235th message



                                It is the 235th message.

        I do not speak like someone who is a European, an African, an American or again Asian…, but as a messenger of God to testify his greatness, glory and richness in this world. I do not make this testimony because I have money, titles or because I look for the cheering of men, but I do it in the justice, mercy, and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Because the time has come for man, either he is a president, king, prime minister, a state’s chancellor, a high official, a great business man, star, small or big, to recognise that the little time that remains for him is for redemption, repentance, and the acquisition of the knowledge that does not come from the intellectual baggage, but from the fear of God. Man must reject this false belief which wants the other (his similar) to be sacrificed like an animal to the devil in order to receive his money, power, protection and his success. The great nations should also stop killing, destabilising and to destroy the small nations in seizing or by taking the richness of their underground by force. 

       I am not a man of God who pleases himself in the flesh through the clothes, shoes, money, vehicles, planes, houses, men’s cheering; but I please myself in the spirit that finds his pleasure in the justice, love, peace and the joy of God. I live and tell the truth because she is the one that delivers me from poverty and the spiritual death in front God. Among the countries that cause war, the destabilisation, the destruction, death and poverty in other countries in these end times in the selling of weapons and vehicles of war not only to make money but also to become the masters of the richness that the underground of these countries engorges, we have France, the United States and their allied.

       Continent of a very rich ground and underground, Africa is a space in which the foreigners put on fire (provoke war) and in the same time, they come as fire men. Therefore, in the same time, they play the role of the wicked and the good. When they provoke war in a country, it is in the aim to look for many advantages that go from the selling of weapons to the abusive exploitation of its underground. In some cases, they do not hesitate to replace the head of state who is in place by a piece that will sign everything in their favour. After the war, they impose the power in place to sign certain agreements so that the country in war should benefit of a number of things such as its construction. Sometimes, while there is war going on in a country, they instead put the technicians and engineers of mining and petroleum to proceed in the exploitation of the underground in order to know in quality and quantity the richness that engorges its underground; and after, they will place their piece that they will manipulate to sign agreements of partnership. And these petroleum and mining technicians and engineers are always protected by the blue helmet. When a country is in war, these foreigners place their military base in the said country or again, their soldiers in order to better exploit the richness of this country.

       When these blood-thirsty put fire (cause war) in a nation, they start deceiving the vigilance of the authorities in place by deploying and sending their soldiers to say that they are maintaining peace as if they love this country. After having destroyed everything like shop, company, industry and food, they send food and medicines, they sometimes send money like humanity help as if they were having mercy in truth. In truth, these things are a poison because you cannot kill so many human beings in destroying their material good and to later say that you love them as well as their country, but all this is only a lie and wickedness.

       These blood-thirsty do not want the development of the under developed countries, seeing the richness that their underground engorges. In order to maintain these countries undeveloped, these foreigners make the authorities of these countries to believe that their territory has no value and that it will be better for them to wind up their products in a lesser cost. But know that politics is not a good thing. The leaders of the underdeveloped countries whose underground is rich should be very careful with the agreements that they will ratify because we know that these agreements or treaties are the idea of the foreigners. They have armed the people called rebels such as: “BOKO HARAM”, “SELEKA”… to torment and to terrorise a whole continent. And they have created the NATO, UNO and the ICC to kill them for once. But of which justice and righteousness are we talking about? They have created the G8 and have dominated the world not in a good way, but by the arms, the mediatisation, the destabilisation, the destruction, death and poverty and that is what make them the big power. But sooner or later, you will know the anger of that one who has created these men that you kill like animals and fish just because you want to gain the dust of the ground that will serve nothing to your souls in the end times.

       Big power, the devil is deceiving you and he is pushing you to destroy your similar to gain the vanities. I have been in this world for thousands of years now, I am going and coming back, and I will always be there to help the people to come out of the eternal death till the end times and this time is almost there. The presidents, kings, the high officials, the business men and stars of this world are the people that attract my regard not because of their glory, greatness, personality and material that they have, but for the poverty, misery, and the death in which they bath. And I thus want them to despise this injustice in order to gain the richness in the justice, mercy and the life of God because I am alive by the eternal life and the physical death is not my enemy. Nobody should look or take the pain to know my name because my name is what you read, and what you read is champion to deliver man (his soul) from the richness of the dust, the glory of man and the fleshy pleasures that the devil uses to make him a slave of the eternal death.

       To God only by Jesus Christ love and pity for the deliverance and life of the souls of men for the eternity.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)


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