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                             It is the 327th message.


       When I look at the world today, I have difficulties retaining tears flow at the bottom of my heart, for I see how the Lord Jesus suffered and has shed his blood in the flesh that he has taken so that through his gospel, people should come out of the law to the faith in him; but this gospel is less announced today to bring the people in the perfection. For this reason, by his grace, I will sacrifice myself and I will give all that he can give me both in the spirit and in the physic so that the people should know the faith in spirit and in truth and become free from the law.

       The law is fleshly and the faith is spiritual. If the law was able to bring man to dominate the devil, the faith would not come. But as the law is fleshly, people cannot dominate the spirit of death by her because she is weak and powerless to dominate the spirit of death which takes the soul eternally in hostage. The faith which is spiritual has come so that by her, people should dominate the spirit of death which was preventing their souls from getting free of the eternal death. The faith which is the Lord Jesus Christ, being there, she made us understand that she did not come to deliver and to save our flesh from death or to prevent it from going back in the dust where it has been taken, but she has come to deliver and to save our soul so that it should not suffer in the eternal fire.

       The faith has made us understand that the strong man who was preventing our souls from living eternally is spiritual and he is stronger than the flesh. Therefore, if we live according to the law, we will be eternally dominated in front of him. That is why she (the faith) has brought the spirit of life to us by which we must be led in order to defeat the spirit of death. She made us understand that being spiritual; we must have the spiritual fear and not the physical fear in order to defeat the spirit of death.

If our fear is fleshly, it will be impossible for us to defeat the man of the spiritual death. The fear of the death of the spirit brings the spiritual fear, and the spiritual fear produces the good and in this way, the evil is largely defeated. But as people are in the law, they are not afraid of the spiritual death, but rather the physical death, meanwhile it is not by the fear of the physical death that the evil can be defeated, but it can only be defeated by the fear of the spiritual death. Today, as the people are in the fear of the physical death, the evil can only increase from day to day. The Lord Jesus knowing that all those who are in the faith in him are his friends, he tells them not to be afraid of what can kill the physical body and cannot kill the spiritual body as it is said: “I tell you, my friends, do not fear those who kill the body, and after that have nothing more that they can do” (Luke 12/4).

       If people were in the faith to be afraid of dyeing spiritually, there would be less evil in this world. If we were in the faith, we would be more afraid of the spiritual death or the death of the soul because the faith recommends us not to be afraid of the physical death and its origin, but to rather be afraid of the spiritual death and what causes it. That is why the faith says: “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell” (Matthew 10/28).

       For the people of the faith, when somebody is spiritually dead, even if he is physically alive, they are greatly disturbed; they are worried and lament asking the Lord Jesus to make him come back to life. During this time, the people of the law are not disturbed or worried of this death because they are not different from this dead person. For the people of the law, when somebody dies physically, they are very disturbed, they are worried, they lament and cry asking the Lord Jesus why he accepted that it should happen to them, especially when the dead person was young in the flesh.  The world being filled with people of the law, there are not those who will cry, lament for the spiritual deaths, but they all cry and lament for the physical deaths meanwhile if there were people of the faith, they would cry and lament on the spiritual deaths asking the Lord Jesus to bring back these deaths to life because it is the reason for which he suffered and accepted to be crucified for these souls and not for the flesh or the dust.

       For the people of the faith, when somebody dies physically, even if he is spiritually dead or alive, there is nothing else that can be done for him. That is why the lamentations and cries can no longer bring something to him. That is why once, when the son that David had with the widow of Uriah was seriously sick, David fasted, he no longer bath and was sleeping on the floor, praying God for the recovery of his child. From the moment the soul left the ground, that is to say from the moment this child died, David left all these things because the fasting and the fact of not eating and drinking, not to bath and to sleep on the floor was no longer important for him. It has surprised his servants who were of the law and who found that David was to cry more because his child was dead by tearing his clothes and spending more time without eating, but David made them understand that if he was fasting, he was not taking the bath, he was sleeping on the floor, it was for the soul of his child and not for his flesh; now that the soul has gone, there is nothing else to do (2 Samuel 12/20-23).

       The people of the faith do not lament for the dust which has been buried rapidly after the departure of the soul for fear of leaving it to poison the other people with its odours. That is why the people of the law found the Lord Jesus to be wicked and they were saying that he mislead people because one disciple asked him the permission to go in the first place to bury his father, but he told him to rather follow him and to leave the deaths bury their deaths (Matthew 8/21-22).

       Today, the physical death is more considered than the spiritual death meanwhile the death of the dust is just a passing death because this flesh cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven or the pond of fire, but it must return where it has been taken. That is why in this century where the law dominates, when you do not assist to the mourning of the family which is the burial of the dust, you are taken for a wicked person as well as you belief. People should understand that when the soul leaves the flesh, there is nothing else that can be done for this ground. The ceremonies and the feasts of food and drinks are just madness and useless expenses. People say that they are making this ground to go back with honours for the person whose soul has not gone back with honours in front God. It is when the soul of a person is still in the flesh that it can receive all from the Lord Jesus and to have honours in front God. But is it the ground which goes back with honours in front maggots and worms or the soul in front God?

       Without the fear of the spiritual death, without the bearing of love in spirit and in truth and owing this love to our similar, without the break of the evil, people should not ask themselves the question to know why the evil floods the world meanwhile the men of God and churches, have filled the neighbourhoods, towns and nations, preaching the gospel of faith, making prayers, miracles and prodigies, nights and evenings of prayer, making the ways of the cross, forbidding to eat meat on certain Fridays… There is no break for the evil in the law. In the faith, we are spiritual to be afraid of dyeing spiritually, and in the law, we are fleshly and afraid to die physically.

       When they were crucifying the Lord Jesus on the cross, I was not lamenting and I was not crying because I knew that it is just the physic which is dust and which serves for nothing that is getting lost. I knew that in the past, without this death, he was far from me, but after his death in the physic, he came nearer to me, that is to say; he came to dwell in me spiritually for the eternity.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)




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