201st message.

The Lord Jesus has



                                               It is the 201st message.


       The Lord Jesus has sent me in this world with a great light which is his word of revelation that I carry in me since my birth, more precisely at the age of six months. At this age, I spoke ones and here is what I said: “God has sent me to accomplish his work in this world which has become very wicked where the men transform into animals and where the human blood flows because certain people need it to realise certain things”. The work which I was talking is these messages that I write and that must enlighten the people before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

       For only my grand father heard what the baby was saying and he is till alive no matter the fact that he is paralysed. Hearing a baby talking was a great miracle for my grand father because he never saw or heard such a thing before. After listening to this, on one side, he said to himself that may be it is the end of his days here on earth, on the other side, he said to himself that may be it is a grace for him to live longer on earth. While talking of this to the people, he was in a fear that did not permit him to better give details of what the baby said, but all what he was telling them is that; the baby has talked of the things that bring fear, just look at his future.

       In fact, I grew near my grand parents who are still alive at this present hour, as I am writing this message, the 23rd February 2014. When I was growing, I was not interested in the things of the church, but I had a feeling of compassion, I loved doing things that were above me and I always felt to be big and strong. In November 2009, I followed my elder brother who was frequently going to attend prayers to a prophet; and when this last (the prophet) saw me, he told me: “You have a heart that God loves, you are a great messenger of God, but you do not know who you are”. All what this prophet told me pushed me to ask for the baptism; once baptised, few days later, the Lord asked me to leave the place where I was living, and he sent me in another town, more precisely in my family house where he edified me. Knowing nothing of the Holy Scriptures, nevertheless, I started to read the bible and to explain to the people what the Lord want us to become and that was in January 2010, the month in which I started to read the bible. 

       Therefore, by the grace of God, I was demonstrating how the people confuse the Lord Jesus to the customs, money and others, everybody was surprised to see me doing these things except my grand parents and my mother. Many people were expecting to see me becoming the world champion of boxing. Certain people were claiming that I was in Nigeria because for them, it is in this country that the majority of the men of God go to get the power in order to make divinations, prayers of miracles and prodigies. And the other people were saying that I brought this magic from the western world; but I was responding to them that it is not for prayers that the Lord has sent me, but it is to transmit his message to the people of this world.

       Night and day, the Lord was edifying me and he was showing me on one side how the devil works with those who make prayers and miracles (the men of God), and on the other side, he was showing me how the devil works with the witches and the magicians, next, with those who govern the world with their traditions and customs, saying that it is the gospel of Christ. I have prophesised in all the languages, those of man and those of angels and I started to make miracles. 

       But later on, I understood that it is not this power that I had to manifest in order to touch this world of deception, of seduction, of corruption, and lies, for even the devil does it, that is to speak in tongues, to make prayers of miracles and prodigies. For this reason, I asked the Lord Jesus to fill me with the power of the revelation of the knowledge of the truth, and also to give me a heart which forgives everything, which supports everything, which gives everything so that the people should be saved. It is thus after doing this that I started to write the messages, and there are already more than 200 messages that enlighten the people on the repentance, the baptism, the forgiveness, the power of the word of God, the power of money, the world of the prayer, the false men of God, the world of witchcraft, of magic and his works, the glory of the head of states, of the stars, of the business men, the church, the men who have become animals, the power of Satan on the schools that form the men of God… 

       Therefore, what I have prophesy when I had six months is accomplishing in these message, and these messages are not and will never be sold because it is a light, a grace that the Lord Jesus has given in these difficult end times, therefore, they are for everybody without exception of person or nation. In other words, these messages are for everybody and they concern the believers of Christ, the men of God, no matter their denomination, the head of states, the kings, the stars, the witches, the magicians, the men, the women, the young people and the children.

       Men of all nations, understand that I was not edified by a man to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and I neither imitate the men to work like them. I do not rejoice because they call me prophet, apostle, pastor, but my joy comes from this truth that I transmit without fear of the sword or the gun. I am a sacrificer of this truth of Jesus Christ that I carry and transmit, and which exposes me everyday to the physical death, and which gives me the life of the soul. The people should stop seducing themselves by thinking that it is easy to enter in the kingdom of heaven, for it is very difficult to enter there and for this reason, you must acquire enough knowledge on what concerns the truth of Christ, there must be seriousness, the sacrifice, the repentance, the forgiveness, the humility, the kindness, love, and the justice.

       However, my grand parents who had this grace to listen to this prophecy when I was a baby have unfortunately preferred to follow the route of witchcraft, but I pray the Lord Jesus Christ to touch their hearts so that they should abandon this route of perdition. I first thank the Lord Jesus for his grace which he has given me to preach his love, his greatness and power; next, my brothers and sisters who contribute for this messages both in the spirit and in the intelligence and with the material; and finally to those who mock at me, intrigue me and who despise what I do, but they are the ones (those who mock at me…) that permit me to work, to fight and to combat in order to become strong and big.

       To God only is the glory by Jesus Christ for the eternity.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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