291st message




                               It is the 291st message

       The Lord Jesus has given us his word which is his gospel and teaching so that we should declare and demonstrate it in these difficult end times, so that man should not more be ignorant of his conduct and the way of the truth and life. This word is a strength and a power that the Lord has put in us so that we should reconcile with him those who are separated from him as it is said: “... and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation” (2 Corinthians 5/19). But it is said: “not that there is another one, but there are some who trouble you and want to distort the gospel of Christ” (Galatians 1/7). 

     Therefore, the people who trouble are those who teach human customs and traditions in the place of the only gospel of Christ, they are those who prophesise the seduction in the place of the only prophecy of Christ. These trouble makers who want to reverse the gospel of Christ are a barrier by their deception and seduction for the people who must know and live the truth of Christ in order to be free of this deception and seduction that they carry and spread. These trouble makers are some pastors, prophets, apostles, priests, bishops, cardinals... and the barrier which prevents people from crossing is their teachings through which they make the people to believe that what they do comes from the Lord Jesus.

       Because, possessing this strength of the truth of Christ, we have to hit this barrier of false prophecy so that people should see the good side to cross; we need courage to hit these multiple barriers (doctrines, false religions). We have a strength which is the word that has been given to us. Let’s hit it on the deception and seduction and these walls will collapse no matter their resistance and hardness.

       Looking at these trouble makers among whom we find the priests, bishops, cardinals, pope, we should know that it should neither be because of their cassocks, their caps, their belts, their rings, their sticks, the big crosses that they wear on their neck, nor their great buildings full or surrounded with statuettes, nor their money, their vehicles, their air planes, their radio and television channels, neither because of the great authorities of this world up to the head of states who are with them and who even prostrate in front of them that we should be intimidated, weakened, tired, or at sleep, but on the contrary, it must bring us to revolt and more stronger than ever, to ask these uncircumcised of heart by the truth of Christ, on whom they count to be greater and stronger to fight the truth of Christ in bringing people not to know this truth, but instead their human customs and traditions that are only a suicide and a death of the spirit? 

        The Lord Jesus, knowing that the world must be saved by the knowledge of his truth and life, says: “and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8/32). But today, many people instead know the customs and traditions in the place of the truth because these uncircumcised of heart of Christ’s truth, when they preach their traditions of suicide, do not tell to people that what they do is not from Christ, but they leave them believe the contrary. I take an example of the baptism of babies and children. When they do this, they demand a fixed amount of money and godfathers or godmothers for these babies or children. There are more than 100 examples to be given for these people who are against the truth, but I have taken one. 

       In truth, the strength which the Lord has given to us is to hit these barriers that are false teachings that introduce the false believe and which prevents people to believe in the veritable in order to be saved. In truth, if we are dominated by the material, by what strikes the eyes and by people, we cannot shake up the mountains (the deception of the priests...), and even less to displace them in order to put or to place them where we want so that the access to the recognition of the only gospel of Christ should be known by all the volunteers, because these uncircumcised of Christ’s truth, possessing the material in excess, are considered as the greatest authority in this world; and if we are not above this material, we cannot touch their power which is their lies.

       In truth, let’s say to ourselves that the Lord has no other people in these end times who must hit with strength these great barriers that prevent the people from having access to his truth, nor another faith to displace the mountains that prevent people to see the good side of the believe in the eternal life, if not us his ambassadors and witnesses. It is like you arrive in a village and you find some people saying that your master is nothing, and that it is their master who is and they should believe in him. You, knowing that these people are telling lies because their master is a murderer and a killer and that it is instead your master who is the good shepherd, what will you do? Will you close your mouth so that the people of this village should keep on thinking that they are tied to the good master, or will you demonstrate the contrary?

       Hitting strength, it is time to hit without fear and without worry. You should not be afraid of the prison or the physical death because it is not the prison and the death of your soul, but of your flesh. Will you not hit the barrier in order to break it so that many people should not more be prisoners and death in their souls because you are afraid that your flesh risks imprisonment and a brutal death in the case you hit with strength these barriers of lies? Know that in those liars, there is nothing good or powerful. They always have booklets called breviaries and they make people to believe that there is a great power in these books meanwhile, the power of many of them manifests itself because they are rosicrucians, franc-masons, crunchers of peels, eating herbs, all these for the acquisition of the power and evil forces.

       In truth, if we are the veritable, we are in this world to liberate the captives of lies and seduction, and if we are here to liberate, we are also here to hit with force, because that is where the Lord is waiting for us because times are rather bad. The darkness takes over and hits the light with force, lies take over and hit the truth with force, death takes over and hits life with force. There are some pastors, prophets, apostles... who are there to search for money and the glory of man, leaving people to dress and to behave anyhow just because all what they want from them is their money, prophesising shameful things, bringing people to believe that it is Christ. They are dominated by the material, they are doers of visions or prodigies. They have brought people to get attached to the prayer of deliverance and majority of them go and search this power in order to surprise the people, some of them even bless water, sell handkerchiefs, perfumes... and prophesies on goods and vanities. 

       It is time to hit this seduction with force. There is no more question to be intimidated and hung up in front these people who find the material and the glory of man bigger than the Christ’s truth because they have much money, putting their pictures in big formats on advertising panels, possess radio and television channels; but here, it is a question to hit these seducers and deceivers with force so that the suffering and the blood of Christ shed on the cross should not be in vain. It is a question to understand that all these trouble makers who want to reverse the gospel and the image of Christ, either be the priests, pastors, apostles... having all the material, are associated to the great authorities of this world and have the popularity. But we should know that with this word and the assurance that we have in her and which is our strength, we will hit and we will be winners because it is not a matter of number and material, but of the truth of Christ that they despise.

       If we are three physically like the three mates in Babylon, we should know that we are with the fourth person who accompanies us to confirm and testify that what we say of him is real and true. Even being two, there is the third person who is spirit. Therefore, no matter our physical number, we should bring this world to submit to our power by the one who is in us because it is not the number which has brought the Egyptians to know that Joseph has the veritable God to make him governor, or it is not the number which has made the prophets of Baal to recognise Elijah as the veritable prophet. This world of deceivers, seducers and all those who follow them must know now who Christ is in spirit and in truth through us without money, without popularity and personality, but of the strength that we hit. I know that these leaders of customs and traditions will complain that we are bringing the people to revolt. 

        But will these people revolt against the living God or against the god of their customs and traditions? If one day they bring medicines to a sick person and he drinks believing that he will be cured while giving thanks to the givers of these medicines, how will he behave if a person presents himself this time with the medicine appropriate to his sickness, and he finds that the first intake was only a dupery and deception? Would he not revolt while rejecting the first medicine and taking the giver as a wicked person? The first givers are only seducers and deceivers and who are accused of nothing, but instead those who bring the truth to people for their healing. It is in the same manner that they accused the Lord Jesus in front King Herod for bringing the people to revolt as it is said: “and said to them, “You brought me this man as one who was misleading the people. And after examining him before you, behold, I did not find this man guilty of any of your charges against him” (Luke 23/14).

No word of intrigue, mockery, threat should weaken your hitting strength because it is time.

 CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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