300th message



                             It is the 300th message


       In truth, when the Eternal God sends a person, he sends him with his word because God is the word; that is why he always says to his messenger: “Go and transmit what I will say to you because I am with you”, It was the same with Moses, prophet Jeremiah… That is why he says to prophet Jeremiah: “… for to all to whom I send you, you shall go, and whatever I command you, you shall speak” (Jeremiah 1/7). Therefore, his word is with the one he sends. When someone is a messenger of God, it means that he is a messenger of the word and it is through the word that comes out of his mouth that we recognise him to be a messenger of God or again, it is when this word is transmitted that we recognise him to be a messenger of the word because God is the word. Therefore, a messenger of God is a messager of God, he does not need to say to people that he is a messenger of God, but his message testifies the one that is in him and who speaks in him, being above the knowledge and the understanding of man and of his letter.

        In truth, this present world effectively lacks God’s messengers, that is why there is also lack of the veritable gospel. Apostle Paul seeing that the messengers of God are those who carry the power of the gospel said: “For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” (Romans 10/13-15). The lack of the veritable word leads to the lack of the veritable light, and the people not being well enlightened will start groping, and from the groping there will be confusion. That is why this century,in lackingof lighting, is much more in the confusion of the power, the clairvoyance, the richness, the greatness, the authority and the knowledge of God or again, it is in the confusion of the image or of God’s identity.

        A messenger of God does not worry, does not look and does not waste the time on what make man’s flesh to be sick, or on what block the things of the flesh such as the marriage, the diplomas, the travel, the finances… but he worry, look and spend much of his time on what blocks the soul in poverty and death, and on what equally prevents her (the soul) to receive the things that make her to become rich and alive. It is a question to understand that if we are alive (in our soul); it means that the death and the spirits and words of the deaths do not more have power on us. If the soul is alive, it is because the flesh has been crucified by its passions and desires; it also means that the spirits and the evil words of the witches, the magicians… cannot more govern our flesh and the things that the flesh must receive. Therefore, all what is given like peel, herb… for the protection or again the products said spiritual can only dominate a certain category of demons and not the death of the soul. 

       Therefore, the true protection is the life of the Lord. If we are not alive, we cannot dominate death, the spirits and words of deaths. That is even why; when people come by seduction or ignorance to ask if I can give them a chapter of Psalms to read, I always say to them that the power of the protection is neither found in the recitation nor in the simple reading of God’s word, but instead in its listening, its reading, its understanding and its life. What confusion! They have brought the people to read certain chapters of Psalms for the protection, the deliverance or the forgiveness. Meanwhile in God, all power, strength, force and domination come by the life, and life comes by what we listen or read, and what we listen or read comes from the word of God.

        A messenger of God brings the people to understand that they must put much more the finances that they have in the documentation of the truth and to make it reach the people near or far so that through this knowledge of the truth, they should be in the truth and the truth in them. Therefore, they will be in the Lord and the Lord will be in them. It means that near or far, these people contribute in the construction of the true house of God in man or again; these people have build a new heart of God in this world where he must stay.Taking tens or hundreds of millions, even billions to construct a big house of dust, to decorate and give it a title of God’s house where those who are jealous, pride, corrupted, those who are dominated by the material and the glory of man, the magicians, the witches and the murderers will come and gather while giving big envelopes of money like offering is a vain action in front God’s eyes. On the contrary, the devil wants that people should delay on the enormous expenses in the construction of great buildings where these stony hearts will come and gather and to forget the essential which is where the Lord has to stay.

        The messenger of God brings the people to understand that God cannot be flattered with money, but instead by his life. Therefore, without his life, the money we give no matter the amount is vain. What does it serve to give something to someone when we know that he will reject it? In God, we neither redeem nor catch up with money, but instead by his life. God makesthe people to know that he need nothing because he is all and has all for all. We are instead the ones that are nothing and have nothing, and who have to prostrate in heart, thought, feeling, and spirit in front him, searching and making everything to be and to have something from him. This century, seeing herself to be something because of money, the glory of man, power, the celebrity, the diplomas… has not reached in the humility, gentleness, self-control, pity, his neighbour’s respect… to God. A messenger of God brings the people to understand that God (the man of God) does not constrain and flatter the people to give the offering…, does not forbid a certain colour of coins to put in the basket of offerings, does not despise the offerings on pretext that they are few, but the offerings can be rejected not because they are few, but because the people who give them despise God because of money and they do not want to repent.

        A messenger of God knows that he is a servant of God near the people and not servant of men. Therefore, it is not to the men that he asks for something, he is not angry with them because they have given nothing to him; because he knows that he does not deal with the men, but instead with the one that has sent him, and God can pass through the people to whom he brings help or those to whom he has not brought help because the Eternal who has sent him uses who he wants. Therefore, in God, it is not lottery or commerce as I see today where they ask the people to give such amount of money in order to receive a prayer of blessings, or to take the engagement to come and give the money later and to receive the prayer of blessing.

       A messenger of God makes the people to understand that in God, we do not come to look for money, marriages, job, travel… or again, we do not become a pastor, a priest, an evangelist, a doctor… because we want to gain money and the glory of man. A messenger of God does not want to be physically known, but instead by the works that he has been recommended to accomplish. It is also difficult for him to post his pictures on all the corners of the road because he knows that many people are against what he carries and which is liberated to enlighten the people. When he arrives somewhere, he does not even want that they should call him by a popular name, he always want the works to speak of him, and that it should be by these works that the other people ask questions of the type: “Is it not a messenger of God?” because these works are showing something very high.

        A messenger of God knows that he is the richest and greatest in this world by what he carries and liberates itself without money, vehicle, physical attraction nor glory of man. A messenger of God will not in any day ask for money to the person that comes to him in order to either receive an advice or a prayer of deliverance. On the other hand, if he possesses this material, he will instead give it to the person because he is happy for the person who is bewitched or blind to have received the deliverance, has been dispossessed or has recovered the view. He knows that he is happy when he sees another person happy. Therefore, if people are sick or hungry around him, if they are sad, their sadness will also affect him. Therefore, for his joy to be back, the joy of the sick or the hunger person should also be back. That is why he hurries to pray on these sick people, on those who are bewitched so that they should rapidly receive the deliverance and joy, and their joy could also bring his joy back. How can you see a sick person and you ask money to him? It is impossible for him. A messenger of God possesses nothing physically like material because he does not only spend more of his time to help people in the spiritual deliverance through the gospel, the exhortation, advices and the physical deliverance through prayers, but he almost give all what he possess like material so that near or far, the people should be able to read the word of the Lord, and also to help those who do not have.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. 
(John 8/32)


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