182nd message



It is the 182nd message.


      Jesus Christ was talking of the Pharisees and these last are the religious that we see today, people who are hypocrites of the heart, pretending to love God, invoking him only with the lips and living him in the appearance. The world of Christians today is a world of Pharisees which confess Jesus Christ with the mouth, but refusing his truth, his life, that means not accepting him. You are without ignoring that today, if a man is not on the left, he will surely be on the right. In other words, it is to say that if a man is not a muslim, he is a Christian.

In the said Christianworld, there exist many types of Pharisees: we first have those who distinguish themselves by their own doctrine, they are easily identified and they consider themselves to be of the first church, for they say that while the Lord was ascending in heaven, he left and gave them the power and supremacy. When you say the truth to these Pharisees who say to be of the first church, they start to say: “You the churches of today”. Hypocrites! The church is the body of the Lord Jesus Christ, for we eat his only body (his truth) in order to be one body (truth) with him. Certain Pharisee leaders of the said first church have the habit to fixe the monument (an idol) in front of which people prostrate, especially the women.

      These hypocrites who fixe these monuments know that this act is against the truth, but instead to tell it to the people, they prefer to veil this truth. These leaders say to themselves that as they do not prostrate in front of these monuments, they will be able to enter the kingdom of heaven, but they ignore that the monument which they have fabricated and which they have fixed so that the people should come and prostrate in front of it will prevent them from having eternal life. That is why Jesus Christ said: “But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut the kingdom of heaven in people's faces. For you neither enter yourselves nor allow those who would enter to go in” (Matthew 23/13).They glorify themselves to be the first of the living (the church of God), meanwhile they are the first of the deaths (the first religion of the devil). But the Lord Jesus has called them so many times to the repentance, but they have refused and even up to today. For, the manner in which they fought him yesterday is the same manner in which they fight him today.

      Next, we have others who are not easily identified, but you only recognise them when you bring the truth to them, at this moment, their masks will fall and that is where you will know that they are Pharisees, enemies of the truth who only confess Jesus with the lips (believing to belong to him); they are people said to be of the new church. It is when you announce the truth to these last that you discover that they are enemies of this truth, for they say: “If the truth that you are announcing is the one that the men must listen and practice in order to enter the kingdom of heaven, therefore nobody will be saved”. Moreover, we have other Pharisees who, when they listen to the truth, they say: “Nobody is saint except Jesus Christ”.

      Hypocrites! Understand that Jesus Christ came to sanctify, that is why it is said: “For he who sanctifies and those who are sanctified all have one source. That is why he is not ashamed to call them brothers, saying,I will tell of your name to my brothers; in the midst of the congregation I will sing your praise” (Hebrews 2/11-12). Finally, there are others who when the truth touches them, they start to say: “It is the men who have written the bible”. Hypocrites! Why do you carry the bible while saying that you are seeking God? If you recognise that it is not the knowledge of God which is written in it but rather that of man, why are you then seeking him in man’s knowledge?

      When we talk of the Pharisees said pentecostal, we mean of their appearance, because outwardly, they are like gods; meanwhile it is the devil who is in them. Having therefore this false truth, you will take them for your brothers and sisters in Christ, but if you have the veritable in you, and that you speak of the word to them, the false truth that they have in the appearance will disappear, and the devil that is in them will then appear. It is to tell you that if you do not have the veritable in you, you will not be able to know the devil in his depth or the Pharisee said Pentecostal.

      In fact, the Christian world is full of the Pharisees; it is because the leaders who are the priests, pastors, prophets, apostles, doctors, bishops are themselves the Pharisees. For, the Pharisees are the men who always fight the truth. It is the reason for which yesterday, they wanted to reverse Jesus Christ by sending people towards him who were pretending to be righteous in order to ask him trick questions. That is why Luke 20/20 says: “So they watched him and sent spies, who pretended to be sincere, that they might catch him in something he said, so as to deliver him up to the authority and jurisdiction of the governor”. These Pharisees who were sending these people in front of Jesus Christ (God) were very courageous like their father the devil. Were they thinking to deceive God while doing it? But what courage!

      The manner in which the Pharisees were behaving yesterday (by sending hypocrites in front of the Lord Jesus) is the same today, but in a more increased degree. The world is full of the religious, constructing big buildings of prayer (and opening places of prayer everywhere), singing, dancing and confessing the Lord Jesus with the mouth saying: “You are good, who is good like you, you are the first and the last, the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega, I praise you, I adore you, I raise you, I bless your name”. This false belief of man has made the devil to rush towards Jesus Christ to tell him: “Look how these people love you, they are gathered everywhere in your name and they worship you”.

      But the Lord told him: “Satan away from me with your lie and cunning, for these people belong to you, they are your sons and daughters in spirit and life”. He still said to him: “You know that you and your men cannot deceive me; for when I was in the physic in this world, the men who were very cunning have set traps for me by asking me the question: “is it permitted to us to pay the tribute to Cesaror not?” But I have answered them according to myself (the truth)” The Lord said to the devil: “These hypocrite Pharisees, religious, cunning, have all chosen you, but they will greatly regret it when it will already be too late. For I spoke to the them about the parable of the bad rich who was tormented day and night in the eternal fire and who needed just a drop of water in order to cool his throat, unfortunately, they did not understand”. To God only is the glory by Jesus Christ.


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