254th message




                              It is the 254th message

       The corrupted shepherds, beggars and flatters do not tell the truth to the women because they want to gain money and the glory of the world. For this reason, they say: “has God specified which type of clothing should be proper to the men or women? Blind, deaf and corrupted! Was God mad to say that a woman will not wear man’s clothing and that a man will not put on woman’s clothes; was he not already making a difference between the two types of clothing?


       Well! Why is it that today the men do not wear women’s clothes while these last ones, in addition to their own clothes, put on the trouser and breeches that are man’s clothing? Is it to say that man’s clothes are universal? If yes, it is for their own death and not for their life. If a man wears women’s clothes, he will be taken as mad not only by God, but also by men. On the contrary, if a woman dresses like a man, she will be taken to be mad in front God and not in front men, because man finds it normal, because she makes him to see the shape of her buttocks that he desires and that easily seduce him. Women, the spirit which brought you to do wrong, bringing you to see what was in the fruit of the forbidden tree by God, is the same spirit which is bringing you today to dress in a way forbidden by God. Have you ever ask to yourself which type of clothing you should not put on? Because this type of clothing leads you with no pity to your death, you have to know this truth in order to be set free from ignorance that will drag your souls to the eternal death. 

       In truth, women were to be the first today to revolt and despise the advice of the devil, knowing the cunning and the deception used by this last to fool (deceive) them in order to further introduce a seducing word, source of disobedience having dragged all humanity in the eternal death. Unfortunately, it is not the case because; they continue to put into practice this seducing advice of the devil that drags men to the disobedience to God. Being dominated by the cunning of Satan, the women will say to you: “we wear women’s trousers and breeches and not men’s ones”. Women, I give you an advice; believe to the Lord who speaks to you through me, because the devil has tormented you with his cunning. Why are they no men’s skirts, gown and kabas?. Observe the women who like to dress in trouser and breeches. Because, when they die, they never bury them with this type of clothing, but instead with a gown because they are going to meet God. Meanwhile through all their life on earth, they were in the contempt of God, dressing up like they wanted; putting on trousers and breeches.

       The wearing of men’s clothes by women is domination, a seduction, an ignorance and blindness coming from the devil and which leads without doubt to the eternal death. The wearing of the trouser and breeches by the women does not please God, but man who finds his pleasure to admire the buttocks of women, because these ones have facilitated the task for him. For these women, it is a question to put in value the shape of their buttocks. Some of them wear skinny trousers that make their underwear to be seen. For others, they put on skinny trousers without underwear. Women, the devil knows your great weakness. That is why he has passed through men to fabricate underwear called strings that, once worn, go up above the trouser and are seen. You need to see them when they are seated behind motor bikes and especially when they are dressed in trouser or breeches, because all their buttocks are seen, as well as their string. These women who wear these trousers always have tee-shirts that cover their body only at the limits of the waist, and all the shape of their buttocks remains to be seen. When they put on these trousers and breeches and that the shape of their buttocks is seen, they always adopt an attractive style of walking, turning their buttocks knowing that men are looking at them because they like this movement.

       In this world, manufacturers know well that women are more tied to these kinds of things more than men. That is why all what concerns the women is manufactured a hundred times than what concerns the men. These manufacturers know that the products made for the men pass less in the market and that men are less interested in the seduction meanwhile it is the contrary with the women. They manufacture many types of female products and after some times, they manufacture new ones and leave to be thought that the other ones are out of fashion. The manufacturers have well understood it; the female products (highlights, grafts, artificial nails, varnish, artificial eyelashes, lenses, gloss, lipstick, pencils to trace their eye lids of course after shaving God’s ones) pass more in the market than men’s products.

       Because, men run after women for their buttocks in exchange of their money, and these women use this money to buy these products with the aim to become more beautiful in front these greedy and runner of petticoat in order to multiply their gain. Majority of these women always say that God has loved them a lot in giving them a product that passes and without season, and they have called this product “cocoa” or “gold” which gives them money at all time. They also say that this product which they carry makes them the airport of airplanes (men) because for them, “the plane will always finish by landing on the airport no matter the flight duration”. In Africa, if a woman has 2500frs as gathered capital interest, she will prefer to make a hairstyle at that price and to stay empty pockets because for her, it is a lottery, because this hairstyle is bait made to attract the men to her and this can bring her more than 2500 frs. It is a shame to some black women, especially African women to change the colour of their skin with oils or injections in the aim to have a white coloured skin. Furthermore, in black Africa, you find women who have difficulties in having what to eat, but look for all means to make up, to change the colour of the skin which God has given to them. You will find some ones with a multi-coloured skin because wanting the white coloured skin; they have used oils that have produced what they did not desire on their body: the men thus talk of the destruction of the skin.

       In truth, if my wife changes the colour of her skin, I will directly ask for a divorce because according to me, she will not be doing that to please me because, if it was the case, she would have stay as she was because that is how I have preferred and accepted to live with her. Therefore, if she does that, it is to please another person than me and it would be better for us to separate so that she should go and meet the person for whom she looks this skin colour. When I see how the women are dressing, putting ornaments, and say in addition that they are christians, it makes me to laugh and in the same time makes me to have pity. It is better for these women who say to be christians look nearly how muslim women dress themselves. Women, you who say to be christians, respect God and respect your buttocks because it is this word which speaks to you now in order to deliver you and to save you that will judge you in the last day in the case you did not obey to it (John 12/46-47).

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)




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