306th message



                                               It is the 306th message.

       It makes laugh and in the same time, it brings sadness. It makes to cry and to shed a lot of tears deep in the heart when we see people who are mad in the soul and who take millions of francs to build a castle to a block of cement which is taken to be “the virgin Mary” meanwhile in the middle of them, there are people who have difficulties to rent a house or a shelter. 

        But what type of madness (madness in the soul) for a man to give value to a block of cement in constructing it a house that is evaluated to millions of francs meanwhile his brother and sister in Christ near him has difficulties to rent a room or a place to stay overnight. We see this madness in the soul when people carry two pieces of crossed-wood and walk under blazing sun, calling it “the way of the cross”. Because of this useless load, they catch sicknesses like the back pain and hernia for which they will uselessly spend money in the hospital. This madness in the soul is also seen when people fixe a block of cement taken to be “the virgin Mary” and come back to prostrate and to pray in front of it or after having fixed a block of cement taken to be Jesus on the cross, they come back to prostrate and to cry in hot tears in front of it saying that it is the state of crucifixion of Jesus that touches them and makes them cry.

       I have not seen the difference between the mental and the spiritual madness because the mental madness pushes people to carry heavy loads, to raise their eyes and to point a finger to the sky while talking; and the spiritual madness pushes people to carry useless loads (the way of the cross and/ the rosary); people stand in front a block of cement (Virgin Mary) and start talking to it (praying) or they stand in front a block of cement (Jesus) and start crying on his state of suffering. In truth, the devil is sodomising people (their soul) with a great lie. If it was not the grace of God, this sodomy in these end times would have become a severe contamination.

       One day, being in Cameroon, I went for a trip in the district of NYANON, department of Sanaga Maritime in the Littoral region. When I arrived in NYANON, I visited a neighbourhood called LOGBIKOY. There, I saw a big parish called CHRIST THE KING. Facing the entry of the presbytery, on its left, there is a big block of cement in a small house which is taken to be “the virgin Mary”. I went towards some women to ask them: “what is in this small house?”, although they were seeing a block of cement, they responded me that I was blind to not see and recognise the virgin Mary. I also asked them the question to know what would happen if one day, they wake up and notice that the virgin Mary (block of cement) is not more in her house; they responded that they would cry a lot and that those are not things to talk about or to think of. One of the women asked me: “with this type of questions, have they not only sent you?”. 

       It amused me a lot. Another one told me that in the past, the virgin Mary did not have a house but one day, the parish priest made them the following remark: “how can you be blessed and succeed in all what you undertake while you live in houses or under a roof in the shelter of the sun and the rain meanwhile the virgin Mary who is the mother of God facing the parish is under the sun and the rain? How can you live in that manner meanwhile it is to this virgin Mary that you address your prayers?” Because of the words of the parish priest, they firstly apologised in front the Virgin Marie for abandoning her under the sun and the rain, and they took the resolution to endow her with the edifice that we see in front, and they told me that it was a challenge for them.

        It made me to greatly cry because I saw these women who did not more have power to cultivate big farms where they could either harvest cocoyam or plantain… or to make cassava sticks and sell them in a lower price, but who greatly contributed financially in the construction of a house to a block of cement taken to be “the virgin Mary”. In the same time, we find them struggling to have a piece of soap for the household, dried fish… but they give high amounts of money for useless things because of the leaders who are mad in the soul.

       An actress has played the role of Mary in a film entitled “Jesus of Nazareth” and it is her image that we find caricatured in the blocks of cement, in wood… and she is taken to be the virgin Mary. This caricature has filled the Vatican and it is made with all type of material (wood, marble, gold, money…). The Vatican is the seat of the general direction of monuments, statuettes and carved images, and the person seated there; is he big or small? The Vatican, general direction of statuettes and carved images is a sovereign state. He has ambassadors in many countries as well as a flag, but his devise can only be “domination, deception, courage” and his anthem is… (to be continued).

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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