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                              It is the 288th message.

       In truth, the authority and power that we have to firstly search was to be those to command the sin and not men. The commandment on the sin is the authority and the power that was to attract us, because if we have the authority and the power to command people without having the authority and the power to command the sin, we are an animal.

       Look at the majority of those who have the authority and the power to command people today without having the authority and the power to command the sin. For them to have access or to be maintained in this power, they drink human blood, eat human excrements, they sometimes eat the human heart raw, sleep with men of the same sex, have ritual hotels where they make to slaughter human beings like them, sacrifice human beings on water banks, possess spirits to transform into an animal, they are fakers, corrupted, embezzlers of public funds. Other supreme authorities of the same kind who have a an advanced taste on sodomy and the sympathy for those have the same inclination as them, legalise these practices in their countries and do everything so that it should be the same everywhere. Today, when you come nearer to these people, when you want to build a relationship with them, they firstly give you a glass of blood to wish you a welcome or they will ask you to bring down your panties. 

       While the authority and the power to command men give you money and respect, the authority and the power on the sin give you the right to live eternally, the acclamations in heaven, but all the evil spirits will also respect you. If we want to possess the authority and the power to command people, do we know the conditions that the devil will propose to us and the crimes that we will be called to commit? But my friend, joy, peace and goodness are manifested to you when you command the sin and not men. That is why it is not he who has the authority and the power to command people who is the first, but it is instead that one who has the authority and the power to command the sin. Because when you command people and that the sin commands you, you are nothing, but even when people command you and that you command the sin, you are something in front that one who justifies and who bear witness for eternity. We should not be unconsidered in front God, but we should understand what the will of the Lord is. When the people of Israel heard that a king was coming and who they never knew before, they were impatient to see a great King to whom many prophets and kings talked of, and the people were waiting to see a king who was to be above David and Solomon who for his meal and followers, was making to be killed ten big oxen, twenty grazing oxen, one hundred sheep, turkeys, poultry and others. But seeing the Lord Jesus born in Bethlehem from the descendant of David and Joseph the carpenter as father, they started having doubts saying that he was not the one they were waiting for. 

       When the Lord started his ministry which is that to teach men how to walk and live in order to have authority and power on the sin and the eternal death and not on people or on the possession of the material like the other kings that the people were knowing, or whom they heard speaking of. This people was not expecting that, but they were instead expecting to see a king who will be above all the kings of the earth or all the kings who were before him in the physic or the material. But seeing Jesus without the authority of commandment on people and the power of material, the people started rejecting his word saying: “... He has an evil spirit and is out of his mind; why do you give ear to him?” (John 10/20). They were even saying that his words are not words of God or that God does not speak in him, because they were saying: “We are certain that God gave his word to Moses: but as for this man, we have no knowledge where he comes from” (John 9/29). The Israelis despised Christ because he did not have the authority on the physical people and on the power of the material, but the day he multiplied bread and fish to give them, they estimated after eating and being satiated that Jesus Christ has the power to make them eat and to fill their stomach, and because of that, they started to say: “This is the prophet who is to come into the world”. Meanwhile, their thoughts corrupted of food, they thought that they have the power to make him a king. That is why it is said: “And when the people saw the sign which he had done, they said, Truly, this is the prophet who is to come into the world. Now when Jesus saw that the people were about to come and take him by force to make him a king, he went away again up the mountain by himself” (John 6/14-15).

       Let’s content ourselves on the authority and the power of Christ that he has given to us, to command the sin and to walk on all the power of the evil words and the evil spirit. Because if we see that we have the authority and the power on the sin and we notice that the authority to command people to which we want to have access can bring us to lose the authority and the power on the sin, it is better to flee from this authority and this power because they are null and useless. Therefore, if we see that what is useless can render null what is useful, we should flee from that without asking ourselves a question and without regret. Because the commandment on the sin brings to the supremacy of the justice, love, the goodness, the pity, the forgiveness, the gentleness, the fidelity, the joy... Meanwhile we can find men who command people in the supremacy of fake, corruption, embezzlement of funds, magic, sodomy, the sacrifice of human beings... If people today wanted and were seeking to have the authority and the power on the sin in the first place, goodness was to fill the world like rains of the big rainy seasons. But people instead look firstly to possess the authority and power on people in order to have respect from them or when they pass, people should cheer and take them like gods of the power and the material. That is why they offer themselves to Satan and obey to his conditions in order to have access to this power and to keep it. 

       In truth, when the devil wants us to command people through his conditions, we should push him away saying that we instead want the conditions of Christ to command the sin and himself (Satan). It is in this manner that he has succeeded in attracting many miracle and prodigies doers towards him, giving them the power to cast out evil spirits in the people’s body; while this power and these evil spirits are only him. What I have understood is that man always seeks that his similar should respect him or again seeks to command his similar in order to draw his glory from him and not from God. But the lord Jesus seeing all this says: “How is it possible for you to have faith while you take honour one from another and have no desire for the honour which comes from the only God?” (John 5/44). Because the Lord Jesus has chosen us in this world, we who have drank his blood to be the veritable authority, which is despised, in order to reduce to nothing the authorities that are in this world because they have drank human blood and are considered by men. It is not the one who has the authority and the power on the sin to envy that one who has the authority and the power on people without having the domination on the sin.

       I have much to say but I will come back later, word or matter to be continued.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)




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