188th message



It is the 188th message.


      My time has come to suffer and to die for the truth. For, in this century more wicked than ever, it is the devil who gather the men in hundreds and even in thousands in the places of prayer (churches), either by the lie through the priests of the said first church, or by the seduction through the great prophets, pastors, doctors and apostles of the church said pentecostal; you will never see such a great number of people running after Jesus Christ, his truth. The people do not love the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ which is a fire that burns all bad life in them, a hammer that destroys all seeds of satanic thoughts and feelings in them, a sword that circumcise their hearts in the dimension of God (Jeremiah 23/29). Jesus Christ, word of truth came in this word to root up, to cut down, to ruin and to destroy ignorance, darkness and the death in man in order to build or to plant the knowledge, the light and the eternal life in him (Jeremiah 1/10).

      The word of God is a sword, that is why every man who earns his bread, wear clothes of big value, build houses, buy vehicles, in short, earns his living through fake, corruption, lies, swindling, the embezzlement of funds and killing, cannot love this truth of God which has for enemy the bad life which he has chosen in order to satisfy his flesh and to give his soul to the eternal death. You always say to yourselves: “Why the people do not seek the truth?” But I will like to tell you that the truth (Jesus Christ) is their enemy, for you need to have courage to accept that your soul should be vivified in order to embrace the truth that destroys fleshly passions and desires. That is why it is said: “And those who belong to Jesus Christ have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires”. (Galatians 5/24). In other words, do you not know that the embezzlers of public funds, drinkers of the human blood, the homosexuals and others can only turn towards the lie or the seduction of the great priests of the said first church or towards the prophets, pastors, doctors, apostles of the said pentecostal church? Because not willing to circumcise their heart, that is why they cannot move near the sword (the truth).

      In addition, I always see the witch women (with rosaries) going in the mass service at six o’clock after they have eaten the human flesh and drank the human blood, they are engaged saying to be servants of Christ. It is not only these women, but also the sectarians who always go in these places of prayer, packing vehicles around these places of prayer, giving considerable offerings to these liars and seducers; and because of these things (offerings, vehicles…), these liars and seducers, that is these men of God give them the first places in their churches. With this money, they glorify themselves or take themselves to be the richest church through these great buildings, hospitals, schools… vanity of vanities.

      Today in this world, it is much more the lie of the priests of the said first church, or the seduction of the prophets, apostles, doctors and pastors of the churches said pentecostal that make the crowd. The young girls today who go to bed with the husbands of others dream to go and continue this work of adultery, of lies and swindling abroad, it is the reason for which you always find them in houses of prayer. Knowing therefore what they want, these seducers who are the men of God tell them: “This is your year of travelling, God has poured out travelling and receive them in the name of Jesus”. Meanwhile, the soul is not touched because the power of the truth is not demonstrated, but it is rather the power of the seduction which is manifested. And it is in these places that the witches work more. Also, these men of God seduce the people through water, handkerchiefs, oil and the perfumes that they sell.

      The men make the crowd today in these places of prayer not because they want that their heart should be transformed by the sword that will give the eternal life to their soul, but it is rather for the deliverance of their flesh and their physical wellbeing. And the evil on the other hand only keeps on becoming worse because the “churches” are not a barrier to it. God is angry because he sees the people who say to belong to him (but in the appearance) committing acts such as corruption, the abomination, hypocrisy and evilness that invade the world. I have the impression that the men say to themselves that God is a man like them, in other words, it means that they say to themselves that God does not see what they do in secret and in the spirit.

      You must understand that today, everybody who say to be Christian read the bible, it is also the case of the presidents, witch doctors, the witches who read it, as well as the men of God. But understand that if the Lord has sent his message in the world through me, it is for the people to be enlightened and delivered from the glory of man and of the material which is leading them in an eternal torment. But certain people run away from these messages as if it is a snake that they were seeing and which they are afraid to touch. Meanwhile these messages are a mirror because reading them is to see in truth what we are deep in us. They (the messages) simply confirm what we are in the life or in the death. And if we are in the death, we can come out of it to the life, if at least we need it (1 Corinthians 11/31).

      But I have understood that these people do not know that the Lord Jesus has more over manifested his love for them in these difficult end times by sending these messages so that they should read them in order to repent from their bad state. For these messages are called: the love of God (Jesus Christ, a light to enlighten this world of darkness and of perdition).

      The same, the Lord wants the men to come out of this state of death through which they glorify and rejoice themselves. The entire world is concerned by these messages, men, women, youths, men of God, presidents, business men, stars. But if you reject what the Lord tells you through me on pretext that I like judging a lot, you will regret it on the last day, for what I say is true. But only Jesus Christ, word of truth remains the only judge for the eternity. I did not rise on my own to write a message, but it comes alone thanks to the one that wanted it as such (1 Timothy 2/3-4). But if it is the Lord Jesus or the devil who is working, it will be known one day, but much more in the last day.

      To God only the glory by Jesus Christ for the eternity.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)


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