209th message.

The devil...


It is the 209th message.


       The devil (the death) has invaded this world through a photo (the image of the beast) taken to be that of Jesus Christ, but what a domination! The photo of the one who is taken for Jesus Christ is the most solicited and the most considered by the people. But they ignore that the physical picture of this man that they worship also possess their spirits.


       For, the simple fact of having this photo hung somewhere in your houses, offices, vehicles in the form of calendars, posters, statues or the simple fact to fabricate a monument (an effigy) of this man makes you a customer in addition for hell. For it is contempt for the men to compare this man to Jesus Christ (Isaiah 46/5; Isaiah 40/25). The Lord is sad because he sees the devil succeeding in what he had planned through his lie and seduction. For, he has hit strongly by bringing the men to compare or to consider this man to be Jesus Christ. Meanwhile, it is said: “To whom then will you liken God, or what likeness compare with him?” (Isaiah 40/18). The Lord spoke as such in order to warn man not to make a picture which he will take like God. Unfortunately, this man’s photo has been made and even crosses, rosaries, statues exist and there is also a film entitled “Jesus of Nazareth”.

       All what the men do with this photo simply proves the domination of the devil in this world because this picture is more than the shadow of the death. Then, I have understood that the devil is more loved than the Lord Jesus Christ in this world because we nearly find this picture in all the houses, including the homes of those who say to be pentecostal, but what poverty in the knowledge of the truth! You must understand that the other most used weapon of the devil is this picture which is so envied, sought-after and even bought more than the bible. But the devil is powerful! How can the blinds and deaf say that the devil is small in front of them (saying that they walk on him in the name of Jesus) while they buy or solicit his photo? But I have understood that the men have confused the bad spirits that they cast out through prayers, the materials said blessed to the lie, the seduction and the deception of the devil through the photo of this man.

       In addition, we find this photo in some programs of evangelisation that some men of God post almost everywhere on the boards, on walls, in houses, on the road sides. But what contempt on behalf of these people besides Jesus Christ! I ask myself how the devil has been able to succeed his strike up to this point through a man’s photo taken for Jesus Christ. What is curious is that, people will tell you that they know that this photo is not Jesus Christ as he was in the physic meanwhile it is this simple representation that kills their souls. Personally, when I see this photo somewhere, I have the goose flesh because I see a power in this photo which destroys or kills the souls of all those who consider it.

       The people who have this picture or photo are like a baby who seeing a snake, catches it without knowing that it is a very dangerous animal. But you who is conscious, seeing this snake in this baby’s hands, it frightens you. For the truth has given time to the lie and seduction to do all what was possible, but in these end times, it is the truth which takes the commands. For it is similar to the former time where the Eternal God had let time to Pharaoh to reign on the people of Israel and to consider himself as being powerful before showing him that he is the All Mighty.

       If the Lord opens the eyes of people, they will see the power of death of the soul that this photo embodies and by there, they will destroy it (they will burn the photos, the rosaries and all the monuments and the statues representing Jesus Christ). But as they do not have eyes to see the enemy (the death), it is the reason for which they fabricate and buy this picture. This last (the picture); the devil uses it to gain the world, except the aware. Today, almost all the prophets, the pastors, the priests... consider this picture as being Jesus Christ but with this, I ask myself if they are the ones that the Lord has raised to bear witness of what he is in spirit and in truth. How could the devil dominate the men while hitting them with a big blow through the consideration of his picture; the one that he presents to be Jesus Christ (the picture of the beast) after Jesus Christ’s physical death and the one of the apostles whose names are written in the bible?

       The world of today does not know the prophets of God; they only simply recognise the men of God who make prophecies (on the future of earthly goods), visions, healings or who cast out demons. Nearly all of them make these things but personally, I see no revelation on the true enemy. Where are then the prophets of God in truth? For, all what these people know how to do especially here in Cameroon is to spend a lot of money in order to display their photos almost everywhere in the corners of the town, on the advertising boards meanwhile this money could have served not for their own advertisement, but for the purchase of bibles in order to give to those who do not have especially in the remote areas so that they also succeed in reading and to know the truth (Revelation 1/3; 1Timothy 2/3-4)

       The men must understand that to predict the future, to cast out demons does not mean that we are a man of God because the devil knows how to make it and besides, he makes it very well (Matthew 24/24). The wish of the men today in this world is to have visions because people like when they predict their future: “this is what you will be, that is what you were supposed to be but you are blocked, and it is such person, such family or such village which is at the origin”; they will never reveal the true origin of the pain which you live. All these prophets only bring some rancour and divisions even within homes. That is why the Lord asks us to be careful to these prophets and their teachings that only rely on earthly things.

       I did not come in this world to live in the flesh but it is firstly to die in the passions and fleshly desires through the life of the kingdom of heaven which I live and next, to be killed physically by the men who do not like Jesus Christ preached in spirit and in truth (2 Corinthians 4/5). For it is the light which the Lord gave me to spread in this world that makes my joy. Therefore, my joy does not come from the multitude places of prayer that I can open, on the number of people that I baptise, the money that I can receive, or the cheering of men, but it comes from the life of the men after the acceptance or the listening of the truth. But I know that several people will see the power of these writings after my physical death or even before the Lord Jesus’ arrival.

       For you picture of the beast, you that have been raised and elevated to dominate the men in their souls, know that you will only dominate the blinds and the deaf, but never the seers (the aware). Many people say that this truth is crude but they must understand that it is the Lord who wants it as such in these end times because it (the truth) is like a stick with which we must strongly hit on someone charged electrically in order to save him. Therefore, while coming to hit this person held in captivity of death, we do not hit him softly but strongly and greatly. It is to say that you must unveil all the lie and seduction of the devil that hold the souls captive, and it thus happens through the demonstration of the spirit and of power of the truth which set man free from the death (1 Corinthians 2/4-5).

       I thank all those who mock at me, intrigue me, persecute me and outrage me because it is thanks to them that I battle very high to be tough and strong. I greatly thank the Lord Jesus for this mission that I did not see myself to merit but his grace is all and makes all.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of men, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid to sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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