304th message



                                 It is the 304th message.

       In truth, at the age of 06 months, by the grace and the miracle of God, I prophesised on my mission which is nothing else than to announce things that are hard, strong, powerful, piercing and burning, those that deliver and save. In the year 2010, I started my mission, but will the liars, the deceivers, the seducers, the crocks, the flatters, the magicians and witches like to be enlightened by this light? (John 3/20-21). Coming in this world, I visited it in its physic and spirit. I saw the veritable strong men of Satan masked in christian and shepherd’s clothes but their believers ignoring their true functions because they are the triggers of the locking system of the devil’s seals so that in these end times, many people should not know the truth of the Lord Jesus in order to be free (1 Timothy 2/3-4). Now, I will take as example three different types of locking systems.

       This is the first one used by a regrouping also called denomination. These ones are seen and taken to be members of the body of Christ, that is to say christians and big shepherds, but they pour water on the heads of babies and children affirming that it is the baptism, and this water that they pour on their head is at the price of a fixed mount of money. They make the children to recite the Ten Commandments and later say to have given the first communion to them and this is always done at the price of what gain their heart. They bless crosses also called rosaries that people will carry. They put ashes in the form of a cross on the fore head of people and making them understand that it is the Wednesday of ashes. They make people to carry two big pieces of crossed wood and make them walk, calling it the way of the cross and this useless load sometimes cause the back pain and hernia to these carriers. They have made people to believe that in God, there is a holy Friday where we are forbidden to eat meat. 

       They make people to suck their ring, they have fixed monuments or statues caricatured in the image of the actors who have played the role of Jesus and Mary in the film entitled Jesus of Nazareth in front of which people pray and prostrate. They are thus seen and taken to be members of the body of Christ (christians and big shepherds) with their doctrine that fight the Lord Jesus at 100%. Many people join, love and take this doctrine like the recommendation of God, and in this false belief and practice, they hope to have an eternal rest of their souls in the kingdom of heaven. When you tell them that in God by Jesus Christ; they do not baptise babies and children and in addition to that, they do not take money from their parents, they do not consider the carved images and representations, they do not prostrate in front of them, they do not suck the ring of a man of God… they will tell you that you are attacking the catholics; you are judging and that the Lord Jesus himself said that we should not judge. Therefore, being the brigadiers of the souls that are imprisoned in the eternal death, they will threaten the person who reveals the truth that must deliver the soul from blindness and prison. 

       Since they have in their head a person who is above the head of states, how can we upset the person who even makes the heads of states to prostrate? The multitude of people is held captive of the eternal death. Everything is sealed and locked by the strong men of Satan who are seen and taken for christians and big shepherds of Christ by their false functions. They frighten through their greatness in the material and the domination on the kings of the earth (the head of states).

       I have received the unlocking code from the Lord Jesus, that is why when the truth and the light of Christ is liberated in me, many blinds start saying that I am attacking the great men (the locking system), but dear blinds, it is the big one who attacks the small ones because only the truth is and stays big in front of the lie for the eternity. You are blind not to see my greatness, but when it comes to see their greatness which is nothing else than money and gold (dust) as well as the domination on the head of states, you will see clearly. Do you know who I am by the one who is in me? Money, in short; the material and the authority on the heads of states that they have is not greatness in my eyes because I do not have the eyes of corrupted men by the dust and the acclamations of men’s hands. It is time for everyone to close his mouth of darkness where comes out evil words that are corrupted by dust and the acclamations of men’s hands. 

       The strong men of Satan in the past who were taken for the Pharisees and doctors of the law (men without knowledge of the truth) have destroyed the flesh (which serve for nothing) of the apostles up to John the Baptist, Jesus himself as well as the apostles whose names are written in the bible. But the livings remain alive. Like the chameleon changes colours and not the form, these Pharisees becoming catholics who still carry the anti-truth venom will destroy my flesh but the living will always remain alive. As I do not see the veritable life in the cassava or bread to say to myself that if I speak the truth I will lose this cassava and bread that only have value for the ground to which they belong, I lose the flesh to gain my soul. What gives more joy and happiness than to lose rubbish in order to gain the veritable gold? 

       There is secondly the protestantism that has given birth a lot. They are seen and taken to be the members of the body of Christ, that is to say christians. They also pour water on the heads of babies and children calling it the baptism at the price of a fixed amount of money. They sell titles and posts such as church elder and deaconess against a big amount of money… The multitude of people believing in this doctrine believes that it is the veritable God and thus thinks to save their souls for an eternal resting in the kingdom of heaven. When you say that in God by Jesus 
Christ they do not baptise babies and children, and that in addition; they do not take money from their parents, they do not sell titles and posts of church elders and deaconesses… they will say that you are attacking the great men. But who is great here, God or the devil? Therefore, they prevent the truth to be preached, they are the locking system that maintains people in the lie. 

       When you want to tell the truth, they will say you are judging and that you are attacking the great men just because in the middle of this doctrine, there are ministers, governors, attorneys, generals… but dear blinds, they are great in your eyes and not mine because the greatness is not and will never be found in lies, but instead in the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ because the dust (money) and other materials and titles of the corrupted men are not the greatness. If they are great, there are those who are greater than them; but as your eyes are blind for not seeing this greatness, that is why the scales that were preventing Saul who became Apostle Paul not to see the God that he was persecuting, fall from your eyes so that as from now, you should also see who is the greatest as it is said: “And immediately something like scales fell from his eyes, and he regained his sight. Then he rose and was baptised; and taking food, he was strengthened. For some days he was with the disciples at Damascus” (Acts 9/18-19).

       Thirdly, there are those who are seen and taken to be members of the body of Christ, that is to say christians and who say that they are not witnesses of Christ, but instead of Jehovah. The multitudes of people who follow this doctrine thus believe to save their souls. They ignore the presence of the Holy Spirit and the importance of prayers of deliverance. They put the image of the actor who has played the role of Jesus in the film entitled Jesus of Nazareth in some of their booklets. For them, to be witness of Christ is too small, seeing abominable at the limit… and when you say that in God, it is by Jesus Christ that we are witness and alive in front God, it is the Holy Spirit that teaches and operates miracles, it is to Jesus that we are members and he is the one that make us to see the Father…, they say that God said to not judge, you are against them, but against who, God or the devil?

       There are many but I have only written on the three great powers and dominations that say to be christians. Therefore, in truth, the devil has put in a place a locking system which is very solid and strong through these people. These anti witnesses of Jesus, having the biggest printing house, produce billions of booklets in many languages and thus fill the world with a teaching of death which make to sleep erect, sometimes with the image of the actor who has played the role of Jesus in the film entitled Jesus of Nazareth because the devil has sealed people in the prison and has put a strong locking system in place where; when you touch, they will say that you are touching the great men, when you hit in order to liberate the prisoners, they will say that you are doing bad to the great men. But when the good comes to liberate people from evil, the brigadiers always fill badly because they are losing the glory of man and the material, and their master on his side loses the soul. But I have received the unlocking code from the hands of the Lord. As I like fighting, combating, there will be damages because on one side, the devil will lose imprisoned souls and on the other side, the Lord will lose the dust that serves for nothing (John 6/63). 

       Many people think that I am loud-mouthed meanwhile I am not, and if I was loud-mouthed, it is by the truth and not the lie, and others say that I should leave people like that because they do not like listening or reading the truth. If they were to see the disasters of the deception and seduction that is carried in the place of the truth, their cries would sound as claps of thunder. Those who say that I must leave people because they suffer a lot must understand that they only see the carnal suffering which is only for a short time because if they were seeing the eternal suffering of the soul which is coming, they would not take this messages like something that disturbs, but instead for a great thank because the flesh has value when the soul which is important is still in it, and once it leaves this flesh (soil), it becomes a site of sicknesses and poisons, that is why they do not leave this soil on opened air during many days, but they burry it deep in the soil. Unfortunately, what does not have value has something to eat with a small health, and what has value has nothing to eat, nor health or life. Thanks.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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