219th message.

 The moment has...


It is the 219th message.


       The moment has come for the man to no longer confuse the mystery of God with that of the devil. Because the power comes from the knowledge of the truth and its life, and the weakness comes from the ignorance of the knowledge of the truth. In this century more wicked than ever that we live today, many people consider those who cast out the evil spirits in the bodies to be the veritable men of God, for they affirm that: “If they were of the devil, they would not cast out the evil spirits from the bodies, because the devil does not cast out the devil”.

        I will like to make you understand that the devil is very happy of him because he is not known by the men in this world in truth. For, he brings the men to make his will and to cheer him, believing that it is God that they worship. He is the one who establishes most of the men of God while becoming or being considered on one part like a great priest of God dominating the world by his custom and on the other hand, like the great prophet, pastor, apostle, and doctor of God, gathering hundreds or even thousands of people thanks to the miracles, casting out evil spirits in the bodies, healing patients, making them to walk in their flesh that was paralysed, unblocking their goods (diplomas, jobs, promotions, marriages, traveling, childbirth, finances...) or prophesising on their future. Astonished by these multiple miracles and prodigies, the men are convinced that it is by God’s power that these miracles are being done. In other words, they find that somebody cannot cast out the evil spirit in the body if he does not have God’s power in him.

       However, you must understand that the devil cannot cast out the death in man’s soul, but rather the evil spirit in his body. In fact, the people have kept this thought in them because they did not understand that the Lord Jesus says on one hand in Matthew 24/24: “For false Christs, and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect”. And Apostle Paul says on the other hand in 2 Thessalonians 2/9: “The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan, with all power and false signs and wonders”.

       These great miracle makers (prophets, pastors, apostles, doctors), most of them go in the sea and others in India, in Nigeria and in Benin to look for the power or force and to give it to the other men of God who also want the power to make the said miracles and prodigies against a high amount of money; they transmit this power to them through a ring, a renewable perfume, a handkerchief, a soap that permit them to cast out the evil spirits, to heal the sick people, to make the paralytics to walk, to revive the deaths in their physic, to see the invisible things and to reveal them to people, in short, it is to operate big miracles and prodigies in order to finally make themselves a lot of money.

       Other men of God make miracles with the help of the power of the witch doctors; as it is the case of some exorcists who being Rosicrucian, they work with the power that their sect gives them. In fact, I will like to make the people understand that to make miracles; to make prodigies like they do does not mean that they have the power of God because the devil does it and he is even the one who is in the first rank today.

       Men, understand that God’s power is not firstly found in prayers, in the imposition of hands, in visions... but it is found in the life after having assisted in a demonstration of the spirit of power and of truth. But as the world does not like listening, nor of the less living the Lord Jesus’ truth, How would they see that it is by the listening of the power of the truth and life that the devil is cast out from people’s hearts, thoughts and life? The devil is taken for the man of God because he cast out the evil spirits from the bodies; unfortunately, he cannot cast out himself because he is the ignorance and he live in man’s soul. As he is himself the eternal death, it is the reason for which he cannot cast out the eternal death in man, for it is only the life that cast out the death. He cannot cast out himself in man’s soul because it is his thought, his feeling and his life that this one lives. And nothing of his customs, traditions, seduction, and the imposition of hands can cast him out in man’s soul.

       Men, understand that there are people who can pray and the rain falls, and make another prayer and it stops. Others walk on water, enter in water and come out without being wet. In addition, see also how the snake vomits money without it (the money) being wet. It is to tell you that the devil is capable of doing everything in order to impress man, for he destroys and heals man’s flesh at his will; he kills man’s soul by his lie, his deception and his seduction, but he is not able to revive it because he does not have the life of truth in him. It is not through prayers, miracles, prodigies that we first see the power of God; for there is something that the devil cannot do, it is to cast out the death in man’s soul because he revives, heals, and makes man’s flesh to walk through prayers and others, but he will never make it for his soul through his preaching. He will open the eyes of the blind, he will make a paralytic to walk, he will heal a sick person, but he will never open the eyes of a blind soul, nor to make a paralytic soul to walk, or the less to heal a sick soul. That is the reason why the Lord says: “...How can Satan cast out Satan?” (Mark 3/23).

       All what the devil can do for the deliverance of man only limits itself in the flesh that will serve for nothing at the end times; that is the reason for which I call these miracles, “deceptive and untrue miracles” (2 Thessalonians 2/9). For only Jesus Christ heals man’s flesh and soul in the same time, it is thus the true miracle where the dead soul comes back to life. Today, when the blinds and the deaf see through the television channels how the evil spirits are being cast out of the bodies, they acclaim and say that it is God’s power, and that the devil is dominated, meanwhile it is the power of the devil which is being manifested by his seduction and lie. The men only see the miracle and the deliverance in the flesh.

       Therefore, not knowing the power and the domination of God on the devil, they say: “the devil is small, we walk on him, we crush him”. But they say it because they see the devil like a simple spirit that we cast out in the body or which we dominate. Therefore, when someone is bewitched and that the evil spirit has come out or again, when his diploma, his job, his promotion, his traveling, his childbirth, and his finances are blocked, and that he receives them through the prayers, one will say that the devil is small because he believed to dominate us in the lacking (the blockage) of these things, but by the power of God, he has been dominated, now we have entered into possession of what he deprived us.

       The power of the devil that dominates this world, I see it in the customs and the traditions of the priests and pastors on one hand, and on the other hand, in the seduction of the prophets, apostles, doctors... who use the said spiritual products, who take the picture of a man as being the representation of Jesus Christ, Mary or the angel Michael; who bring the people to believe and to become more attached to the religion than to the Lord Jesus’ truth; who bring Christians not to fight the lie and the seduction, but the denominations; and who also bring the people to rush in challenges, not against the domination on the evil, but for the big and well decorated buildings called churches, the said Christian radio and television channels, and finally to believe and to hope on the blood of the sheep.

       For, the devil can cast out the evil spirit in man’s body but he cannot cast out the death in his soul. When you see an exorcist priest putting the cross of malediction on a bewitched person and that the evil spirit starts shouting while saying that he is receiving fire, do you think that it is God’s power that is in this piece of wood? For, the devil will seduce everybody except the elect, says the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 24/24).

        To God only the glory by Jesus Christ for the eternity.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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