192nd message



It is the 192nd message


      God is his word and this word tells us “You are of God, my little children and you have overcome them because he who is in you is bigger than the one who is in the world” (1 John 4/4).Contrarily therefore to the greatness and power of this world that come from money and titles, those of God come from the justice, holiness and mercy of the Lord Jesus.

      To be in wealth, greatness and powerful in God is firstly to consider yourself as a stranger and traveler on earth (1 Peter 2/11), next, to consider your flesh which is dust, like a cloth that man has worn for a long time and at a given moment, he removes it from his body and throw it because it is no longer useful to him. Such is the case of our physical body opposite to our soul. In the same way, money which is a good servant but a bad master is useful to God’s child for few things. To have it or not having it, he who is of God always sees himself rich, great and powerful through the justice, holiness and mercy of the Lord Jesus that he lives.

      He is in joy and in peace when he sees man listening and living by this word in order to vivify his soul. He is in joy and peace when he sees the men in good health, getting married, having children, succeeding in all what they undertake. His joy and peace is when he sees people building houses, having what to eat, even if he does not posses a place to sleep, spare clothes or money to buy what to eat. Even when he does not have physically, he always prays God to give not to him but to his similar everything that can be useful for his flesh. But he is sad when he sees that the men do not like listening and even the less, living the holy word, even if these ones have money like sand on the banks of the sea.

      Besides, for God’s child in spirit and in truth, mercy is his look, forgiveness his smile, humility his understanding and justice his steps. He does not love his similar because of his material, his popularity, his title, his skin colour, his spoken language but he loves him because of the justice, holiness, mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ that he lives. Being therefore Christ’s friend, he loves all those who fear and love God in spirit and in truth (Psalms119/63).

      The same, the life of God’s child does not depend on the material but on the justice, holiness and mercy of the Lord Jesus. For him, the material and his physical body are nothing because they pass like wind, but it is what his soul lives (justice, holiness and mercy of the Lord Jesus) which is all. In addition, insulting God’s child, calling him poor, mad man because of the thought and the feeling of Christ that he carries, makes his glory and greatness. Insults, outrages, rejects do not put him in anger and do not make his weakness, but all this rather give him joy and strength.

      God’s child is that one who despises jealousy, hatred, pride… in him and it is therefore what allows him to have a small heart face to the material but also facing other vain things. But his heart is big when it comes to suffer for others in the spirit, the feeling, in the physic and even in the material because he likes to see his similar eating…; for him, his richness is in his heart and not in what he can possess physically. For, he recognises that what he carries in his heart is what belongs to him and will belong to him for the eternity.

      Otherwise, God’s child laments when he loses a new heart and not when he lacks physical things (Ezekiel 36/26). And even when he lacks something in his physic, he considers himself as the richest because the creator lives in him. For, he knows that when we have the creator, we have everything. The sin is his enemy and not the witch and the magician; he knows that if the sin does not dominate him, the confessions, the spirits of the witches and the magicians will no longer be able to dominate him. He knows that he is god, not in the material, title, popularity and cheering of men, but in the justice, holiness and mercy of the Lord Jesus. He considers this world like a dust bin and the odour that this one releases reflects the bad life of the men. He has an unlimited forgiveness and love.

      His every day’s prayer is for his neighbour to live not only in the soul, but also to possess what is useful for his flesh. Even when he has money, he goes towards those who do not have while considering them as being above him. He considers all the children of the world as his own children, that is why he always manifest a great desire to see all of them succeeding. He considers the human being as God’s greatest creature and that he admires with joy and not with the desire to destroy him. He rejoice not of the number of years that his flesh lives, but of the fruits of justice and mercy that his soul carries (John 15/8).That is therefore what makes the richness, the greatness and the power of God’s child. He testifies the spirit, the thought, the feeling and the life of the kingdom of heaven in this world in front of the men like him. However, if the men were rich, great, and powerful in front of God, there would not be evil as we notice today and this excess of evil therefore testifies the poverty, the smallness and the weakness of man in front of God.

      To God is the glory by Jesus Christ for the eternity.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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