293rd message.



                               It is the 293rd message.

      What a breakthrough and a rise in power of Satan in these end time in term of the domination on most of the women who, in the search of the super natural beauty through the hair, the eyelashes, the eyelids, the lips’ paints, the artificial nails..., have fallen in the net of Satan!


       But one of the greatest domination today remains in the artificial or supernatural hair where the women buy the Brazilian, Indian... human hair and wigs at very high prices because they are natural or original without knowing where they come from. They are ready to do prostitution or to deprive themselves from the most important things just to wear these human hair and wigs of high prices, and for some, it has become a greatness by the quality and the price.

       In India millions of the adherents that are rich or poor, women or men, old or young come and offer their hair to their gods Shiva, Vishnou or Morugan in exchange of a more comfortable life, a better health or the arrival of a child. How can people wear other peoples’ hair on their head without knowing? This really makes pity! These Indian hair that are greatly solicited by Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa are called “black diamond”, because of that, the Indians seeing that these hair are sought and are profitable, sometimes go and shave the hair of their brothers and sisters who have died in order to provide in the production and sale of wigs, human hair... (additions). 

       India is the first country in the world in the domain of the production and the sale of hair because they exploit about 500 tones of hair in minimum per year. These hair that are cut from the head of thousands of worshipers per day in more than 300 temples are stored and sold during the period of January and May, the period of harvesting where the local companies buy and sell back to other countries that make wigs, natural human hair and sell them at very high prices. These temples and places are greatly visited especially TIRUPATI, called a Holy place, it is the most visited and the richest place in the world after the Vatican. After India in the sell of wigs, human hair, locks..., it is Brazil.

       These wigs and human hair being the crown of the devil, without forgetting the locks that are paint in all colours, filling the whole world and some Indians and Chinese have made of it the manufacturing industries... in Africa, and the African women seeing these locks of different colours, put them on their head, sometimes in a wild way. Because for the women in the world, God has sent them these hair that were missing since their birth, and the devil glorifies himself today seeing how the women spent money in order to have and to gain him.

       In Africa, almost all the women that you will meet have either put the human hair, locks or wigs. Others even, wanting to become more beautiful put on artificial eyelashes and paints on their lips and on their eyebrows after shaving them as well as on the eyelids, having coloured locks on the head. Some ones frighten instead of attracting as they seek. And, when you give advices to one of the loyal to these products, she will ask you: “do you want that I should not more become beautiful?” But she ignores that a few years ago, there were not yet these crowns of the devil that are; the wigs, the human hair and the ornaments for their lips, nails, eyelashes, eyebrows and eyelids, but today, Satan, seeing the end of his reign, has raised up people to fabricate products of all type in dragging majority of the women with him and at any time that there is a new product or model, these women throw themselves on it.

        If the women say that they are beautiful with these crowns and ornaments, they are beautiful in front Satan and those men that appreciate such a beauty, and not in front God and his men who find a disobedience in that and a glory in the profit of that one who has always want the death of the soul for the eternity. You say that you are beautiful with the hair that are not yours, with the colour of the lips which is not yours, with the nails that are not yours, with artificial eyelashes and sometimes false breasts and false buttocks, but what desolation on the part of the Lord Jesus! For those who say to be christians, to wear the hair of some people who have shaved their head is to strengthen the domination of Satan, and the offering of these hair to Shiva, Vishnou or Morugan is to glorify the devil. But what a shame! They even glorify themselves with these crowns of the devil!

       In truth, there is something today that makes me to laugh and at the same time saddens me a lot; it is to see how these women wear these crowns of the devil on the head and saying that the devil is small when they raise a prayer said of authority. But to know the chameleon (the devil) in his form is better than to know him in his colour because he only has one form and a thousand colours.

       In truth, what the women are looking in these crowns and ornaments is only to attract the men towards them and not the Lord Jesus because the men need to have courage to ask to the women that they approach to go and unmask themselves in order to see their true beauty. The lenses that the women put in order to change the colour of their eyes or again, the product that make the artificial eyelashes to stick will lead to a great defection of the sight after many years, and afterwards, they will accuse the witches. I ask to myself if the majority of the women, as long as they are in the coma (the wearing of the crowns on the head and the ornaments), will be conscious again in order to be treated and healed because the believe in God is testified on the exterior and the interior. But if the exterior renders a bad testimony, shall we look for a good testimony in the interior?

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. 
(John 8/32)



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