199th message.




                                    It is the 199th message.


       Many people aspire of becoming the men of God because they see how those who are men of God have money and the glory. The people who became the men of God seek and possess money, but they do not have it by the truth which delivers the soul. It is even one of the reasons for which we have many denominations and places of prayer without understanding between the men of God; but all this is because the man of God only seeks for his profit. For he knows that if he is alone with many believers, his offering basket and others will always be full, consequently, he will buy expensive clothes to himself, he will buy vehicles and will live in a luxurious house, that is what pushes some people to say to the others: “Do you know that man, for since he became a man of God, everything has changed in his life”. To tell you all, it is what incites the people to become men of God.

       Being in the desire, the envy of becoming a man of God, these people are ready or give hundreds of thousands and even millions in order to become a priest, a pastor, but they ignore that money is a big barrier that prevents or will prevent the majority of the men of God from entering in the kingdom of heaven. For, being bewitched by money and the glory of man, the men of God pretend to remove the curse and to cure the sick people. Do they not know that they are the first people who are sick? How can somebody who is bewitched by money and the glory of man cure the other person from this evil? For it is what has also permitted me to understand that the devil cannot cast out the devil.

       The men of God today contrarily to those of yesterday (Stephen, Peter, James, Matthew, Paul,…) take offerings and tithes, and they spent it as they like without knowing that this money belongs to God and his work. When the man of God receives offerings and tithes, he must profit just few of it; but it is not the case today because it has become a source of revenue for the men of God who rely much on this money to realise their own projects such as: to rent a luxurious house with their family, to construct their own house by renting the other ones, to give birth to children, to send them in big schools, to wear expensive dresses, to buy vehicles… Some of them; with many charges and great projects will find themselves in the obligation to forbid the people not to put yellow coins in the offering basket, for the other ones again, if there is a coin which has to enter in the offering basket, it must be the coin of five hundreds francs cfa (500 F CFA).


        For the others, in order to pray on you, they will ask you money and the amount is according to the gravity of your situation. The others go to seek the power of Lucifer to make divinations, miracles and prodigies in order to attract the population, and who says population also says much money. The others are obliged to sell the handkerchiefs, bottles of TANGUI water and the oil said blessed. Finally, there are the others who sell the baptism of babies and little children, as well as the posts of church elder and deaconess. But I have understood that it is the ignorance of the knowledge of the truth that brings the people to believe or to find that the service of God permits to have money and the glory and not the suffering.

       The men of God must understand that the offerings and tithes that the people give in the house of God are for the work of God and not firstly for the man of God, for this last can only profit a small part of these offerings and tithes. In other words, the man of God can only profit of the small amount which remains after he has finished with the charges of the work of God which consist in bringing back the people in the knowledge of the truth (Jesus Christ). Meanwhile, for the majority of the men of God, it is an enterprise in which they say to the people not to give yellow coins or to give at least a coin of five hundreds francs (500 F CFA). Is it to you that the people come to give or to God? Do you know the suffering which these people endure in order to have at least twenty-five francs or fifty francs? You who are bewitched of money, with your prohibitions, you are the ones who send the people to seek money and to bring it to you by living any kind of life and by taking any kind of route.


         But I ask myself what some of them who write books do with their money? Men of God, be careful with money and the glory of man because you want to make a name to yourself in this world by constructing big houses, by having radio and television channels but because of this, you are running the risk of not entering in the kingdom of heaven because all what God wants is his justice and his mercy. When you gain this money, have you ever asked yourself which image of God you represent in front of the rich and poor men of the dust (money?). If you receive offerings and tithes to satisfy your own needs by posting your pictures on the advertising boards, therefore, you should know that the Lord, being the only judge of the living and the deaths is not the god of Baal who neither listen nor sees or reacts. He listen what you are doing.

       In fact, today, the people do not give themselves in the seeking of the truth in order to know it, to live it and to hope to be freed from this world, from the things of this world and from the eternal death. That is why the people have thrown themselves in the seeking of money and the glory of man which does not freed them. For money and the glory of man have which dwelling? Being bewitched by money and the glory of man, it is impossible for the men of God to make the true deliverance to the people and also to prevent the growth of the evil. I ask myself if the men know that the devil has planned everything in money so that that the people should become submitted to him. For the people were not to gain money in the seduction, fake and corruption.

       Men of God, know that the offerings and tithes are for the work of God, you should not put them in banks in order to satisfy your needs. And if you do it, know that in front God, you are thieves, those who take people’s things as if they belong to them. For you run the risk of missing the kingdom of heaven because you simplify certain things by ignorance. The church of God is not an enterprise where as once as money enters, the man of God uses it for his personal needs. All the same, it has permitted me to understand why in the church of today, when the husband is apostle or reverend, the wife is pastor, and all this so that the enterprise should be managed by the family.


       If the people knew that it is a malediction when they react as such, they would not joke with the fire of the Eternal. For you have to know that to be a servant of God is a big suffering and not a relief like many people believe. If the people were having eyes to see in truth the suffering that we have when we are a servant of God, they would not solicit this service; for some would even run away when God will call them to accomplish his work. But in the ignorance, the people envy the men of God, that is why some of them are ready to buy or to go for a training that will permit them to become a man of God. But know that Jesus Christ is the head, the body and the supreme chief of the church.

       To God only by Jesus Christ glory for the eternity.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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