193rd message.



It is the 193rd message.


      God’s true children are gods not in the flesh, nor in the blood, but in the spirit and the life of the Lord Jesus. Being therefore guided by the spirit of God, God’s true children consider man in his soul and not in his flesh. In short, for them; it is the soul that has to be saved and not the flesh. For this last (the flesh) is only a cover of the soul, or of the less, it is like a dress on the body.

      Man’s real death is the death of his soul; because when it (the soul) leaves the flesh, this ground directly dies, and this physical death is only a first stage or a passage. When a soul leaves the flesh, it is similar to a cloth that man had on him and at one moment, he removes it from his body and remains naked. In other words, it is to tell you that the cloth on the body is not the body; such is the case of the ground with the soul; for we must understand that man is his soul and not his flesh. That is why for God’s true children, the true deaths are those who live again in the flesh, but dead in the soul. And among these deaths, we find certain men of God and 1 Timothy 5/6 says: “But she who gives herself to pleasure is dead while she is living”.

      In fact, God’s true children do not have man’s feeling, but that of God, they do not have the pity of man, but that of God; it is the reason why for them, it is when a flesh lives that they cry his soul which is dead and not after this one has left the flesh (the ground). The cries of God’s true children can bring back the deaths to life with God’s accomplishment. For they cry, lament, fast and ask God to touch the hearts of the dead souls so that they should receive his forgiveness by Christ’s gospel in order to receive the spirit of resurrection (Romans 8/11).

      Even if man is a billionaire, president of the republic, star; if he lives corruption, forgery, magic, the lie, the abomination, he is dead although living physically in the flesh (1 Timothy 5/6). It is necessary to understand that in God, we cry someone (his soul) when we know that he can come back to the life of the Lord Jesus through his gospel. In other words, it means that a soul can come back to life when it has not yet left the flesh. That is the reason why King David who had a sick child, prayed and fasted so that God should grant him the grace for his child to be healed from his sickness. When his child was sick, King David was even sleeping on the floor and the elders of his house insisted in raising him up but he did not want, he even refused to eat.

      Unfortunately, the child finally died and his servants feared to announce the news to him because having man’s thought, they were saying to themselves that if David was sleeping on the floor and did not eat because his child was sick, how will he behave when he will know that his son has died? But not knowing that David did not have man’s thought but that of God, when he heard his servants speaking in a low voice, he knew that his son had died, but it did not prevent him from asking the question to know if his son has died. When his servants announced the news to him, he rose from the soil, he took a bath, he changed his clothes and went to prostrate in the temple to thank God. When he returned home, he asked for food. His servants astonished of his reaction asked him the question to know what he was doing. This is how he answered to them: “ When the child lived, I fast, I cried and I was saying, who knows if the Eternal God would not do something so that the child comes back to life (to the recovery), but now that he has left, why would I fast and cry?” (2 Samuel 12/15-23).

      In fact, what happened in the time of King David simply means that in God, we have pity and cry for a dead who is still living in the flesh. The pity and cries means that we bring the word of God to the men and it is in this case that we say; who knows if God will not touch the dead’s hearts so that these ones should come back to life, that is to say to Jesus Christ. Therefore, once a soul has left the flesh, God’s true children do not cry anymore, they do not lament anymore, because in them, they know that it is said: “The spirit is the life giver; the flesh is of no value” (John 6/63).

      But today, it is the contrary because people do not cry what is essential in man (his soul), but rather vanities, that means his flesh. This madness has therefore pushed them to organise big feasts the day of the burial of the ground in the ground, but I will tell you that only the deaths make such things, but let the deaths celebrate the burial of the deaths. See how people organise the feast when the soul leaves this lump of soil which has to be put back where it has been taken; enormous expenses are made, they constrain people to participate for the ceremony, some go as far as getting into debts but long after, they are incapable to pay their debts. And when they totalise what they have, they often find themselves with hundreds of thousand and even millions.

      During this time, the ground is in the mortuary and it can spent some weeks there or even months; a coffin is needed for it, it need to be dressed, they must rent a car, buy coffee, bags of rice, potatoes, bunches of plantain, pigs, goats, cartons of fish, cartons of red wine, racks of beer and juices. The men are often happy when there is such a feast because the essential is there, that means food and drinks. But I ask myself if people know that there are some people who kill their similar because they know that there will be food and drinks. Today, these things have encouraged or accentuated the evil and the competition; it is the reason why you will hear people saying: “Lets make our feast so that it should be more than the one that has been organised by this or that family”. Unfortunately, people make it for the glory of vanities. Since there is food and drinks during these different feasts, instead of the people to be sad and to think of the fate of their souls, they are rather happy because they see food and drinks.

      When you hear people speaking of big mourning, know that there was a lot of food and drinks; and when they speak of small mourning, it means that there were little food and drinks. However, you will see that may be the one who died was sick when he was living and they had prescribed him medicines or he had some examinations to make. Although this dead went through his family to get help, no one helped him, but it is when he dies that the entire family meets to contribute in order to eat and drink, vanity of vanities. And sometimes, some and others boast while saying: “Me, I bought the coffin; me, I bought the dresses of the corpse; me, I rented the car”. In addition, according to their custom, when the ground (the corpse which is lying) is old aged, people dance, but do they know what they are doing? This old aged ground serves for what? Why do we cry or have pity on the ground having lost its soul? For, understand that Jesus Christ is the changing and we are this changing.

      Today in this world, people have more pity on the physic than the spirit. And if it is for the physic that we have pity, it means that the corrupted men, the abominable, the magicians such as: the head of states, stars, business men, will not be pitiful to us; we will see them on the contrary as gods, but because of what? But since our God is not the god of the material, but of the justice and mercy, the question is to have pity on the dead soul living in the flesh because the earth is full of deaths. Those who were supposed to be the first to cry for the dead souls are rather the first to prostrate before the deaths because of the material and all what these ones can posses in their flesh like the title, the finance and the popularity: I speak of “the men of God” face to the rich men. For the living one, it is not for the dead who is lying that we cry, but for the dead (the soul) living in a person that breathes, speaks, walk...

      Today, the men can only cry and have pity on the physic. Meanwhile when the Lord Jesus was maltreated in his flesh which served for nothing, he told to the women who were following him lamenting: “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not cry for me, but cry for yourselves and for your children” (Luke 23/28). But it was to make them understand that they must not cry for what serve for nothing, but they should rather cry for the souls that are suffering. That is why the angels told the women who came to look at the tomb of the Lord Jesus: “... Why do you seek the living among the dead?” (Luke 24/5).

      To God only is the glory by Jesus.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)


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