247th message



It is the 247th message.


       I have been chosen by God since before my birth in order to fill a well précised task, and at the age of 06 months, I prophesised on my mission in this world, the one that the Lord Jesus sent me to do, which is to reveal his truth in in these end times, the truth which is not known by all, the truth which is ignored and despised because of money and the glory of man. For, the people have preferred the spirits of animals to the Holy Spirit. In 2010, I started my mission which is to preach the gospel of Christ and to write this revelation without being edified by a man, but rather by the Lord Jesus (Galatians 1/11-12). I am called to work with everybody, not through the means of seduction, of customs and traditions of men, of magic, of the glory of man, of money, but by the truth for the deliverance not of the sicknesses of the flesh, but the heart and soul of man that suffer because of the domination of the life of this world and his richness. For it is not a man who has taught me or who edifies me so that I should imitate him or I should work for an associative denomination, but I work according to the teachings of the one that spoke in me at the age of 06 months and who now, demonstrates his dominating power (his light) over the power of darkness, of lies and seduction.

       For what I see in this world is that; the fact of imitating the men of God without being revealed by the Lord Jesus is only perdition. Why do these men of God find it difficult that we work together? It is because for me, my greatness, my glory and my richness are neither in the acclamations of men nor in money, in the great building called church, in advertising posts, in vehicles and clothing, but it is found in the permanent fight to live the Lord Jesus Christ and to make the others to live him by his grace that has been given to me. But the men of God of this world function according to their associative denominations called churches and not according to the revelation of the Lord Jesus. That is why after buying a plot somewhere, they make all to have tens and hundreds of millions in order to raise a building which according to them, is at the dimension of God. In addition to that, they buy other plots and get land titles to acclaim loudly: “these are the richness of our church”. After this, they seek to have hundreds of thousands and even millions to buy musical instruments. And each time, the rulers of theseassociative denominations called church always ask money to their believers, they sometimes spend thousands of francs to print posters that carry their pictures in order to stick them everywhere in town or in the regions. Others rather make posters in big format that they stick on advertising boards.

       It thus become a challenge of luxurious buildings, of advertising on the people,… These people therefore take themselves for the physical gods and to meet them becomes a suffering. That is why their fight is oriented towards the appearance and the conquest of people for the offerings and tithes. For these men of God, Jesus Christ is not the grace (he is not given for free), but a source of material richness and whoever want to receive a prayer of physical deliverance or prosperity from them, or whoever want to acquire a title (church elder, deaconess…), must automatically give money.Meanwhile the work, the fight, the battle and the work of God in truth have not changed up to today from the Lord Jesus, the apostles whose names are written in the Bible. We do not come towards man for what he has in his pockets, his purse and his food, but we come towards man to bring him nice food (the good news of the knowledge and the becoming) which the earth cannot produce if not heaven and the kingdom of heaven.

        We are not the ones to envy the men of money, of dust and wind, even if they are head of states, stars…but they are the ones who have to envy us, the men of the spiritual money and life of Jesus Christ that we are. For us, the house of God is not the building of soil no matter its value of dust (money, material), but it is the hearts of people transformed by the teaching and the gospel of Christ where God will stay as it is said: “but Christ is faithful overs God’s house as a son. And we are his house if indeed we hold fast our confidence and our boasting in our hope” (Hebrews 3/6). Or again, the hearts that will keep the taught and preached word of Christ where the Father and him will come and stay as he says himself: “If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him” (John 14/23).

       For the men of God spend tens and hundreds of millions and even billions for the construction of great buildings by pretending that it is for the glory of God while the people do not have bibles. These men of God do not almost go in the countryside because there, the offering is shabby, and it will be a waste of time for them. Meanwhile we must bring the man to see and to consider what is written in the bible to have value than the air planes, the ship, vehicles, houses, clothes and food of dust. How can people lack the bible while the men of God make the advertisement with the money of the believers?

       Today, the men of God are prince in the physic but not in the spirit. They do not want to go in the countryside, not only because there is not a great thing on that side like money, but also because the roads are inaccessible especially during the rainy season, and they do not want to suffer in pushing the vehicles when they enter somewhere or walking by foot. Meanwhile on these sides, the people are very thirsty of the word or the light of God. But these prince remain on the same place (here in town) to work and making the same recitation (the same teaching on the same people) during many years without changing. Meanwhile those who are thirsty of this word or light of God are many and constitute the great harvest, but where are the workers and not sellers of illusions!

       The men of God were to have as first charge the work of God and not children and the family. For the fight and the war is not against the different associative denominations called churches, but it is between the truth and the lie, between the truth and the seduction. We must make to talk and to scold the power and the anger of God in this world so that the man should know what is waiting him in the case where he is not in this will of the Lord. We should bring the people to humiliate and to despise money. The Lord is not a man like UM NYOBE who sacrificed himself for the independence of Cameroon nor Martin Luther King who claimed the liberty of the black man, but it is an exceptional and greatest being who sacrificed himself for the liberation of man’s soul that the devil held in captivity since the Garden of Eden, passing by the first men. I am apostle of Jesus Christ and I do not know in advance where I will sleep when the night will come, nor what to eat when I will be hungry, but my worry is rather to know how this revelation must be preached, written and shared in the entire world. I work with a great lateness and I do not know at what time I will be called by the Lord, but I seek to accomplish the task that he has given me by doing as he want, while fighting so that nothing should prevent me from doing it. That is what I must do in this world.

       To God only by Jesus Christ love and pity for the deliverance and life of the souls of men for the eternity.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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