213th message

We know that poverty

WHY AM I PHYSICALLY VERY POOR (2 Corinthians 8/9)?

It is the 213th message.


       We know that poverty according to man is the fact of not possessing material goods, and when the men see what I lack in the physic, they thus affirm that I do not have God. But then, which God do they want to see in me: the one of the mercy, justice, and holiness or the one of the material?

       My physical poverty comes from my sacrifice in God for the people. For it is by God’s grace that I work day and night so that the men should know the truth in order to come out of the deception and the seduction to which they have immersed because of ignorance. My worry is therefore for the people to be able to listen or read the messages that the Lord Jesus gave me to transmit in writings for those who know how to read or orally for those who do not know how to read. Therefore, to do that, I sacrifice all what I possess materially for the production and the multiplication of these messages. It often happens that I sell the devices that I possess such as my cell phone for the production of these messages. That is why I have a little difficulty to offer the luxury to myself, to rent a room with the money that I can possess because I always say to myself that it (this money) can serve for the production of the messages that the people need. I also make it because I see how people solicit these messages in order to acquire knowledge from them so as to be enlightened. Therefore, seeing this, I do not hesitate to sacrifice all for these messages because these last (the messages) are more than gold.

       Taken into consideration the more increase in demand, it becomes difficult for me to buy a dress to myself. For there are some moments where I do not have money to multiply these messages, but when I succeed in getting only a franc, I hurry to multiply some. In addition, these messages are not and will never be sold. But if someone takes them to multiply and sell, then he will not have to do with me, but with God who does not want that his revelation should be sold. Then, those who want to take them from the internet to multiply and to distribute should not worry in trying to know who the author is because the author is the one who reveals what is written so that the men succeed in living the deliverance of their souls. I also have a brother in Christ who often helps me with bibles and even these bibles that I receive, I do not sell them, but I share them to those who do not have.

       When I see all what the devil has planned through the men of God, the witches and the magicians for his glory and his greatness, and to make the people to ignore the power of the Holy Spirit and the mercy of the Lord Jesus, it pushes me to work at all times for the Lord Jesus, for his truth for which he suffered in order to save the humanity. It is therefore the reason for which the written messages, the prayers of deliverance and the advices that I bring to the people are free because it is besides a grace for me and for those who accept to benefit some. All what I do is in the aim to look not for money, but greatness in the kingdom of heaven. And each time that I make prayers of deliverance, I am often soaked of sweat and it does not bring me to ask even for a piece of soap for my laundry; and I make prayers nearly every day when I am available.

       For, the people are not the ones who should worry about me, but I am the one who has to worry about them. That is why it often happens that I help the patients on whom I have prayed by giving them some coins even if it is only for their taxi in order to return home or to sometimes take a cool drink. For, my wish is not to possess luxurious clothes, to ride in big vehicles or to have a big hall of prayer which is well decorated, but it is for the people to succeed in knowing and in living the truth of the Lord Jesus in order to no longer become the prey of the evil spirits, the malevolent confessions on one side, and on the other side, the prey of the liars and seducers who work night and day for their stomach so that the people should not succeed in knowing the mercy and the grace of the Lord Jesus (Romans16/18).

       The Lord did not send me to look or to admire the big halls of prayer, the radio and television channels and the big vehicles that the men of God possess and to imitate them. On the contrary, he sent me in order to observe how these ones deceive and seduce the people so that these last should stay in the death, and he gave me his truth so that I should thwart their lie and their seduction by which they maintain the thoughts and the spirits of the people captive. Therefore, in all the places that I can be found, I will never have complex because of the lack of the physical things, for what I possess makes me a very rich man for some and what I do not have makes me a very poor man for the others. And since mockeries will never make my weakness but rather my strength, I thus say thank you to those who mock at me, those who see me like a poor and not like a rich man. But for us to be spiritually and eternally rich, it was necessary for the Lord Jesus Christ to impoverish himself physically (2 Corinthians 8/9). That is why the glory and the greatness come back to him only for the eternity.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)


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