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If the Christians of ...



                                     It is the 336th message.

      If the Christians of this century were circumcised by the sword of God which is his word, they would have his heart which is a new heart, and they would be in the alliance with him, thus becoming autochthones in heaven and strangers on earth. Their vow in spirit and in truth would be the health, the success, the prosperity, the richness and the life of their similar both in the physic and in the spirit. The Eternal God, in his will to see people becoming the gods, that is to say his veritable children, he sent Jesus Christ so that through his sword which is his word announced and received, people should become the men made at the measure of the perfect stature of Christ.

      The Christians of this century have not reached to the circumcision simply because some of them did not hear of the sword of Christ, and for others, because they have preferred the word of man for their fleshly good. The word of man is not the word of the kingdom of heaven; but it is rather of the earth. Therefore, it is incapable to circumcise man’s heart no matter the degree of his practice so that this one should become a stranger on earth and to become an autochthone in heaven, and being on earth, his greatest richness, glory, greatness in spirit and in truth should be the will to see his similar in good health, to see him prosper, to succeed in all what he undertakes, to be rich both in the spirit and in the physic. From this, man will then bear witness of the supremacy of the richness, the glory and the greatness of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

      The word which has maintained the Christians of this century in the uncircumcision is fleshly, that is to say; it comes from man and it is for his flesh and not for his soul. For it is the one that maintain or push the Christians to consider themselves like the autochthones on earth, where their greatest richness is found in the earthly things and their greatest glory is the appreciation and the acclamations of men’s hands. Therefore, being autochthones, the satisfaction is only found in the richness of the earth; all what is desired, needed and sought is for the good of the flesh. And to possess these things, they need to pass through flattering, the seduction, lies, fake, swindling, the embezzlement, magic, the sacrifice and selling of their similar. Others make their similar to work without paying them, others despise their similar or walk on them in order to be respected. Not willing that their similar should become like them, especially when they have a brighter future, they will do everything to put an obstacle on their way or even to eliminate them…

      If the evil has filled the world, it is because the Christians are autochthones in this world; they are the autochthones because they are uncircumcised of the heart, for they have not yet listened to the sword of God sent to them by the Son of man so that they should become circumcised. It is also because they have remained attached to the word of man which has filled the pastoral schools and seminaries, and which does not have the power to bring them to the circumcision of the heart which leads to the deliverance of evil and of the eternal death. The Eternal God, in his will to see the people in the alliance with him in spirit, he has sent the word of spirit which leads to the circumcision and to the eternal life by his Son Jesus Christ so that by this spiritual sword, we should become spiritually circumcised in order to become the spiritual people.

       Being strangers on earth, we draw our glory from the kingdom of heaven through the consideration of our similar and in the will in spirit and in truth to see him prosper; he should be rich and alive both in the spirit and in the physic. We draw our richness from the kingdom of heaven through the despise of the richness of the earth, for the richness that we possess spiritually has created that of the earth, and as the representatives of God and the gods on earth, this dust belongs to us even if we do not touch it enough. In addition, touching or not touching this dust changes nothing of the joy and the peace that we have, because they do not come from what we touch, but from what we think.

      What I have understood in this world is that the autochthones have pity on the strangers in the flesh; and the strangers have pity on the autochthones in the spirit. Each one has pity on the other because he sees him poor and suffering. That is why the autochthone; the bad rich had pity on the stranger Lazarus in the flesh which was lacking the material, and the stranger Lazarus had pity on the autochthone, the bad rich in his souls because he was lacking the life of the kingdom of heaven. As the physical or the fleshly richness only has a limited life span before disappearing, and the spiritual richness being eternal, it was necessary for the richness which has a limited life span to pass so that the autochthone, the bad rich should recognise that he is poor; but he realised it too late. The rich did not believe when the stranger Lazarus was making him to understand that this richness is just an eternal poverty without that of the kingdom of heaven. Such is the case of the people of this century.

      The same, the autochthone women of Jerusalem were crying on the stranger Jesus Christ because of his flesh which was suffering from the beating, and the stranger Jesus Christ was crying on these autochthone women of Jerusalem because of the state of their souls that were to suffer for the eternity; that is why it is said: “But turning to them Jesus said: “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children” (Luke 23/28).

      That is why today, I implore the Lord Jesus, firstly for the rulers of all the states as well as the State of the Vatican so that through his message that he transmits by me, all these people should read and understand that their flesh possess a very great richness of the earth, power, and the smugness, but their souls are poor for the eternity if they do not change. What does it serve to rejoice in his flesh for a little time and to make his soul to suffer for the eternity? I am a stranger on earth and they are the autochthones. I do not want to become an autochthone like them, but I rather want that they should become strangers like me, so that the poverty of the soul which is at the origin of the seriousness of the evil in this century should drop, and for the good to be raised. Look how the devil, thanks to his schools, form the women and the men of God who come out with the word which cannot lead to the circumcision of the heart no matter the degree of the practice. The people have remained uncircumcised, and it has rather helped to the raising of witchcraft, magic, the glory of man and the excessive love of the material.

      The end of everything is near but the people are still in the law; they are Christians of the law and autochthones of the earth. They think that as the Lord Jesus has died on the cross for them, it is enough. They rejoice to say that they are Christians of the faith because for them, they have received the baptism. For, some of them have received water on their head, and others have been immersed in water. They belong to a denomination and they fill their contributions, they fasten or make the novena, they give offerings and others; for they think that while doing that, they have already arrived, but the days are worse than ever, and only those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear will see and understand.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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