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                                It is the 286th message.

        If man could see the degree of death and poverty in which he is found when he comes in this world and what is reserved to him for the eternity if he return in this state, he will not worry firstly for what is not, that is to say; passing and limited things, since he neither know the year, the month, the day, nor the time when he will leave the earth (the time for his soul to leave his flesh). Seeing the worries that gain the hearts of men today on their future and richness, I find that the devil has deceived the men like an adult deceives a child of one year by diverting and making them to be blind so that he should not see them worry on their veritable life and richness to come. Man does not perceive that he has come on earth for a short period of time in the state of death and of poverty. While, he was to profit of this short period of time which is granted to him, not only to come back to life, but to become rich in this life as well as in the kingdom of heaven. Man was to know that diplomas, work, money, marriage, children, houses, vehicles, companies… are only things that we can use or posses for a short period of time. But it is instead on these passing and limited things that many people see the richness, the greatness and the glory and engage or sacrifice themselves to posses them, forgetting the essential ; thus, when the creator removes them from the soil or flesh, they return in their state of death and poor in which they came, sometimes leaving heavy bank accounts, companies, houses, vehicles, children and sometimes grandsons and great grandsons... and the day of the burial of their dust (flesh), people dance making them eulogies.

       The Lord Jesus seeing how people are death and poor says: «But let your first care be for his kingdom and his righteousness; and all these other things will be given to you in addition» (Matthew 6/63). To die old inside death and poverty serves nothing. It is better to come death and poor, to live just one day and to gain life and the richness of God than to live for 150 years and to return death and poor as we have come. It is better to come death and poor without having spare dresses and shoes, without having a house to stay, and eating whatsoever and to be able to gain the life and richness of God than to have much money, houses, men, to eat and dress as we want and not be able to gain this life and this richness. For what does it serve man to spend many years on earth without the life and the spiritual richness?

       When the Lord Jesus was teaching the parable of the poor Lazarus and the bad rich, it was to warn us that the essential is to be alive and rich spiritually, even if we lack all in the physic because what is physical is limited and passing, and what is spiritual is eternal. While, it is better for man to die or to become poor physically by making his soul to live and by enriching it, than to remain poor in the soul and rich in the physic. In this century, it is instead the contrary that is seen. Everybody wants to live and become rich physically and not spiritually. If those who say to be christians in this century were alive and rich spiritually, then evil would have been more and more dominated. Today, people only worry and moan on their passing and limited future because man suffers and dies for his stomach, his flesh, his children, his family, and not for his soul and the souls of others. The Lord himself has shown us an example, as well as the apostles whose names are written in the bible. They were suffering and dyeing not for their flesh and family, but for their souls and also for those of others. The worries and calculations that people have in this world are dragged in the search of marriage, children, a family and other physical charges while they were instead to ask themselves the question to know if with all these charges, they will have the time to sacrifice themselves and to sacrifice the material which they gain not only to make live and enrich their soul, but also to greatly contribute for the life and the richness of the souls of others in God. Therefore, the charges that were to be heavy for man in this world were to be those to make live and to enrich his soul firstly and secondly to bring others to be the same. Man at a certain measure was to abstain from having physical or passing charges, or reduce them because of the kingdom of heaven. The Lord Jesus has gone far by asking us to lose our life in the physic for a short time in order to gain eternal life in the spirit. That is why it is said: «Whoever has a desire to keep his life, will have it taken from him; and whoever gives up his life because of me and the good news, will keep it» (Mark 8/35).

       In this world, man was to put in place the plans and calculations of sacrifice and determination to gain the kingdom of heaven firstly by asking himself the questions of the type: « if I have a physical charge which is heavy on me, will it not damage, be a brake or a blockage in the work or the mission that I have to accomplish on earth, or again on what the Lord Jesus waits of me? » Many people are found in great ignorance, that is why their future rest on what enters in in their stomach, what their body of dust wear and on what their fingers touch. The world knows that the greatness and richness are on the material, and that one who is full of the material is great and rich, and the man who wants to be considered, appreciated and praised by his similar engages himself in the search of the material, forgetting that it is in front of God that we look for the consideration and the aggregation. That is why we must reject and run the consideration of man. But life and richness come from the opening of eyes and ears because without seeing and hearing, we can only dive in the confusion which leads us to misguidance. As we are alive and rich, we sacrifice ourselves to speak to the deaths and poor of the life and the richness of the Lord Jesus that he has given so that they should also become alive and rich in order that the Lord Jesus should glorify himself in heaven near his Father in having true brothers, sisters and friends in this world who bear witness of him and his goodness.

       The devil has work a lot so that man should only see and worry of life and limited and passing richness. That is why the material has gain the heart, the thought, the feeling and the spirit of man and not that one who created the earth from where comes the material. But it is time in truth to demonstrate that the Lord Jesus Christ did not call us in vain or again to admire this world and to prostrate in front of his vanities. To live and to fight up to the last second of my life in the flesh or on earth is my only vow of all times and not the fact of counting years of my sojourn on this earth. The vow that I have is not that of a new year to another, but it is to see the imprisoned and captive souls of the devil coming out of the prison and going back to God by the Lord Jesus for the eternity.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32).



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