296th message



                             It is the 296th message.

       I am not that one who is sent to be flattered and dominated by the material, the glory of man and the titles, but by the truth of the Lord Jesus living and talking. Because of the Lord Jesus’s feeling in me and which dominates me, I worry and lament for the souls of the head of states and their surrounding, and not for their flesh which is only dust and vanity no matter the fact that they eat well, wear expensive clothes and shoes, live in luxurious palaces, have private jets and are driven in luxurious cars and are escorted, take the decisions in their countries according to their own will. I worry for the poverty of their souls that are miserable, blind and naked because of their will, conduct and life.

       In truth, I am instead afraid of the Lord Jesus (that means not to say the truth), and not man. Because the head of states are the first magistrates, sportsmen… in their countries, consequently; they are also the first magicians, corrupted and abominable. In truth, the head of states are the first to put this century in fire, blood, evil and to render it abominable. Today, the head of states are at the origin of the wars that arise in the small nations. They are the ones that fabricate the rebels, arm and supply them. They make human beings to be killed like flies, they fabricate the opponents and arm them to fight the government in place in the small nations that resist them, and these fights always result to a blood shed. They are the ones that fabricate and sell bombs in the black market where the kamikazes come to get supply in order to commit attacks and thus killing human beings like rats. Certain African presidents that have been in power for long refuse to leave their place and they continue to make kill all those who tell the truth to them concerning the manner in which they govern.

       You make yourselves to be called excellency, you are excellent in paedophilia, corruption, in the consumption of the human blood and excrements. You are not even the shells or carapace of God’s authorities. You sign civil marriages of the homosexuals where two men and women get married; people of the same sex getting married. This couple of the same sex being incapable of having children, they will simply adopt and this has increased child stealing in the whole world. You are only the authorities, chief and excellences of the abomination and evil. Being dominated by high magic, you transform into animals. These super head of states of America and Europe, when their agreements do not more hold with a small nation on the exploitation of its underground, they rapidly put this country in fire and in blood. The ICC is corrupted, the NATO corrupted, the UNO corrupted, the AU corrupted, the EU corrupted.

       As you govern the people and kill them without end, you also, some days or years from now, your souls that are dominated by evil will leave your flesh or soil for the burning lake of fire for the eternity. Therefore, the time of repentance is still accorded to you, that is why you have to ask God to remove the scales in your eyes that make you to be blind in this world and that prevent you from seeing the value of your souls that you put in destruction at the price of the acclamations of men’s hands; because of the glory of man and the material. The head of states of the African countries are the first to go and keep money abroad, building hospitals there, hotels, sometimes being shareholders in the banks with their country’s money, thus increasing the prices of the first necessities, therefore diving their country in hunger and thirsty. But if another person does this, they will follow him with the corrupted justice and this last will be imprisoned for the embezzlement of the public funds, meanwhile they are the first to give the example of the embezzlers of public goods. They are incapable to declare their goods because they dominate the justice of their country. Know that you dominate the justice of the corrupted man, but that of God which is uncorrupted will finish by catching you.

       Head of states of the whole world, the war, magic, corruption, and homosexuality is you. You are head and excellent on all what is evil, you are the ones that make the present world to suffer. With what heart do these excellences drink the human blood? Eat human excrements? Go to bed with a person of the same sex? Are they still human beings? No! Are they animals? No! They are less than animals because there is no animal that can mate with another animal of the same sex. As all the priests, pastors, prophets, doctors, apostles of this world are considered like the great men of God, they are the great corrupted and magicians, majority of them making visions, prodigies and miracles of lies; they are only looking how to fill their stomach with the seduction, flattering, lies and swindling, but they do not try to find that if the people do not know their state of poverty, leprosy, misery, blindness, deafness, nakedness and death of the soul, they will not be able to repent or to come out of this state to that of richness, purity, sight, hearing and life. Therefore, the suffering and Jesus Christ’s blood that has shed will be in vain for this century. 

       Meanwhile the Lord has suffered and shed his blood for the redemption and the deliverance of all the souls without exception. My vow is not to pass many years in this body of flesh or dust, but to live and tell the truth that can help (this written word). Even if I just live for one year on earth it is enough for me. My sadness does not come firstly from the fact that man lacks what to feed his stomach’s worms or what his flesh or dust will wear, but because his soul lacks the food that has come down from heaven so that he should consume it in order to live (John 6/57). My joy does not come firstly from the fact that man should have what to put under his tooth and to dress his flesh, but for his soul to be nourished and dressed of the glory of the sky.

Glory and mercy to the Eternal God by the Lord Jesus who wants that all the men should come to the knowledge of the truth and be saved (1 Timothy 2/3-4).

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)


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