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It is the 218th message.


      With in our society today, there are certain people who think that the witches are people that must be eliminated or killed because of their destructive spirits or power. For they think that these witches have no feeling for their children or their family members when it comes to drink the human blood or to eat the human flesh, or when it comes to make pleasure to their master by putting illnesses in people or by blocking them and their activities. The witches are recognised as the destructors, murderers and vectors of illnesses. Thus, they are considered by many people as those ones who must be eliminated at all price because they represent a danger.

      In fact, people have bad thoughts towards the witches because these last are at the origin of their bodily and financial misfortunes, and many others. But I would like to make you understand that the witches are people like you and me, but who are possessed by the devil. And the spirit that they have in them possesses an evil power. That is the reason why this spirit dominates them and also those who live in darkness. You have read that the devil entered in Judas so that he should deliver Jesus to the sacrificers (Luke 22/3-5), it is thus the same with these witches who the spirit of the devil in them pushes them to kill their similar, to drink the human blood, to block their similar and make him become sick. Know that rare are the initiated witches who are conscious of their works and who decide to abandon them.

      In our families and villages of the world, there are witches; that is why witchcraft exists in this world. For, if there was no witchcraft, we would neither speak of the devil. This last uses this spirit in man, not only to control him, but also his similar (the other men), by bringing them to submit themselves to him (to the will of the devil). This world is under the power of witchcraft. That is the reason why all the children that are born with a light that can harm the devil, this last knows it in advance and he always look for ways and means to put him off immediately. “The world is marvellous!” Affirm the blinds; but they ignore that all what is realised in this world is mostly done by the power of Satan or witchcraft.

      In addition, this spirit that the devil has put in some people have for role to fight God’s children by bringing them to laziness for fear that they should become totally free from him through the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, you should know that the witch is just an instrument of Satan, and this one (the witch) can abandon him in order to become attached to God. That is why by the grace of God, we must seek to liberate them from Satan’s claws through exhortations and prayers. For we know that the Lord did not come in this world for the righteous, but for the wicked people so that they should leave wickedness to his goodness. Therefore, if the Lord Jesus is with us, it is for us to bring back these witches to the truth and not to wish their death like many people do today.

      We fill the functions of the ambassadors of Christ in this world, and what Christ wants is the transformation of the wicked person to the righteous person, because it is the deliverance and the life of these witches that the Lord desires. That is the reason why the Eternal God says: “For I take no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Sovereign LORD. Repent and live!” (Ezekiel 18/32). The dead here is the person who lives the devil. But if we want the death of the witches, it means that we are also witches, murderers and criminals. Therefore, we should be careful to our beliefs because if we say that we believe in God (in Jesus Christ); does his will consist in wishing the death of the witches? If we say that we are God’s real children, we must overcome witchcraft by working hard so that these people (the witches) should understand that not only their work of witchcraft is bad, but also that; God’s truth for which Jesus Christ suffered by shedding his blood on the cross for them, so that they should leave the work of death in order to become attached to the work of life by the preaching of the good news of the deliverance, or again, to show that the spirit of God which is in us is powerful than the spirit of death which is in them.

      Also, we must bring those who are dominated by these witches to believe in the Lord who has given us the power to walk on all destructive spirits of death (Luke 10/19) and then, to show them that this power is neither found in peels, in herbs, in hairs or horns of animals nor in water, salts, handkerchiefs, perfumes and soaps, but in the love for our similar (John 15/12; John 15/17). If we say that we are of the Lord Jesus Christ, then we must work where there is ignorance, darkness and the death so that those men should know the light of life. But if we want the death of the witches or if we run or we are afraid of them, which testimony of Christ do we give in this world?

The force or power of the witches is a power of the deaths. It therefore means that if we are of Jesus Christ, then we are the living and consequently, we testify his force and his power of light that dominates the power of darkness. For God’s true child is that one who finds the power of witchcraft like a balance that permits him to measure the weight of the power of the kingdom of heaven that he has received from the Lord Jesus.

      Today, there are certain Christians who, when they hear that there is a witch somewhere, fear invades their hearts, what makes that if this Christian hears that there is a witch on the street where he must pass, he will take a different direction. Meanwhile, this power of the enemy would have brought the said Christian to ask himself the question to know; how to do in order to be powerful than that one or how to do in order to no longer be afraid of the witch? But the solution is there; eat in order to become the body, the light and the fire of God. Otherwise, the existence of the witches gives me the desire to testify the power of domination of Jesus Christ where they (witches) are found because I know that they always like to test in order to see if someone can be powerful than them. Therefore, being like an electric current, these witches are always bringing their tester to see if there is energy in me. And when they notice it, they alert their colleagues that there is danger. I have nevertheless understood that the Christians of today wish the death of the witches because they feel to be impotent and weak in front of them. If they wish the death of the witches, they should know that they are also witches.

       I love the witches because I want that they should change their life. That is why my grand parents who are witches, I love them because I bring them to leave their bad work in order not to see them dyeing in this state. That is the reason why I have even tried to frighten them by telling them that if they do not abandon this evil way, there will be separation between me and them but they did not accept it in truth.

       Men, Christians, be careful because the devil has endowed the exorcists of a power to destroy the witches. I say it because it reminds me of a big exorcist priest who, when he arrived in a village, there were tears not of the devil but of the Lord Jesus Christ and it made glory to the devil because this exorcist priest was putting his traps and killing the witches. He was thus solicited and cheered by the people because of the crimes that he was committing. Be careful to the exorcists and to their products because they are the modern marabous (witch doctors) of the devil.

       To God only is mercy by Jesus Christ for the eternity.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)


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