289th message




                              It is the 289th message.

       In truth, the Lord Jesus did not send me to play with what kills man or what maintains him in the eternal death by seducing him or cheering him in his state of senseless, poverty, madness and nakedness, but to demonstrate to him with power and truth his state of blindness, vileness, misery and death. I respect these great authorities as well as the functions that they exercise, but the life of their souls is preferable to me than their functions and the authority, the power, and the commandment on the sin is preferable to their authority, power, and commandment on men. We should know that if we have the authority, the power and the commandment on men without the veritable which is the authority, the power, and the commandment on the sin, our functions are unnecessary and without value in front God.

       Before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, the authorities, the Kings and the rulers had the authority, the power and the commandment on men, but they did not have the veritable authority, the power and the commandment that are the domination of the sin. That is why the Lord Jesus has come to us so that we should receive him in order to become the veritable authorities even without governing men. But today, people prefer to glorify the authority, the power and the commandment on men despising the authority, the power and the commandment on the sin. This is to say that they render null the suffering and the blood of Christ shed on the cross for them. Know that all those who do that are also null and without consideration in front God.

       For what serve a man to gain the authority, the power and the commandment on men and to gain all the earth and his underground, if he does not possess the authority, the power and the commandment on the sin to not lose his soul? I am not thirsty of the human glory and the power on men, or again on physical goods, but I am thirsty of the power on the sin and the spiritual goods, and I do not cheer people that have the authority, the power and the commandment on men, and that are dominated by the sin. Almost all these great authorities (kings, heads of state, ministers...) are dominated by homosexuality, magic, the drinking of human blood and the sacrifice of human beings. Therefore, they greatly despise the feeling, the thought, and the life in God. But they will also be despised by the eternal fire in the case they do not change, but the change can only come by the demonstration of the gospel of Christ preached, which does not seduce, but which makes them to understand and to see their perdition because of the cheering of men and material that are only vanities coming from the sacrifice of their similar, the human blood that they drink, totems that they possess, the animal spirit which they carry in order to transform into an animal, sodomy that they practice... In truth, seeing and listening to what I am by the grace of God, it is not to wish long life on earth to these occult men, but it is to beg the Lord Jesus to make them see the salary which is waiting for them because of their practice or the end of the road which they have chosen so that they should have fear, regret and that they should change.

       Like in this world where the greatness and life are found in the material, that is why the blinds and deaf always tell to people compared to these sadistic: “Don’t you know that this one can change your life? This is to say that this consumer of human blood or homosexual... can give you a job or money so that your dressing, your cooking money, your accommodation and your consideration in front people should change”. And when these sadistic do this, people will say: “his life has changed”, but which life does it means? They only know that one who can give a job or money to someone in order to change his life, but they do not know the carrier of the word of Christ and the veritable changer of life, that one who even changes the life of someone by making him to pass from the state of death to that of life. In this world, they only know and glorify those who carry money and the power to make people to work, that is to say those who bring people from the life of the lacking of the material to that of abundance. In truth, between Lazarus and the poor rich, who could change the life of the other? The poor Lazarus and the bad rich are in the middle of us, but who will go in search of the poor Lazarus so that his life should change? Being blind and not seeing his richness, it is everybody who will run away from him to go towards the bad rich, looking for a way to get attached to him in order to become his friend, only because his poverty is not seen by people. That is why those who run the poor Lazarus do that because they do not see his richness and those who look to get attached to the bad rich do that because they do not see his poverty.

       When I see this world in his state of misguidance and abomination, it is not the emergence of nations and the purchasing power that I will ask to the Almighty God to give to men or again, a long life, but I will ask him to offer his heart to them so that evil and the eternal death should be dominated in man, so that the suffering of Christ and his blood that has shed should not be in vain. My pleasure is not to shake the hands of these great authorities, to take pictures with them or to have their visit cards, but it is instead to see them possess and to manifest the authority, the power and the commandment on the sin. In this world, when someone possesses the power to feed the worms of his stomach, he becomes proud, haughty, contemptuous, and mocker towards those who do not have this power like him, and does not want other people to also achieve this material wealth. Meanwhile, when someone has the power to feed his soul through the life of Jesus Christ, he is humble, charitable, respectful; he cries and begs God for others to become like him in the possession of this power to also feed their souls in the life of Jesus Christ, because he says of himself: “... even so he who takes me for his food will have life because of me” (John 6/57). 

       I am not jealous of the functions of these great authorities or how they are admired and taken to be gods on earth, but I am jealous for their souls for which Christ has accepted humiliation and the suffering in the physical body so that they should be detached and untied to these satanic practices and to become saved, because I have the jealousy of God and not that of man because God carries the name of JEALOUS and he is a jealous God, that is why it is said: “for you shall worship no other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God” (Exodus 34/14). Because God is jealous of the souls of these authorities, he does not want their perdition. It is not the fact of wearing dresses and shoes of great price, to put on perfumes of value, to live in great castles or palace, to be escorted, to have people under his domination and the power to satisfy the stomachs that is something in front God, but it is to abstain from defilements, injustice and wickedness.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)




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