333rd message.

In truth....



                                   It is the 333rd message.

       In truth, the degree of domination of the devil in this century is not seen in peoples’ flesh but rather in their souls; and it frightens me a lot, it worry me a lot, it saddens me a lot and it makes me to lament.

       When you are in the faith in this century, even if you are at the head of all nations and that all the richness of the underground, the buildings, the enterprises, the children, the women, the men… belong to you, you will never be in joy because being spiritual, your joy is spiritual and comes from the spiritual things and not from fleshly or physical things. In this century, the people possess all the titles, the material, the celebrity, the glory, health in the flesh, but in their souls they are too poor, miserable, blind, deaf, naked, sick and death.

       If you are spiritual you will see that the people are well in the flesh which has a limited existence and which will return where it has been taken; but they are not well in the soul which stays for the eternity, for which the Son of man has suffered and shed his blood on the cross so that it should attain the purification, the sanctification, the curing and life, because they are poor, miserable, naked, sick and death. It is cries and lamentations of the spirit of the Lord which is in us because it sees the poor, the sick people and the spiritual deaths. For the flesh which is vanity possesses all what it needs like food, clothes… meanwhile the soul which is eternal has nothing; whereas the Lord Jesus has given himself to our souls so that all what was lacking should be received. Unfortunately, everything goes very bad because the glory of man and the earthly things have preoccupied and gained us.

        How to understand that in truth, the devil has engulfed the people of this century (their souls) in the false belief, magic and witchcraft? Let’s start with the false belief of Christians; those who believe to belong to Christ and who’s most popular denomination is called “church”. Lets talk firstly of the catholic Church which has filled the world. These adepts say to be Christians or of Christ, but are not edified on the foundation of the apostles, the prophets and the Lord Jesus himself in order to walk and to teach like them as it is said: “built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone” (Ephesians 2/20).

       Are they in the foundation of the apostles, the prophet and the Lord Jesus himself? Are they edified or taught by the writings of the apostles or the words of the Lord Jesus? Were the apostles and the Lord Jesus baptised when they were still babies or children? Were they having parents of the baptism? But today, they do not only baptise babies and children; in addition, they sell this baptism at the price of money. Have they learned that the apostles were praying Mary as they do today? Have they learned that the apostles were carrying rosaries or were praying with them? Have they learned from the writings that the prophets, the apostles, the Lord Jesus himself were fabricating carved images so that people should come and prostrate in front of them as they do today in their ministry?

       Those who are in this belief today are dominated by the lie and are engulfed by the eternal death. How can the people not see that if the pope was even in a simple lie, he would be called apostle? For, he says to be the representative of Apostle Peter. But since he is in an aggravated lie, he made himself to be called pope saying to be the representative of an apostle, but what irony! They say to be the church of God by the Lord Jesus, but they neither have the name of apostle nor prophet, pastor, evangelist, or doctor; meanwhile according to those who are established by the church of God, it is said: “And God has appointed in the church first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then miracles, then gifts of healing, helping, administrating, and various kinds of tongues” (1 Corinthians 12/28). Therefore, see how the devil has engulfed the people (their souls) by this big lie.

       Another denomination called “the protestant church”. Are these adepts edified on the foundation of the apostles, the prophets and the Lord Jesus himself to baptise children by taking money from them? Have they learned from the apostles that somebody should give money in order to receive the title of church elder or deaconess? But what engulfing of the souls by the devil through his plan of war which is the big lie that permits to transform people into slaves of the perdition or of the eternal death.

       On the other side, we have the “Jehovah Witness”. They say to be Christians, but they are edified on which foundation? Is it on the foundation of the apostles, the prophets or the Lord Jesus himself? Who did the Lord Jesus or the apostles call Jehovah so that today, they should be taken as his witnesses? The Lord Jesus told the apostles to receive the Holy Spirit and to start bearing witness of him from Jerusalem up to the extremities of the earth (Acts 1/8). But today, these witnesses of Jehovah doubt of the existence and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Being tormented by the father of the lie, they say to be Christians but bearing witness of Jehovah. Being edified on the foundation of the apostles, have they (the apostles) spoken of Jehovah? Did the prophets and the Lord Jesus speak of Jehovah? What engulfing of the souls by the devil in this century!

       Lastly, we have the pentecostal churches where some learn how to speak in tongues. Have they seen the apostles or the Lord Jesus learning how to speak in tongues? They do visions and prophecies on marriages, traveling, finances… Have they been edified on the foundation of Christ or on the one of the apostles to do what they call the prayer of blessing or of grace? They ask people to give money, and sometimes imposing a fixed amount of money. They bless the handkerchiefs and mineral water that they sell. Where have they seen that? Others forbid people to put yellow coins in the offering basket. They are sometimes called “papa”; where have they seen that? In their prayers, they are always sending fire everywhere, it comes from whom?

       There are many examples in the denominations for those who believe to be Christians. There are also those who believe in God but do not believe in Christ, they are called muslims. They believe in the blood of the sheep, they hope in this blood… For the buddhists, they have their god called Buddha and boxes where the gonzo is found. Therefore, all these beliefs are not founded by the man of the new heart (Jesus Christ) for the evil to be dominated. The evil that dominates in this century proves that it is the flesh which lives; and the soul does not live because its death comes from the evil.

       Meanwhile, the Lord Jesus has come so that the soul should live and for it to no longer be death, so that man should live the good for the evil to be dominated in him. For the kings, head of states, stars… the majority of them are great magicians who live in communion with Lucifer in order to benefit of his power, his glory, his richness…, and to offer him the human being or his blood in return. They possess totems; they are delivered into horrible conditions because their souls are sold at the price of the glory of man, the material and other things of vanity. Today, the majority of vehicles, buildings… are obtained through magic. Even the small business men like sellers of cold water, fritters, gari… possess peels and others to better sell, for evil has triumph. We should not forget homosexuality that increases day after day, especially in the foreign countries where the homosexual marriage is legalised. We find two people of the same sex getting married in the civil status, and who further receive the blessing of their union from a man of God, what an abomination! Witchcraft has covered the world today as a river covers the sand. They initiate, transmit… and these works are seen on the bodies of other people, preventing them to be in good health and many other things.

       For the people of this century, their flesh has what to eat, to dress, a shelter… but their souls have nothing. That is why this state greatly touches the heart when we see what the Lord Jesus has suffered, not for the flesh which will sooner or later return to itself (in the ground), but for the soul, and this soul, especially in this century is deprived of all what the Lord Jesus has brought to it. The Lord Jesus is sad when he sees the people of this century who are rich, great and alive in the flesh, but poor, sick and death in their souls. In truth, it is only those who are of the law that are not touched in the spirit, but those who are of the faith are very affected spiritually when they see the blind and the deaf who have preferred their dust at the detriment of their soul.

       I firmly believe that the Lord Jesus has prepared something for this century which must pass through us in order to be accomplished. Those who are of the law have much of money and many other materials; they are rich in what will soon return in the ground, but poor in what remains for the eternity. They are great in what must be thrown, and small in what must be conserved for the eternity. We are sent to put fire in this century; from the greatest to the smallest, and to expose all the plans that the devil has used since centuries to make believe to man that he is the God who saves. He has established and has placed the one who is considered and called the representative of Apostle Peter at the summit of this world; what usurpation of representation! I will not die for my father, my mother, my children, my wife, the material, but I will die for the work of God which is to bring the people to know the truth in order to be free from the lie, the evil and become saved. For, it is the work for which the Lord Jesus and the apostles were imprisoned and assassinated.

       To God only the glory by Jesus Christ who is putting all his power of light in the disposition of people so that they should no longer be in the confusion, the misleading, and the death which has engulfed them.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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