215th message



                             It is the 215th message.


       Cameroon does not lack the men of God who are great talkers, historians and marabous, but it lacks the veritable men of God carrying the spirit of truth and of power. If in a country like Cameroon the men of God are dominated by money (corruption) and the glory of man, we can say without risk of deceiving ourselves that the corrupters, the corrupted, the abominable, the magicians and the witches will not be worried in their works, and consequently, the life of such a country can only rest on: “corruption, embezzlement, abomination, magic and witchcraft”.We have the habit to say: “it is strong, there is misery in Cameroon”. Generally, these expressions are to say that there is no money. 

       However, I will like to remember each other that it is not money which is the problem, but it is the lack of love for his neighbour. There is no feeling that consists in wanting the good of the other or to also see him live in abundance or in good conditions. It is one of the reason for which people embezzle people’s billions for personal endings to go and keep them in foreign banks. Because when some of them work in a company or in the government, the first thing that they have in their head is to fill their pockets. That is why when a budget is voted for the realisation of a work, he who is in charge of its realisation makes it on the paper by making the people to believe that it has been concretised on the field meanwhile it is not the case. But these people make it because on one side, they do not have the patriotic spirit and on the other side, it is because there is no virtue in them. 

       It is not money that lacks in this country to arrange the roads, to provide the population in electricity and drinking water but it is because there is no real will, for example; to reduce the high price of medicines in hospitals or to veritably take in charge the sick people in the said hospitals, or again to reduce the prices of the first necessities. These leaders or civil servants of this country do all this because of corruption that is why they have privatised the state companies. And it is equally because of corruption that they have signed contracts with the promoters of lucky games such as PMUC, PARIFOOT, to drag the population in hooliganism, laziness, delinquency, irresponsibility, etc. The nominations and appointments are not always done on the base of merit. Sometimes, some people occupy the posts because they have given money or their behind in sacrifice. And the consequences that follow are: the embezzlement, swindle,… Also, the success in the great examinations is done in the base of relations, huge amounts of money and not on the base of merit.

       In addition, taking into account the life that has become more and more difficult in this country, these sectarians profit of this occasion to introduce the young people in their sects by breaking their behind. It is in this difficult life that the men and women have thrown themselves in some corners of the road to do prostitution. On these roads, you will see on one side the men going to bed with the women, and on the other side, the men going to bed with other men, and the women with other women. Because it is even the reason for which the night clubs and snacks always remain open all the night and that is how crimes are committed because people want to obtain money, power, strength or glory. In this country, there is abuse of authority and of power because for money, the justice is trampled in courts, police stations and brigades.

       Looking at these abominable acts, the men of God were to rebel against these things that make the devil to take the country in captivity. But where are the men of God capable to change the glory of the devil that dominates in this nation to that of the living God? There are many of these men of God who spend all their time to swindle and to deceive some parents in baptising their babies or children. There are many of these men of God who swindle the people in selling the titles of deaconess and church elders to them. There are many of these men of God who swindle and deceive the people by telling them to give money in order to receive the blessings of the Lord Jesus through their prayers. There are many of these men of God who swindle the people in the selling of the products said spiritual. There are many of these men of God who take the church like an enterprise where some are apostles or doctors and their wives pastors. There are many of these men of God who go to Nigeria or Benin to look for power in order to operate miracles of deliverance of the sicknesses, the evil spirits and equally the visions; and some make these visions thus dividing homes and families. 

       In the other hand, you will find that most of the men of God seduce the sectarians because of their money or power. That is even why when there is a manifestation in the presidential palace, they negotiate by giving money so that their names should appear in the list of the people that will be received there. But I ask myself the question to know why these people (men of God) do this? Is it to great the hand that carries God’s anointment or they go there to return with much money? Or is it to glorify themselves for having being in the presidency among the guest of honour? Money has taken control over the men of God because you have to see how they tremble when they see a rich man enter their churches; it pushes them to prostrate in front him to gain his money.

       The men of God in Cameroon see themselves strong and powerful because they cast out the evil spirits in people’s bodies’ and guess the future of some and others. They always say that we should pray for the authorities; because it is good to make it. But what prayer do they address to God for these people? Is it a prayer for these people to put on man’s feeling or that of God? Because their feeling of abomination is a feeling that is more than that of an animal for even the eternal God has told me that what he sees in men, even in the animals that he has created for food to man, this abomination does not exist, where the men go to bed with other men. What is funny is that most of the members of government are church elders or members of honour, wearing napkins and are taken like the people that promote the work of God. But with which money do they do that? Certainly with the money of abomination, embezzlement, brief with dirty money. Given that these men of God and members of the government are bewitched by money, who will bring the other one to come out of this state? That is even why they have left easy access to the youth to fall in alcohol so that they should get lost in advance.

       But only the Lord Jesus Christ loves man and wants to make him leave his death’s state so that his soul should live for the eternity.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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