335th message.

The devil and



                                    It is the 335th message.

       The devil and his government know that this century is full of people of the law who ignore the power of God which is found in the power of the demonstration of the truth; but they rather see this power in the clairvoyance of the men, and in the earthly things, in prayers of healing, in prayers of deliverance of the flesh and in the freeing of things of the flesh. The master of the cunning knowing that the Christians of this century are mostly fleshly because being more interested in the things of the flesh and of the earth, he has thus raised or initiated many witches and magicians by giving them power in order to make people to become sick, to posses them in spirit, to prevent them from getting married, from getting the finances, diplomas, a job, the promotion…

       These witches and magicians put all these things that lead to the good of the flesh of man in bottles, in the boxes, in the trees, under the rocks, in the pots, in calabashes, by tying or burying them. They put the spirits of limitation, impossibility, reject, torment, veil, darkness, blindness, deafness, pursuit, control, animal, fish, reptile, bird, human… in people’s bodies. They pierce people’s hands to let out the finances that they receive, they keep totems in people’s stomachs, there are many things that these mandated of Satan who work in witchcraft and magic do, but I have written on few of them.

       The Christians of the law or the fleshly Christians seeing that their future is touched, blocked, deprived… by these forces of the spirits and evil words or words of darkness will look of the one who can reveal the origin or the causes of their misfortune, their calamity and their suffering, and in the same time, who could unlock and set them free from this situation and heal them of their sickness. Looking at that, the man who plays the role of the good and the bad, known as the devil will then raise people in some countries like Benin, India, Nigeria… who possess the power and forces of Beelzebub, the prince of demons so that these prophets, bishops, pastors, doctors… should come in possession of these forces that are sometimes renewable.

       The servant of the master of the cunning knows that the problem of the Christians of the law who have filled the world today is not the deliverance of their souls, or the possession of the goods, and the richness of their souls that can bring them to seek and to be in need of those who will reveal them the Lord Jesus who is his word of truth, so that by this truth which is known and lived, they should become the gods in the spirit, the thought, the feeling, the life and conduct. Since the Christians of the law rather desire the deliverance of their flesh, and seek to possess the goods and richness of the earth, those who have been set up by the devil make them to run towards them because they possess the power and forces that can reveal the things of the earth and of the flesh, and they release them.

       They run towards them in order to look for the solutions to their multiple problems; these solutions can be: the freeing of the traveling, the diplomas, the marriages, the childbirth, the finances, the promotions; the healing of the flesh, to know the person who is or who was at the origin of these blocking or sicknesses. Therefore, after having received the solutions, these Christians of the law will bring money and other materials to thank the man of God. This last always profit to ask more by saying that he who wants to receive a prayer of blessing or of grace should bring an envelope proportional to the prayer that he wants.

       Therefore, the power and forces that these prophets, bishops, pastors, doctors… have gone to look in order to work, make them to become the masters of the solution to the problems of the people who will come to thank them with the envelopes, gifts and other materials. They do not only receive much money and the glory of man, but they are also stars through their radio and television channels. Due to these power and forces of clairvoyance and of the unlocking of the earthly things, the great personalities visit them; and this gives them more glory and greatness. Other men of God who want to become like them will go and seek for the power and forces in order to make miracles and prodigies so that people should come in crowd towards them to seek for a solution to their problem, and they are thus respected and taken like the gods of the solutions by those who run after them with money.

       The devil wants his servant to be sought by the patients who will consider them for the great men of God that have the power of the supreme God. For this reason, he has recommended the witches and the magicians to torment, to make sick, to block…people so that they should go in crowd towards those who they consider as the veritable men of God. The devil knows that all these people will gather around these established: prophets, pastors, bishops, doctors… in big numbers, and will only benefit the freeing of their health, the deliverance of the things of the flesh, and as such, he will always be the master of their souls.

       Therefore, the witches and the magicians work a lot to make people sick, to torment them and to deprive them of many things, and as such, these last will run towards the servants of the master of the cunning to look for refuge. Some of them bless water, the handkerchiefs, perfumes… to sell or to give for free. Others ask people to come with bottles or cans of water in order to pray on these things, so that people should use them as if they were very efficient and powerful. That is why these men of God agree with the witches, and some of them are even the veritable witches.

       The power and forces that they use to operate give them much money, the glory, the consideration and the respect. The devil is then helped by these men who will have many patients in their church or denomination, and this lasts benefit the healing, the deliverance, the freeing of things of the flesh and of the earth, forgetting and ignoring the soul which will then be held by the devil and will be dragged in the lake of fire or in the eternal torment.

       They have the power of water, that is why they do not hesitate to bless the water… They have the wind of the sea in the palms of their hands; that is why they just need to swing their hands at the time of the prayer for the people to fall down, even at a distance. They just need to blow near or far so that people should fall down. The witches, the magicians and the servants taken for the men of God are together in the spirit. When the witches come and put demons in the bodies of the believers, these prophets, bishops, pastors, doctors… who possess the power and forces of Beelzebub prince and king of demons recommends these demons either to go out, to change the location or to manifest another sickness later on. As they possess the power and the forces of the prince of the demons, they ask these little demons to obey them.

       That is even why the Pharisees were thinking that the power and the force with which the Lord had to cast out the demons and to heal the sick people in the flesh was coming from Beelzebub, the prince of demons. But the Lord Jesus made them understand that his power and force was coming from heaven and from his father; and that the time shall come where there will arise false prophets and people in the middle of them, and who will come in the name of Jesus Christ with forces and power of Beelzebub, and will do great prodigies and miracles, seducing almost everybody, except the elect, because the elect will recognise them, but they will not know the elect (Matthew 24/24).

       That is why the people to whom they have revealed the invisible things always say that this manner of seeing is from God only. They assert that this one or that one is a veritable because this manner to make the paralytic to walk by making him to abandon his rolling chair or his clutches, to cure the sickness can come from God only. Therefore, these prodigies and miracles that are done by these men of God today give no doubt to the Christians of the law who are convinced that what is done comes from God.

       At the time of the apostles, there was a man in the town of Samaria in the name of Simon, who was taking himself for a big personality because he was practicing magic and was making the people of Samaria to be astonished. Everybody was listening to him attentively and they were saying that he possesses the veritable power of God because he has astonished them for a long time. The people found that his power and force was coming from the veritable God (Acts 8/9-11). The day this magician called Simon saw the people receiving the Holy Spirit from the imposition of hands by the apostles Peter and John, he was astonished and wanted to buy this power with money; believing that the power that the apostles had was bought at the price of money like his power.

       That is why it is said: “Now when Simon saw that the Spirit was given through the laying on of the apostles’ hands, he offered them money, saying, “give me this power also, so that anyone on whom I lay my hands may receive the Holy Spirit”. But Peter said to him, “May your silver perish with you, because you thought you could obtain the gift of God with money!” (Acts 8/18-20). The same, the power that people go to search today is at the price of money. That is why they are too attached to money up to the point where if somebody does not have money, he cannot benefit the favours of their power. Today, they are the ones who are at the origin of the doctrine which make the people to believe that the grace or the gift of God is obtained by the material, even in the church of God; it is the power of money that dominates.

       One day, I was praying on the people. There was a woman in the hall. She was also making prayers of deliverance in another town. She came and stood in front of me so that I should also pray on her, but from the time I put my hands on her, I knew that her power was on the palms of her hands; and I held her two hands. She shook them from my hands and she crossed them on her back. I went behind to se how she has crossed her hands, and I found that she has crossed her three fingers and left two fingers elongated, thus, the sign of the devil. I removed her hands by force on her back to bring them in front of her.

       When she saw that I have discovered who she is, she started laughing, and I told her that it is the Lord Jesus who reigns here and not another person, then I asked her to sit down. After some minutes, she stood up while removing her shoes, she removed the scarf on her head and she tied it on her waist. While I was praying on another person, she came and stood in front of me and she told me that I would freed nobody who belongs to them or who carry their mark. She blew on the girl on whom I was praying and she started shouting loudly. I asked people to see how the devil works. At that moment, she started to manifest like a mad woman.

       There is a great difference between the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the prayer, and the manifestation of the power of water, the wind, the sea and others. That is why people always tell me that they have never seen such a manifestation when I pray on them. I respond to them: “you have seen the manifestation, but you should rather seek to understand the gospel or the teaching that will make you see and understand from whom this power comes”.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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