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                               It is the 312th message.


       Kings of the earth, big like small of this earth, know the value of the vanity for which you sacrifice your similar, take him like an object, give him in exchange, sleep with animals, possess totems…

       Man must first of all know the value of his physic because the flesh of man is only the dust. The creator who the Eternal God is has formed the flesh of man with the dust, then, he blew the breath of life in the nostrils of this lump of soil that made it to breathe and to make movements. This lump of soil is our physic. Therefore, it is the breath of God that has passed through the nostrils of man to make of him a human being, and it is the same breath that will come out of his nostrils when the flesh will give up the soul. Look well at a man when he expire his last breath. It is through the nostrils that this breath is liberated, and when it happens, this lump of soil (his physic) becomes a bad mud that must be buried deep in the ground in order to avoid the intoxication and poisoning. 

       That is why it (the lump of soil) is either buried directly or placed in a cool place (mortuary) for the conservation before the burial. But it still returns to the ground where it was taken. That is why the Lord says that the flesh serve for nothing (John 6/63).Therefore, as we see the different colours of the soil, either black, red or any other colour, it is also the same with the flesh that we carry no matter the fact that some people look for all means to change its colour through making-up, stripping, injections… Therefore, this soil which is our flesh, no matter its skin colour and form, it is only vanity and a rot. Even the mud that we avoid on the road so that it should not dirty us has more value than the flesh because it has the privilege to stay for a long time on free air meanwhile it is not the case with our flesh which once the soul comes out of it, after few time, it start to smell very badly.

       Man in his ignorance does not know that his breath which is his soul has more value than his flesh, and that his soul must bath, eat, be in good health, see, listen, walk, live, be rich, great and glorious. He only limits himself in the flesh (the ground), forgetting and not knowing the most essential that is found in him. That is why I say that man is working slavery because he spends all his time to fight for the future of his flesh; to wash it, to feed it with good things, to fill it with richness, with goods of vanity… Few times later, this flesh and all what it possessed return in the ground. During this time, his soul remains poor, blind, sick, and death for the eternity. It is the case of the bad rich who was with the poor Lazarus, and who was full of all type of richness of dust, but poor in his soul. When his soul left the flesh, it became very poor, miserable, naked… Once this bad rich was in the kingdom of the deaths, he wanted somebody in the kingdom of the death to come back to life in order to announce to his brothers that they should not only work for the flesh, that is to say in slavery like him because it is in this slavery that almost every body is found today. 

       In fact, the Eternal God has given to our flesh which is dust the herbs of the farm, fishes, birds of the sky and the flesh of all the animals for food. He said that from the ground, will come out gold, diamond, iron, petrol, mercury, bauxite, wood, beer, gas… and he gave the intelligence to man to transform this richness of the ground into things that can help his flesh and those are the transformed things that we see in the images. Therefore, from the soil, comes out the soil which is transformed to serve the soil that man carries, and it is this soil that is transformed in material richness (money, the plain, the ship, the sub-way, the bicycle, sheet-metal, tiles, carpet, clothes, shoes, cell phone, computer, television…), and it is because of this dust that man sell or sacrifice his similar, attacking and killing him, the women possess totems with which they go to bed, man becomes a paedophile, drinks the blood of his similar, eat human excrements, man transform into an animal, go to bed with mad people... When man possesses the material, he sees himself to be rich, great…, he becomes pride, taking himself to be a god in front of whom people must prostrate in order to have his treasure which is only dust. When some of them have this transformed dust, they start to consider their similar as the waste and rag.

       The men of this century are too poor because their greatest richness is only the dust which is vanity. The young people dream of having big diplomas or intellectual baggage, a good job, a good salary, getting married, having pieces of land, constructing beautiful houses, having children; sending them in big schools, having houses on hire, vehicles, shops… When someone succeed in having these things, the blinds and deaf will start to take him like someone who has arrived; who has succeeded in his life. But which life does it mean if not that of the possession of the dust! When I look at this world, I have tears that flow deep in my heart. 

       The man who has the white coloured skin is called white man. He looks at his similar who has the black coloured skin calling him black man and taking him like a monkey… That is why there is a lot of racism especially in the European and Asian continents. How does a man having the white coloured skin sees his sister with the black coloured skin and proposes money to her in order to sleep with his dog! “Poor blind, you will now know who God is, the rich and the creator of the earth and of the skin colour. When your similar does not have papers in your country, you chasse him like a rat, treating him like a quid. I will like to make you understand that you are neither master of your breath, your skin colour nor the territory that you take to be your nation or country because I am the Creator of everything. You refuse to receive my feeling and my thought in order to become the veritable great, glorious, rich men and because of that, you have stayed far of my feeling and my thought, to remain poor in the consideration of the value of the skin colour, of the territory and the transformed ground. If this century does not tremble, then my word is not living, hot and burning”.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)




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