270th message




                              It is the 270th message.

       In truth, this word is only a word of deliverance, it is preached to bring back the people to God, especially those who have signed pacts with the devil, in order to turn them away from the wrath of the Almighty (Jeremiah 18/20). My intention is not to lack respect to these authorities, but to the devil that deceives them by bringing them to sign pacts with him in order to be lifted above their similar and to possess all type of material, glory and respect, except that he makes them to be poorer, miserable and unhappy in their soul that has more value than their flesh which is only dust and vanity. If the people are getting drown in the water of the river, it is because the submarine is not near them. 

       Meanwhile if he was near, he would dive in the water and fight with it in order to bring out these people that are in danger of death. Therefore, the people who say today to be the superior authorities instituted or established by God and recognising this, it is time for them to have a look at their conducts and acts if they are in conformity with God who is the superior authority for the eternity. And if they find that they are not in conformity to what God wants and that they repent, they will not more die by seduction because the truth is there to bring them out of this danger of the eternal death.

       These people who commit great crimes in front God were to ask themselves if to sacrifice human beings and to drink human blood, to practice paedophilia, magic, to embezzle the public funds, eating human excrements or to transform into an animal is the will of God who has established them or that of the devil. It is very deplorable for these superior authorities especially those of the foreign countries who do not only sodomise and are being sodomised, but they have also gone beyond Sodom and Gomorrah in the recognition and the regularisation the union of the homosexuals by civil marriage. You say to be the superior authorities, but what you do; does it please to Satan or God? 

       In the countries where these superior authorities have legalised the greatest abomination, we see the people of the same sex kissing themselves in public. These superior authorities of the countries in the north destabilise the presidents of certain countries who, when they do not more make them to eat like they want, they impose other ones, and thus provoking a bath of blood where thousands of people will lose their life. They will not only provoke war, but they will also arm the rebels not to kill the animals but human beings; and see how people die every day during the bomb attacks or gun shooting! These superior authorities imprison, kill all those who are opposed to their injustice or interest. It is also the same thing with these magistrates of International Criminal Court (ICC) who are not free to decide on certain affairs in the truth, they are influenced and dominated by these superior authorities who sometimes make them pressure to fiddle and to change the truth into the lie so that they should obtain a favour of complaint.

        The longevity of certain superior authorities in power in some African countries is only a ticking bomb for these countries. You need to see these last, who after having passed many years in power, they do not more want to leave it. But when the moment to step down arrives, they become incapable to return at the head of the country or to stay in that country because of the evil that they have done. They always run away of their countries like the snakes and sometimes, it is only their corpse (their flesh or dust) that is brought back in order to be buried. They run because they recognise themselves as evil doers possessing a heavy file in which we find the assassinations, the unjust imprisonments, the embezzlement of the public funds for the personal uses. That is why they run away of their countries like a mongoose that is followed by dogs and which go and hide in a hole. 

       Therefore, for these superior authorities that are not more in function, some of them do not always have time to take the plain; they pass from countries to countries up to arriving in their countries of exile. Thus, this poor will only see his country through the television, the country in which he was considered like a god. It is too pitiful for this one, because the end of something is better than its beginning. These superior authorities shed a lot of blood, they have dirty hands, but it is better that after their service, they should repent near God for their destructions, their practices, conducts and life. For what does it serve a man to receive all the human honours and to gain all type of material if he loses his life? (Mark 8/36).

       The devil always knows how to mock at the ignorant and blind people. But the Lord Jesus has come so that the devil should not more mock at us, but for us to mock at him (the devil) because the devil has nothing to give us as he makes us to believe. But he makes use of our spiritual default and thought in order to submit us to his conditions and life by glittering to us the things that make us to believe that we must pass through his conditions in order to have them, to become somebody or to arrive in a comfortable state of life. Because today, with regard to the superior authority, it is only the institution that remains but the mandated is not more there. These authorities are like the package without its content. Because my greatest joy in this world is to see the people coming back to God even after their functions, coming back to the divine feeling, thought, regard, conduct and life. As the veritable rich, great and glorious, will it be by money or the cheering of men that I will obtain the joy and peace? I say no. But it is the fact of bringing back the death to the eternal life, from the state of prisoner to that of eternal liberty, from the state of sick to that of eternal health. 

       Therefore for me, if I do not announce the good news to the poor, my presence in this world will serve for nothing because for me, the veritable love is in the truth lived and spoken and not in hypocrisy where we see the dead and we do not tell him that he is dead because we are dominated by his coffin and clothes. It is to say that today; we do not say the truth to the deaths that are living a bad life, conduct and act because we are dominated by their money, title and popularity. I do not want to turn or to walk behind the people to pick up or to have their dust (material) and make pleasure to myself, but to make them see the power of Satan concerning the vanities for which they have signed pacts with him, thus selling their souls that have no price in this world. To die in the physic and to save while saying the truth is something great and glorious for me forever and ever.

       Here is what is said for the authorities: “You shall not pervert justice. You shall not show partiality, and you shall not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise and subverts the cause of the righteous” (Deuteronomy 16/19).

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)


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