317th message



                                           It is the 317th message.


       It is difficult for evil to reduce in this century because man finds it difficult to repent in truth, and this repentance becomes difficult because man lacks the knowledge of what he represents in front God. This is due to the fact that the revelation of the Lord Jesus’s truth is rare to find and to listen (Romans 10/14-15). In truth, the seduction and flattering that many men of God carry today is only a destructive weapon because people being in the state of ignorance, weakness, and perdition are instead flattered, seduced, and they have thus fallen in the smugness.

       The man of God assures the functions of the representative and ambassador of Christ among the men. He goes towards them and they sometimes come to him in order to know their state in front God. He makes them understand that God or the word that they listen is the creator of all things: life, the glory, blessings… of all and for all. Therefore, it is God or the word that gives a new life, a new heart and a new spirit.It is to say that they have no life or heart to give to God. The man of God should not say anymore to them: “Give your life or heart to God”, and on their part, they should not say anymore: “I have given my life or heart to God”.

       When God or his word comes to us (new life or new heart), we carry this old life and stony heart that are not of God, but of Satan, and we give him back this life and stony heart. Then, we receive from God. The man of God must make the people to understand that God being the life, blessings, the glory, the elevation, the acclamation… he does not need man to glorify him, to acclaim him, to praise him, to worship him… therefore, whether man does it or not, it does not remove or add something to what he is in all and for all to the eternity. Man must know that the life has come to him so that he should live it and become alive, he should glorify this life to become glorious, he should bless this blessing in order to become blessed, he should raise this elevation to become elevated… Let man know that God does not need him to be served, but it is instead him (man) who needs to serve God so that he should be served by the angels of God. 

       He should know that God does not need the offering, the tithe and thanks giving, but he is instead the one who has to bring offering, the tithe in order to be approved or considered by God. The justice of God does not need us, but we are the ones who need to be just by her in front God. Going to listen to the word of God everyday or during certain days of the program is not to please God, but it is instead to make pleasure to ourselves in front God. We should know that to repent of the works of the devil and become attached to God is a glory for us and not that of God, to consider or to keep the word of the Lord more than money or any other material instead make our joy and not that of God. 

       In front God, we are more than death, more than dust, more than a worm, more than a leprous, more than deaf, more than blind… and we submit ourselves to his obedience, his humility so that he should give us the value that he wants of us or which he has prepared for us; that we are on our knees facing the ground and we are unworthy to bring up our head, he should make us understand his word or writings because it is where we find the spring of life, richness, freedom, power, force, glory and the domination on all the things of this world both in the physic and spirit, that we want with thirsty and in a rush to carry the love of his life and work, and that he should reveal the richness of his love to us and the plans of the mission that we have to accomplish on earth.

       As long as man will say to himself that it is God who needs his heart or life, it is God who needs to be praised by him, to be cheered by him, to be worshiped by him… it is God who needs to be listened and be received by him, it is God who needs him to come and give his money as offering, tithe… to talk of him in bearing witness of him, as long as he will take himself to be the founder of this or that church, man will always see himself for the one that brings or who gives to God and not for the one who receives from God. By then, his faith will never be founded on the power of God, but instead on the knowledge or madness of man, and it is this faith that has filled the world today, due to the lack of the demonstration of the spirit and the power of truth. That is even why Apostle Paul was saying: “and my speech and my message were not in plausible words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, so that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God” (1 Corinthians 2/4-5).

        It is the greatness of the seduction and flattering which is manifested today and not the demonstration of the truth and power. That is why the people not knowing that God does not need anything, but they are instead the ones that need all from him (God), they do not know that all what they do or give is not for the man of God, but for themselves, they see themselves not like those who must receive or take, but like those who must give or bring and who must be begged, they will always be in the smugness, they will be in a contempt, pride, ingratitude. Meanwhile, the Lord Jesus does not need anything, but we are instead the ones who are in need, that is even why it is said: “nor is he served by human hands, as though he needed anything, since he himself gives to all mankind life and breath and everything” (Acts 17/25).

       For most of the men of God, it is money that makes their function. They are in search of money like arm robbers in a house, and they bring up fancy ideas, looking for many believers as possible who will also bring much money. These men of God are like prostitutes on the corner of a road at night, where when they see a “customer” passing, it is everyone who whistles saying: “come this way” and this customer seeing himself to be desired will feel to be important. It is the case of the Christians of today. Since they are sought or seduced by many men of God, they feel to be too important, but in front God or man? 

       That is why others look for all means in order to have the spirits of clairvoyance in order to reveal vain things to the people knowing that they will be put into captive, others go to search for the spirit of Satan to heal people, to make prodigies and miracles in order hold the people captive. Others also leave the people to dress and to do as they want in their gathering places without saying the truth of Christ to them, in the fear to lose offerings as well as other things, and that is how these men of God have drag the people in their ignorance in saying: “give your lives and hearts to God, repeat after me…”. Others even put those who have money aside in their gathering places, giving them titles of members of honour in the church. By then, it is money which is at the honour.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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