299th message




                            It is the 299th message

        In truth, Cameroon is a country of miracles in which firstly, the Eternal God has multiplied the languages, what makes that Cameroon has 234 ethnic groups or mother tongues; next, what is essential for the soul is that the Eternal God has passed through Cameroon in these end times to send a message of light, a harmer, a sword, and a fire in the world in order to deliver many people from seduction, deception, jealousy, corruption, the domination of the material, the glory of man, magic, witchcraft and killing.

       When I talk of deliverance, it means of the spiritual deliverance that can also lead to the deliverance of the flesh which only has a limited time because it is the spirit that became flesh and not the flesh that became the spirit. That is even why the Lord Jesus says that the spirit is the life giver, the flesh is of no value, and his word that he gives to us is spirit and life (John 6/63). If Cameroon is not spiritually delivered by the truth of the Lord Jesus, even the flesh or the stomach will suffer a lot of hunger and sickness. It is like in the physic where if the brain does not possess a great thinking, the rest of the body will suffer a lot. Therefore, this spiritual deliverance by the truth of the Lord Jesus will also liberate the flesh and the stomach because it will greatly reduce jealousy, selfishness, ingratitude, pride, hatred, fake, corruption, stealing, the embezzlement of public goods, magic, witchcraft and killing.

       In Cameroon, the majority of the high officials and the members of government have each embezzled many billions of our francs that they have kept in the foreign banks; others have invested in many other countries, thus contributing in the reduction of the rate of unemployment and to favour the emergence of these countries, leaving their own country Cameroon in chaos. In order to fill the accounts that they have emptied by the embezzlement of the public funds, these high officials and the members of government will agree in order to raise the price of petrol, gasoil, kerosene, gas, what will lead to an increase in the transport cost; making the population to suffer in the displacement expenses. They will agree to raise the price of electricity and water consumption; as such, the little people will suffer. They will raise the prices of foodstuffs (rice, fish, meat, sugar…) and the construction materials (sheet-metal, iron, cement, pipes…), thus bringing the people to suffer in hunger, thirsty, and lack of housing. 

       Therefore, these Cameroonians that are high officials and members of government, with the people’s money that they have embezzled, kept or invested in other countries; contribute in the emergence of these countries, dragging more and more their own country Cameroon in underdevelopment, making the rate of unemployment to increase. In Cameroon, majority of these high officials and members of government have money more than the head of enterprises and business men.

       These embezzlers of public funds that are dominated and blinded by the material must now see and understand that the money of the country that they steal, thus dragging the population or the lower people in misery and suffering also make them (the embezzlers of public funds) to become poor in their souls. They must understand that if they remain in this state, they will be like the poor rich in the parable of the poor Lazarus and the poor rich taught by the Lord Jesus. What will be their answer when the Lord will ask them: “Where have you put the money of the people that I the Eternal God have provided for his carnal well-being?”.

       Corruption has brought the privatisation of many state’s companies. Two or three members of government who are high officials will agree to look for strangers that will control many national companies and in exchange, they will share the gain. It is the same thing with football where the senior management will look for a foreign coach with whom they privately negotiate in the sharing of his salary and his advantages, furthermore, for this purpose; this one will pick up a big contract. It is also the same thing when the government sends them to buy things abroad. They overbillthe products sometimes three times its original price, thus emptying the country’s funds and making the people to suffer. Also, when it comes to the creation or the arrangement of roads, for example; to construct 50km of road, these people will just do 15km and they will tamper with the bills, corrupting the workers, the contractor and sometimes up to the contracting authority so that they should accept and recognise that it is 50km of road that have been delivered, and they will take this money to keep in their foreign bank accounts. 

        It is also the same with the national competitive examinations such as IRIC, ENAM, EMIA, CUSS… There, the deserving of the promotion are put aside and their places are sold, what also compromises the merit and value. In addition, we also find these corrupted in ministries where; in order to sign a file, you must give money, what makes the files of the poor to spend many years in the drawers. Corruption has invaded many sectors such as the tribunal where for example, a case that has to be judged will be referred more than four times in order to bring the parties to give money, the clerks also make the files to disappear, without forgetting the lawyers who defend the indefensible (injustice) just because they have received a sordid gain. Corruption has also invaded sectors such as the customs, the gendarmerie, the police…

       Stop using the language of the type: “the goat eats where it is tied”. Why can you not leave the person who is conscious of the good work that you have done to him to reward you by his own will? It is a question for you to repent; you gain your money through corruption and you buy lands, houses, vehicles… that give you the glory. Know that you (your souls) will leave this flesh (dust) that you carry and all these dusts of vanities that you possess, and it is this corruption that will rise in the spirit to testify and to make your soul poor, miserable and naked in front God. The thieves and robbers should know that when they go to steal somebody’s physical thing, they instead losetheir spiritual richness, and when they rob and take a person’s thing, they instead take the spiritual poverty. But it is better to be physically poor for some days than to be spiritually poor for the eternity, because sooner or later, this flesh which is dust will return where it has been taken and the spirit will stay for the eternity. Therefore, you the thieves and robbers who make many people to suffer and cry, it is time for you to understand what is essential.

       For the jealous, they do not like to see others working, succeeding or to be in prosperity. You will find someone who will destroy his similar because of the material. I take an example of the dowry of a woman’s daughter, if the neighbour or a family member is not invited or has not eaten, this one will either find to block the girl so that she should not give birth in her marital home or to throw a curse on the mother of the girl. You the jealous who are always ready to block or to destroy because of the vanities, it is time for you to see and to understand that because of food which is only excrements, and wine which is only urine, you destroy people while making them to suffer.Go and see the end of this food and wine in the toilets in order to see the value of the thing for which you destroy the people who have given you nothing to eat and to drink.

       You the witches, you kill and eat the flesh, the brain and you drink the blood of your similar, you prevent the youth that is the future of tomorrow to succeed, you remove the brains of the little children, you block their ears so that they should listen nothing in school. You block the diplomas, the job, the promotion, the childbirth, the travelling, the finances… and you make the people to be sick as well as spoiling medicines in hospitals in the killing of their efficiency. Can you imagine the number of night planes that the witches have while taking into account that each one functions with the human blood? That is why many people are anaemic because the witches have syringes to collect the human blood at night either to drink, to run their night planes, to give or sell to other people. They are thus the causes of many road accidents and plane crashes. They prevent the carnal prosperity, the development,but they are full in the places of prayer. Witch (man or woman), it is time for you to see and to understand that God has not created you to eat your similar, but he has put animals, fishes, birds… in your disposition. Know that as you eat the flesh of your similar, your souls will also be eaten by the eternal fire. As you destroy their flesh, your souls will also be destroyed. There is much to write, but I have written few.

       They always say that Cameroon is a poor country and very indebted. If Cameroon is delivered from the physical poverty, even that of the spirit will be delivered because for me, the HIPC instead means highly spiritually indebted and poor country in front God. We owe the Lord his justice, his righteousness, his mercy. In Cameroon there is lack of pity, lack of the desire to not see the good of his similar; the human being is taken as an object and he is sacrificed like pieces of bread for those who are thirsty of the material, power, the celebrity… When there is a shuffle that has to take place, those who want to enter as well as those who want to be maintained in power are ready to do everything. 

       Cameroon will never be delivered by the people who do the divinations, prophecies, prayers, prodigies and miracles or those who post their pictures on advertising plates. Moreover, in Cameroon, the proliferation of the places of prayer has for main objective the gain of money. Corruption that has invaded Cameroon has brought the domination of the country by one person. The head of state does not tremble in front the people, meanwhile the people are the one that have the power to re-elect him or not. But since he knows that in face of him, he has the people that are greatly corrupted and who make whatever, he knows that when the presidential elections will arrive, they will all prostrate in front bread, sardine cans, fish, rice, red wine, a machete, a hoe, a bank note of 2000 Frs, loincloths…, and will only swear by his name, prophesising and confessing 20 more years in power to him. Meanwhile to us, it is not a man that governs, but the people. Unfortunately, know that the time has come for the plain to take off, and everybody should put on his safety belt.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)


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