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                              It is the 298th message

       The world of today lives much more in the confusion of the two types of spiritual clairvoyance. Let’s talk firstly of the physical clairvoyance which consists in seeing and distinguishing things and colours by man. This physical clairvoyance which is done by our eyes permits man to make his physical body to become clean because he sees it, to embellish it, to dress it in the way he likes or he can do. Therefore, this clairvoyance is the most common one and it is the mostly seen because all the men have eyes through which they see (except the blind and the partially-sighted persons).

       Let’s talk secondly of the spiritual clairvoyance by the spirit of Satan which permits to see the invisible things. This spiritual clairvoyance is mostly confused today by the ignorant who take it to be the spiritual clairvoyance by the spirit of God because this spirit is mostly found in the majority of the prophets, prophetesses, brief; those who are called men of God or servants that do prophesies, visions, the revelations and divinations. It is with this spirit of Satan that the marabous do clairvoyance, the witches see, as well as the magicians. This spiritual clairvoyance by the spirit of Satan that the people who do clairvoyance possess and use to do visions, to make divinations, the revelations and prophecies can come from the spirit of the waters, a totem, a spirit of the ground, a spirit of the forest, a death or living spirit of a human, a spirit of the air. Among the people that do clairvoyance, visions and divinations, some of them are exorcists, prophets or prophetesses, brief; men or servants of God. Their clairvoyance comes from many horizons and they differ from one another, but it is still by the same master of the perdition.

       There are also some people who do clairvoyance, and they treat the sick people by the spirit of their family member who is already death and who has either given them a basket or another material through which they treat people and in the same time, they see the spiritual things and reveal them to others. There are some marabous that have gone in search of the spirits of the forest, of the air, of the waters or of the ground in order to do clairvoyance and to reveal the invisible things to the people. That is why you will find certain marabous that have the sand in their laboratories and when you arrive so that they should do clairvoyance for you, they will ask you to put your two palms on that sand and next, they will ask you to remove and to shake them on that hip of sand. Then, they will start revealing what they are seeing concerning you. Some marabous do clairvoyance with the horn of an animal. 

       This horn is suspended on a rope that is held with the hand, making the tip of the horn to point on the ground, when they start questioning the spirit on what they want to know, this horn remains fixed no matter the repeated words pronounced to affirm the negativity, and if it is the positivity, the horn will turn. Others do clairvoyance with a half machete without handle, with a small iron that they place on one end of the machete while holding the other end. When they will ask a question to the spirits on a particular situation, this small iron will show no resistance when it will be removed from the machete if it is the negativity, but if it is the positivity, this iron will remain fixed on the machete as if it had a magnet. Others do clairvoyance through a mirror fixed in their laboratory. They look through the mirror in order to reveal all what happens in your carnal life. Others use cowries that they throw on the ground. There are many, but I have mentioned just these few ones.

       Some people fill certain conditions in order to have these spirits of clairvoyance. This clairvoyance through the spirit of Satan which the marabous possess is found in most men and servants of God today; because the devil seeing that many people have discovered that going to the marabou for their consultation was of him, he has thus transposed his spirit used by the marabous to many exorcists, prophets, prophetess, pastors… who make visions, divinations, the revelations and prophecies on earthly things. Therefore, the people find that those ones are not called marabous, that is to say; being of the devil, but instead of God (men and servants of God). There are also some witches that have spiritual clairvoyance because they carry an animal spirit in them, and it is with this clairvoyance that they sometimes intercept people’s things so that they should not manifest in the physic. It is with this spiritual clairvoyance by the spirit of Satan that the devil in person glorifies himself because he brings terror in the families, homes… All this clairvoyance by the Spirit of Satan is of the type: “it is this one or that one who has done it to you because you were to be a person today; it is that one who has blocked your marriage, your job, your childbirth, your travel, your money… she is the one that has prevented, has made you to be sick, wants to kill or to sell you, who does not want your good”. 

       Sometimes, these clairvoyants describe some people that are either in your family, in your job place, in your neighbourhood… thus raising rancour, hatred, calumnies, pushing some of them to vengeance. The devil seeing that these revelations and divinations are not in the glory of God but instead in his glory, multiples them everyday. Meanwhile the Lord wants that the heart of man which is the heart of stone should become the heart of flesh through the revelation of his life (Ezekiel 36/26); but the devil has instead made of this heart the heart of iron through these people that do the divinations… thus pushing people into great rancour, hatred and calumnies. These people that have this clairvoyance and who reveal the things to others are more solicited and sought after. I the same way, the devil seeing that the Lord Jesus does not more want the people to get attached to the earthly things (the material), he (the devil) has thus multiplied these prophets, prophetesses that prophesise on the future of the achievement of the material as well as other things of vanity, and these lasts are very solicited and sought after.

       Thirdly, there is the spiritual clairvoyance by the spirit of God. This clairvoyance is very rare and it operates according to the dimension of the spirit that we carry. She instead regards man in his soul to see him small or big, poor or rich, death or alive. It is through this clairvoyance that we veritably see the value of the material considered by most people in this world like a big treasure for which others sacrifice their soul and all their time without rest. Those who do not have this clairvoyance are the veritable blind because they do everything to embellish, to enrich, to dress and to nourish their physical body while forgetting their spiritual body (their soul) which is more important and was to firstly receive all care. If the people had this clairvoyance, especially the rulers of this world, the stars, the artists… they would have not sold their souls for the power on the men, the glory, the celebrity and the physical protection. Most men of God that we see today in the world and that we consider to be great prophets, pastors, apostles, priests… making great divinations, prophecies, prodigies and miracles do not possess this clairvoyance. 

       Therefore imagine the consequence for those who follow them. That is why many people today are poor of God’s richness just because they do not see, if not the physical or the spiritual clairvoyance by the spirit of Satan. If the people were seeing spiritually according to the spirit of God, evil would be less in this world, because it is the dust (the material) and the acclamations of the hands of men that are at the origin of all type of evil; but with the clairvoyance by the spirit of God, the ground and all what comes out of it, transformed and embellished, or again, the glory of man is seen in its deeper state of vanity. We count at the tips of fingers the veritable men of God that have the spiritual clairvoyance by the spirit of God. Because if the people of Israel in his time just as the case today had the clairvoyance by the spirit of God, they would have seen that the Lord Jesus without the dust (the material) is richest and greatest than any other person. Even today, there are the veritable men of God who are full of the greatness and richness of the Lord, but not having the material; they are considered like the poor in front those who do not have the clairvoyance according to the spirit of God.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)


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