and the seduction (the religion) is, it is at this moment that he will be worried; and from this moment you will face the persecutions as it has always been the case. But he who will be in front for the fight will be the holy father of the legitimate children of the eternal death because from the moment you reveal the truth, you will see the manifestation of the veritable devil (the men of God); it is to tell you that the fight of Jesus, the apostles and the prophets like Jeremiah was not against the evil spirits, but it was against the words of seduction and of lies like the ones that Hananiah was saying (Jeremiah 29/15-16). I will like to remind you that the seducers and liars are wicked and they kill more than the evil spirits.

       Today, the people say: “I send fire, the blood of Jesus and the Holy Spirit for this or that mission”. You are hypocrites because when they bring the true fire to you, the Holy Spirit and the true blood of Jesus, you run away from them under the pretext that it is the snake which is speaking to you. At this time, I confirm and I affirm to you that the fire of Jesus, his blood, his spirit are not there to fight against the witches and the magicians, but they are there for you who are the enemies of the truth. For you send the fire of the devil to the witches and the magician to burn them, but me, I send you the true fire which is the truth of God that will burn you and deliver you from the eternal death (Jeremiah 23/29), unless you decide to remain in this fight against God.

       You prophets, pastors, apostles, priests (servants of the devil), know that the fight is too far to end because this fight has not even started in this present century. Because of you, the people believe to have defeated your father by using the name of Jesus. How will these people defeat the devil if they do not fight him? How will they fight him if they do not know him? How will they know him if the Lord does not reveal himself to them? That is why it is said: “A people without revelation is a people without brake”.

       I will like to tell to the people of the entire world that the veritable children of God are above the evil spirits and the maleficent words, consequently, all their fight is against the lie and the seduction. I Dino Champi Dodo, my first enemy is the words of deception and of seduction of “the men of God” and not the evil spirits. Be careful with money, the glory of man and the woman because the devil is not far from despising the man of God through these things.

       Glory to God only by Jesus Christ.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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