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If we are pilgrims...



                                        It is the 334th message

       If we are pilgrims, being strangers and sojourners on earth, dispatched, raised and sent by the Lord Jesus to bear witness of his truth, therefore, we are not in this world to look at the buildings, vehicles, money, the form of the human skin… but to look at the human’s heart in order to see if it is rich of the new heart of Christ. If this heart is rich by the richness of the devil, therefore, the soul is death; there will then be the need to bring the good news of the kingdom of heaven to this poor heart so that it should become rich and for the soul to become alive.

       We must be very careful with the devil because all what he does is to bring us to consider ourselves as the autochthones; knowing that if we become autochthones on earth, we will become worried and gained by the things that are not important for the kingdom of heaven, and this will be in his favour. That is even why the Lord Jesus being physically on earth was tasted by the devil who showed him the kingdoms of the earth, the glory of man… so that he should become interested to them and once gained by them, he should become autochthone on earth, and to belong to him (Luke 4/5-7). If we accept to be of heaven, therefore we must consider ourselves as pilgrims on earth in order to accomplish the work of God. For this purpose, we must believe that we are above the richness and the glory of the earth that are only vanities because we possess what is of heaven, and if we consider ourselves as such, we should then refuse and denigrate all the proposals of the devil. If he brings us to believe that the woman, the children, the father, the mother… must be taken in charge more than the work for which the Lord has sent us, we must know that it is not the taking in charge of our father, our mother, our children, our wife… that will bear witness of the accomplishment of the mission for which we have been dispatched, raised, chosen, called and sent.

        Therefore, if we have the faith that we are in this world but being of heaven or of the kingdom of heaven, and that we are above all what is glorious, greatness, richness on earth, we must bring the people who are autochthones to see that there is another richness above that of the dust or of the ground; there is a glory, a greatness above that of man: the one that last for the eternity, and for this reason, they must draw profit. Jesus has suffered and shed his blood on the cross for the deliverance of the soul; and all comes from the knowledge of the truth which comes from the listening to the gospel of Christ. Therefore, if the gospel is not preached, there will not be the knowledge of the truth, and there will not be the deliverance of the soul no matter the degree of practice of another gospel. The blood of Jesus that has been shed on the cross for the souls especially for this century is becoming vain because the only gospel that has been given to be preached and practiced by the people so that their souls should be saved is not announced, listened and heard.

       In this century, the only gospel of Christ is fought at 100% by the priests, the bishops, the archbishops, the cardinals, the pope, the prophets, the pastors, the apostles, the doctors… of this world who have filled the earth announcing another gospel: that of the devil. That is even why it is said that there is not another gospel, but there are some who trouble in the aim to distort the gospel of Christ (Galatians 1/7). The troublers have filled the world through another gospel that they announce, that of Christ is ignored. That is even why there is no fear of God meanwhile he who says fear of God means fear of the evil. Without the fear of God, the evil will flow like the water of a river, such is the case today. The troublers have filled the world through another gospel, making the gospel of Christ where comes the fear of God that leads to the domination on the evil and the deliverance of the soul to be totally ignored.

        If the gospel of Christ is ignored, the knowledge of the truth is also ignored, and if this knowledge is ignored, there will not be freedom from the ignorance that lead to the saving or the deliverance of the soul, therefore, the suffering and the blood of Christ on the cross would be in vain. Jesus has thus called us, raised us, dispatched us and sent us in this century so that his gospel should triumph over the gospel of the troublers which does not lead to the knowledge of the truth in order to raise the fear of God in man, and also for the evil to become low and that only the good should become great. Therefore, we should preach this gospel at the summit of all the great nations, knowing that from this gospel, comes the deliverance of the soul and the deliverance of the soul does not make the suffering of Christ to be vain. It is on us that all the government of heaven or the kingdom of heaven has the eyes fixed, to see how this gospel of the deliverance of the soul and of the glory is proclaimed like thunder in sparks of fire.

       We should know that we are the ones who are the veritable representatives Apostle Peter by the gospel of Christ, and not the pope who has proclaimed himself since centuries to be the representative of Apostle Peter, even as people consider him to be the veritable. Understand that we are strangers on earth, but the pope is an autochthone. That is even why they have created a sovereign state to themselves. Have they learned it from Apostle Peter whom they say to represent or from the Lord Jesus Christ himself? The Lord Jesus has now called us in this century as the veritable representatives of Apostle Peter by the same gospel; for he knew that 5 centuries after the death of Apostle Peter, somebody would rise to fight his gospel; he would rise with all the authority even above the head of states of sovereign countries, and in his cunning, he would proclaim himself representative of Apostle Peter to better fight his gospel.

       The Lord has thus sent us in this 21st century to carry and to announce the same gospel which Apostle Peter carried and announced yesterday; for it is time for the sovereign state of the Vatican to know that the veritable representatives of Apostle Peter are already there. Since the year 607 where the first pope has been raised up to today the 27th May 2015, there has already been 265 popes who have seated on the throne of lies, and who at each time, have taken themselves to be the representatives of Apostle Peter. Meanwhile they are the veritable fighters against the gospel that Apostle Peter has announced, and since more than 14 Centuries, from generation to generation; people keep on believing to the lie or consuming this poison. Since the times, they have dragged people to pray to Mary, to pray with the rosary... They have brought people to prostrate in front of carved images, to make the way of the cross, to put ashes on their forehead in the form of a cross on certain Wednesday called Wednesday of ashes.

       They make people to suck their ring… Have they learnt it from Peter to say today that they represent him? They have made people to become weak in the spirit so that the spirit of death which is the spirit of the devil should always be the master of their souls. That is even why some are not interested in the reading of the bible where they can get the advice, the edification to walk as the Lord Jesus has walked, to fight as the Lord Jesus has fought. They have rather left the people in the recitations so that they should remain weak, and for their master to become above their souls. They have make use of the heads of states in order to better govern the earth in their false gospel.

       I live to have said the truth, and I die for not saying it, and not by the sword or the gun. That is why I am not afraid of man. Let all the prophets, the apostles, the pastors, the doctors… who prophesise on the richness of the earth on people, saying that it is Christ, all those who use the power of the wind, seas and others to make the deliverance, all those who come to make their advertisement, all those who work for their stomach, saying that it is the Lord Jesus should now recognise what is veritable.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)




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