285th message




                              It is the 285th message.

       The devil held people captive in his prison of deception, bringing these ones to believe that this deception which is only the teachings of men, is in fact the truth of Christ. They have believed in the word of man (which is only a death word) and not to the word of God (which is a word of life). That is why when you meet some people and that you talk with them, trying to make them understand that their believe is the believe of man and not that of God, that what they say is not written in the book of life and that they must consult it in order to have the proof, they refuse saying that they believe in what they know and that they cannot change the church, even when you make them to understand that it is not a question of church but instead a question of the truth of Christ because the church of God is built in his word, that it is through this word of change that he finds his dwelling place in man (Hebrews 3/6).

       Therefore, the word of man which is a custom and tradition of man cannot vivify no matter the degree of practice because it is a death word. People are always surprised when they tell the truth to them, because they ask themselves how can it be possible that what they believe or attach to is not from God meanwhile it is given by the big pastors who come out from big pastoral schools or by the great priests in front of whom even the heads of states prostrate. That is how many of them start having doubts. But what I can say to them is to have more confidence in what is written in the bible than to what man says. Most of the men are then found in this prison where deception is thought and practiced, and is taken to be the truth and teaching of the Lord Jesus. They refuse to consult the bible in order to see clearly, meanwhile it is through this word that David was enlightened to not walk in darkness (ignorance) when he says: “Your word is a light for my feet, ever shining on my way” (Psalms 119/105).

       There are other people who are prisoners of the seduction, who run after visions, prodigies, and the products said spiritual. They do not run behind the word for their liberty, their protection and their domination, but they run behind prayers made by the man of God. For them, it is the prayer of the man of God that protects them, it is the material said spiritual which the man of God blesses or which they buy in the perfumery that protects them. For them, it is the recitation of psalms that maintain them in the domination and in the victory on all what can harm them. Meanwhile life, the domination, the protection, and the victory come from he who is in us. That is why it is said: “... and you have overcome them because he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world” (1 John 4/4). It is also said: “But as for you, keep in your hearts the things which were made clear to you from the first. If you keep these things in your hearts you will be kept in the Father and the Son” (1 John 2/24). 

       Therefore, it is a great seduction which is the prison, to think that the protection or the domination comes from the prayer that the man of God makes or from the imposition of hands, the material and the products said spiritual that he gives to you saying that he has blessed them, or again in the recitation of psalms. The devil has made these prisoners to believe that it is in the products, the recitation of psalms or the imposition of hands that is found the power of protection against dominations, principalities, and the wicked spirits of the world of darkness. And it is in this false believe, practice or confidence that bath these prisoners who always affirm that all these things help them, but it is because they do not see their limit and end. While Jesus Christ in us, helps us for eternity. Because the help that we should need is what deliver our soul and what deliver our soul also delivers us from all words and evil spirits. But these products, the imposition of hands and the recitation of psalms can only help man against the things that attack his flesh and his life of flesh and not to make his soul to comeback or to be maintained in the eternal life. 

       People find that these things help them but they are blind not to see the limit of their power and strength. They see the miracle in these things, not knowing that it is not the true miracle for them. It is like the death souls who asked the Lord Jesus Christ that they will like to see him do a miracle. They were waiting for a prayer, but the Lord Jesus had made them to understand that the sick, the prisoners and the deaths are asking for a miracle, and that the only miracle is to come out from sickness to recovery, from the prison to liberty, from death to life, and all these from the obedience to the word of God. The miracle that Lazarus wanted to see Jesus do was to make him come out of the grave where he passed four days, and all this was by the obedience, the recommendation or the order of God where Jesus Christ shouted in a strong voice saying: “Lazarus, come out” (John 11/43), and Lazarus had obeyed to this voice which was asking him to come out from the place in which he was found. For us, the same word, the same spirit and life is calling us to come out from a word, spirit and life which is not of him and which is only death and grave like Lazarus; are we also obedient to this voice of the truth like Lazarus, or we prefer to stay in the grave because we obey to the word or to the practice of man that are only seduction and that will never let us out no matter the supremacy of the practice, refusing to consult and to obey to the voice which has made Lazarus to come out, which is a lesson for us? 

       There are now prisoners of material and the glory of man where we find majority of the great men of this world who have sold their souls for the material and the glory while committing sacrifices, ritual crimes and the practice of magic of all type to be at the summit of power, celebrity, and richness. We find others who prostrate in front of those who have this material. Even in the majority of churches, the people valorise the material more than the word of truth which created the heaven and earth from where comes this poor material, and they have glorified money and the men of money more than the word of Christ and the people who carry it in this century. The material is the principal origin of aggressions, stealing, fake, corruption, the sell and sacrifice of the human being, exhumation of bones, prostitution, magic... Man should be careful to this poor material which can only help the flesh for few years. Even today, all the prophecies rest on the promise of this poor material. Money is imposed today in the baptism of babies and children that are not done in Christ, It is also imposed on those who want titles of church elders, deaconess, it is also imposed on those who want to receive prayers of thanks giving and blessing.

       We need to know that as long as the material dominates us, it makes us to be poor spiritually, at a limit; it will prevent us from entering the kingdom of heaven. That is why before man thinks that the offering which he has given to God is approved, he must first ask himself if he has approved the offering given to him by God in the person of his Son. He should know that what he gives to God will be approved in the same manner in which he will approve the offering of God (word of truth), Because God is not thirsty of money but instead of justice and mercy. Child of God in spirit and in truth, you should not be dominated and intimidated by what is not, know the value and the power of he who is in you and who wants that everybody should be saved in coming out of the prison of deception, seduction, material, and the glory of man (1 Timothy 2/3-4).

      We were all in this prison but the Lord has used some people to bring us out of there. Being out, we must get back what we have left behind us, and it is not the marriage, job, travel, promotion, childbirth, houses, vehicles..., like I see some people do during a whole night prayer saying: “I take my things back” counting them one by one. It is a question to know that once we are out of Satan and his prison, we are already of God, and if we are of God, we have richness somewhere in the camp of the enemy which we have to go and get back, and this richness, are souls that the devil has made prisoners of death. Leaving Satan to God, it is not marriage, job, childbirth, money, houses, vehicles,... that are our preoccupation and richness, but souls delivered from Satan to God in this world. For the Lord Jesus in his physical flesh like ours, what was his preoccupation and richness?. What was and stays for him must also be what is and stays for us, because we are in him and he is in us. It is a battle where a lot of courage and sacrifice is needed. Some people will follow you in this route of the truth and others not only will not do that, but they will insult you, will mock at you saying that you want to mislead them. 

       Recognise that this battle is not easy, especially at these very difficult end times. The devil has imprisoned people making them to understand that if someone says a word which can open the door of the prison, you should make him to understand that it is a judgement, and that it is said: we should not judge. Let’s get up with the power and the strength of the word and spirit which we have received and we will be accompanied by him for the get back of his richness (the soul) for which he has shed his blood and for which the apostles whose names are written in the bible suffered. Let’s suffer with Jesus Christ and the apostles to save and deliver the only richness of God imprisoned in this world, and it is what will make our aggregation and consideration. Let’s dominate shame, mockery, insults, whipping, imprisonment and the physical death. We should not die for our parents, our 
children and our material, but let’s die for the Lord Jesus and his good news (John 8/35). 

       Let’s die for what saves us and brings us to be approved for eternity because, even if we make millions of kilometres and billions of expenditure to liberate a soul from the prison, in front God it is much because a soul has more value than the whole world, and if people were seeing the value of this richness, they would not joke with the imprisoned souls. God has given us knowledge which is our power to enter in the camp of the enemy, and to face the guards who keep the souls prisoners and who can do nothing to us no matter their school, diplomas and titles. We must get back these souls, that is the load on us. It is because of these souls that the Lord Jesus humiliated himself up to accepting that men should spit on him, slap him, whip him and nail him on a stick. It is because of these souls that the apostles Peter, John, Paul... were walking and sometimes did not see water to drink, nor less to bath, they were whipped, imprisoned, enchained and be-headed like a young goat. Only those who are powerful, sacrifice themselves by making violence to their flesh, their material and their time will be received with glory in the kingdom of heaven because of this get back of the richness of God from the hands and prison of Satan.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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