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                                 It is the 287th message.

      Yesterday, we were living and thinking like the autochthons in this world. But this has changed from the moment that the Lord Jesus called us to him and that we have put on his thinking, his feeling, his spirit and his life as it is said: “For all those of you who were given baptism into Christ did put on Christ” (Galatians 3/27). And all those who have put on Christ have become strangers like him or with him as it is said: “They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world” (John 17/16). Yesterday, when we were autochthons, we were defending and dyeing for the name and the practice of the religion, for children, the land, money and other things; but today that we have become strangers, we defend and die for Christ’s truth which is his name as apostle Paul also says: “...for I am ready not to be bound only, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus” (Acts 21/13); we die for the liberation of men’s souls.

      It is in Jesus Christ that we are strangers because our richness, glory and greatness are not in the physical men, money, houses, vehicles, acclamation of men... but instead in the souls that we liberate from the prison of Satan, not from the evil spirit and sickness firstly, but from the believe of the thought, the conduct and life of this one (Satan). In this century, people are more vanities in front God because they run after the vanities that drive them in forgery, proud, corruption, jealousy, contempt, prostitution, magic, murders... As the autochthons have found that it is in man that we find and gain the richness, the greatness and the glory, we strangers also think the same. But these two manners are opposed: to the autochthons, they must fool, seduce, attack, rob, or sell man or his organs to gain money. They must drink human blood, eat human flesh, and sacrifice his similar to have the glory, greatness or celebrity. While for the strangers that we are, it is when we make our similar to be free from the prison of the customs and human traditions that are confounded to the truth of Christ, it is when we liberate him from the seduction, material and the glory of man in which he was, that we are also considered, rich and great in front of the King of glory. In truth, being strangers in this world, we must know what will be our richness for the eternity, and why we are in this world. 

      We are here to untie man form the customs of men that are thought, while they are only lies. We are here to untie the soul from seduction, the glory of man and material. It is the Lord Jesus who asks us to go and untie these souls for which he has suffered and shed his blood, and which he needs a lot. The tied soul here represents a tied young donkey and the Lord Jesus sends us to go and untie this young donkey which he wants. The soul or young donkey is tied by a word, a feeling, a thought, and a life that are not in truth, and we bring this word of Christ which carries the order of liberation. And if people ask us why we preach and teach this truth that touches, we should answer to them that it is the Lord Jesus who asked that people should have knowledge of the truth and be free from lies, seduction, deception, and the death to which they are bound or tied. When I see the veritable slumbering, sleeping, forgetting themselves, becoming weak, becoming tired, allowing themselves to be gained by worries and lamentations of what is not, it gives me a double insomnia because I carry in me the spirit of that one who had let himself to be humiliated, spit on, slapped, whipped, nailed on a stick because of the bound, tied or death soul. The Lord Jesus did not come for souls that are free, but instead for souls that are bound and death so that what is bound and death should become unbound and living. 

      Which spirit do we have to stay asleep, to slumber, to forget ourselves, to be tired or weakened? Our presence in this world is not for our children, our houses, our lands, our vehicles... but for the delivery of the soul. It is the bound soul that makes our presence, and our presence makes our children, our houses, our lands, our vehicles... We should understand that the soul is all the richness for which our God has pay the price by his blood and his life on earth, this blood which was to touch our heart and our spirit in order to work in the search of the liberation of the soul, must also push us in the same sacrifice to lose our life for the Lord and his good news (Mark 8/35).

       I always ask myself the question to know how the hypocrites, not loving the truth of Christ and keeping souls imprisoned by lies, engage themselves in the joy of food and drinks in buying clothes, toys to their children and saying that they celebrate and feast the birth of the truth and of the light of God to the point where the whole world is in action and which few months later, declare a holy Friday saying that the Lord Jesus died that day? But what do these children of the fox play? I ask myself how a slave child can take himself to be a free child? Does this free child has a closed mouth, is he dumb, is he death not to shake? In truth, I ask myself thousands of questions on what I see today, on the fact that people have elevated customs on the first plan where these chains, robs and lianas of lies are taken to be the truth of Christ. People give themselves in crowd, from generation to generation to be enchained, to get attached and to more and more bind themselves with this death, believing that they are free. The seducers, flatters, sellers of illusion and swindlers take themselves to be the veritable. But which image do they make people to believe while our truth (our liberator and God) which is the word of spirit and life is not a flatter, a seducer nor a commercial ! 

       I ask myself which fight are we leading today to knock over all these false images that are lifted up and taken to be the veritable? In demonstrating what is veritable, and in bringing people to get attached and bound to what have created them (word of truth), we will thus be leading the true fight. We should know that the Lord Jesus is not looking for other physical people who will make his glory, his greatness and richness to spread out, but instead us. Is it in this manner of opening the mouth, to stand, to walk, to sacrifice ourselves that the walls of Jericho (the deception and the seduction) will fall? These misleaders and seducers construct great and beautiful buildings that are well decorated for God’s house. They possess radio and television channels, the press and even have on their boots great personalities of this world. But us, we have this word of truth of Christ which has created everything, and this word of truth that we carry, being the fire, let’s light this fire (this truth) on lies, seduction and the deception, and as such, flattery will be burned and consumed and the domination of the truth in the heart of man will rise up for the glory of God and for the wellbeing of every man. Because the fire that the Lord Jesus has given to us is for lies and seduction and not for witches and magicians, because being free, the slave cannot love you, being stranger, the autochthon cannot love you. It is by the word which the Lord Jesus has given to us that we are strangers and hated. That is why he says to his father: “I have given your word to them; and they are hated by the world, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world” (John 17/14).

       The devil has multiplied the feasts and has given them an important value so that man should jump in the joy of eating and drinking to a point where people drag themselves in the search of much money in order to pass these moments well, and when the feasts are passed, they still drag themselves in the search of much money in order to fill the gap created and all this is only slavery of the stomach and the flesh. He brings out new types or models of things day after day so that everybody should rush in the challenge to posses what is new in order to boast near others. The first objective of Satan is in bringing man to believe that life, the greatness, the glory and richness limit themselves in the physic.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32).




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