337th message.

In God...



                                       It is the 337th message.

       In God, it is by the faith of the righteousness that we will live eternally; or it is by righteousness that we will live eternally by the faith. That is why it is said: “but my righteous one shall live by faith…” (Hebrews 10/38). Many people always tell me that I like to judge. But they should understand that I am not sent by the Lord Jesus to preach man’s will or to make pleasure to this last, but I am sent to preach the will of God (Jesus Christ). That is even why it is said: “For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord…” (2 Corinthians 4/5). Let the people understand that the Eternal God has sent his Word so that the world should be delivered by it; and this word is Jesus Christ, his gospel. Therefore, when we preach Christ who is the light, it is for the people to become enlighten in order not to take another direction which is not that of the truth and which does not lead to the kingdom of heaven. The gospel of Christ is like a mirror; and when it is not preached, the people will not be able to gaze themselves. But if it (the mirror) is preached, the people will gaze themselves to see what to do in order to become clean in front of the one who is the only judge of the living and the deaths.

       The gospel of Christ is the judgement. That is why when Christ is preached, the people judge themselves through this word to know if they are spiritually alive or death. If through this word of spirit and of life they see themselves to be death, they can come back to life. Therefore, I preach the judgement which is the deliverance because if it is not preached, the people will not know if they are alive or death, they will not know if they are just or unjust; for if they are unjust, they can come back to in the justice by the judgement which is preached. That is even why it is said: “But if we judged ourselves truly, we would not be judged. But when we are judged by the Lord, we are disciplined so that we may not be condemned along with the world” (1 Corinthians 11/31-32).

       Therefore, for the people to judge themselves, it is necessary for the judgement to be preached. Christ is preached for the deliverance; and when the people remain in their posture which is against Christ, they will feel to be condemned by the truth and they will start saying: “you like judging people too much”. The word of Christ is preached for the deliverance of those who recognise themselves to be death, and not for those who do not recognise themselves to be death; for this gospel comes to bring the people out of the prison and out of the chains of Satan. For example, when I say that baptising little children does not come from God but rather from the devil, who between Jesus and the devil will say that I like judging? It will surely be the devil! Because he does not want the truth to be preached and known, because he always want that the people should stay in the ignorance. That is why he was raising people to forbid the apostles from teaching the gospel of Christ in Jerusalem for fear that the people should know the faith and to despise the law and the customs of Moses; because the devil is above this justice of the fleshly law (Acts 4/17-18; Acts 5/28).

       Today, he incites the people to say words of the type: “you like judging the people too much, you spend your time to judge the others”; all this to intimidate, to weaken, to discourage… But as these small words cannot intimidate the truth which must deliver the souls at the price of the blood of God, that is why we are more than ever up to announce the gospel of Christ, knowing that the deliverance can only come from him, and not from the other one who has filled the world.

       Baptising babies and little children while taking money from their parents is a double sin; because doing it even free of charge is to commit a crime against God; and to take money from the parents for this baptism is only swindling. At this moment, there is then the crime and swindling in the same time. Some pastors and priests thus commit this double sin which is a crime and swindling; and you say that I like judging? You should not go and tell to the head of state of the Vatican that I like judging because he is too small in front of the truth, but go and tell it to Lucifer himself, the master of the perdition and of the eternal death, that one who tempted Jesus, willing to make him become weak through the proposal of vanities which are the material and the glory of man; the things that he (the devil) has given to the great men of this world, up to the men of God in order to make them become small in front of him. It is only the justice of Christ that has won him for the eternity, and it is this same justice that we announce today so that those who are listening should receive it and be delivered by it.

       In truth, all the presidents and ministers who are Christians have not yet received the true baptism. Some of them received the baptism when they were still babies or little children, and they do not longer remember it. Some of them who are already adults have been informed by their parents that they have received the baptism when they were still babies. Therefore, up to today, they have not yet believed in the Lord Jesus; because whoever believes and is baptised will be saved (Mark 16/16). The baptism comes from the belief in Christ and the belief comes from what we listen and what we listen comes from the gospel of Christ. Can a baby listen to the gospel, can he believe in it and to take the engagement to be baptised? It is in the baptism of babies and little children that the devil has make use of all his cunning to better maintain and govern many people in this world; and there, he has put his government in place which is the state of the Vatican and his allied who are the protestants…

       The baptism of babies and little children is the base of the maintaining of many souls in the eternal torment; it is the seal of the anti-Christ and without the baptism of babies and little children, the catholics, the protestants… will not have power and they would be too weak because if they allow somebody to become big and to reach the age of reading and understanding the writings before taking the engagement to be baptised, it will become very difficult for them. But since they baptise babies and little children before reaching the reasoning age, these ones always have in their thought to have received the baptism in their congregation (catholics, protestants…) even if they never go to church; they already have this belief which is incarnated in their spirit that they have received the baptism and consequently, they are Christians.

       One day in my spirit, I was visiting the world and I was seeing how the head of states, ministers… in short, the rulers of this world were not having the fear of God. After looking well, I found that all the head of states who are Christians, the ministers…, if they are not catholics, they are protestants. Therefore, being babies or little children, they have received the mark of criminality and swindling in the baptism; and it has stayed in them up to today. Therefore, what can the population wait from such rulers who have not listened to the word which can raise a little feeling of the fear of God in them? The rulers of countries do not have the feeling towards their population.

       They are in the embezzlement of public funds, paedophilia, the legalisation of the homosexual marriage, high magic, ritual crimes, corruption… because they have never listened to the gospel of Christ in order to know their state of advanced rot and to take the decision to change the life by baptising and bathing themselves with the blood of Jesus that has shed on the cross for them. They have received the baptism being babies and little children, the baptism which is the act of criminality and swindling; and up to today, they have stayed in the ignorance, in blindness and leprosy, preferring the blood and the sacrifice of the human being for the protection, power, force and glory, than the blood and sacrifice of the Son of God that gives the protection, power, force and a glory above the blood and the human sacrifice.

       In truth, there is nothing else that can disturb the state of the Vatican than to see his adepts reading the bible, because they do no want that these people should look at this book of the deliverance and of the spiritual life, for fear that they can know the truth and freed from their prison. And as such, it will make more demands of explanations in front of their master who has placed them at the summit of this world, giving them all kind of material and glory, even above the sovereign head of states. They prevent people to read the good, to believe in it and to be able to manifest this good towards their similar. If the knowledge and the reading of the good are prevented, it is the evil that will have the advantage to progress with force as we can notice today. As the devil is cunning, he has given much money to his servants in order to construct great buildings for church, schools, hospitals to captivate the hearts of people who are happy of belonging to the richest church, the most considered, the most glorious through the great personalities of this world who are also its adepts.

       Other people always tell me that I am against the catholics; but I ask them if catholic is God? I will like them to tell me if I am against the truth or the lie, if I am against God or the devil? How do the people do not understand that everything has been given to the Lord Jesus; and that he is the only one who the Eternal God has sent to us, we should believe in him in order to become his witnesses, for he is the one who will present us in front of the Father on the last day. Where does it comes that today, some people believe to be the witnesses of Jehovah and not of Jesus? Is Jehovah a land, a place, a man or an angel of Lucifer? The devil has given the biggest printing house to these people in order to produce booklets every month in different languages and to swing them everywhere in the whole earth.

       There is something that amuses me and saddens me in the same time; they say to be Christians but do not recognise to be the witnesses of Christ. I am neither of the pentecostal church nor of the awakened church, the ancient church nor the new church, but I am of the truth of Christ that was, that is and that will always be for the eternity; the truth that this century must know to be freed from the lie and to be saved from the spiritual death. I am not coming to preach my will, but the judgement of the Lord. That is why it is said: “The spiritual person judges all things, but is himself to be judged by no one. “For who has understood the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?” But we have the mind of Christ” (1 Corinthians 2/15-16) and the Lord Jesus says: “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment” (John 7/24).

       People tell me that God said that we should not judge, but that I like judging people too much. But they do not know which truth they are faced with. For, the gospel of Christ that I preach is devoted to save those who receive and live it. But those who do not receive it will be condemned by it on the last day. That is why the Son of man says: “If anyone hears my words and does not keep them, I do not judge him; for I did not come to judge the world but to save the world. The one who rejects me and does not receive my words has a judge; the word that I have spoken will judge him on the last day” (John 12/47-48).

       If the devil and his government of men believe to be strong, they should know that there are stronger than them. For in this century, and principally in the world of Christians, it is the devil that teaches and he is taken for the Lord Jesus; as such, his belief has flooded the hearts and the thinking of men. And the fruit of this belief is the high rate of the evil that floods this world. As he is cunning, that is also how his children are cunning. For, when you tell them that in Jesus Christ we do not baptise children, we do not pray Mary, we do not prostrate in front of the statues or the carved images, they will tell you: “you are judging the belief or the faith of others”. When you tell them that in Jesus Christ, we do not sell or buy the titles of church elder, of deaconess…, they will tell you: “you are judging the belief or the faith of others”. When you tell them that in God, we are the witnesses of Jesus Christ, in whom and by whom we are Christians, and not of Jehovah, they will tell you: “you are judging the belief or the faith of others”.

         When you tell them that in Jesus Christ, we do not prescribe the material said spiritual to the people in order to pray on them, they will tell you: “you are judging the belief or the faith of others”. When you tell them that in Jesus Christ, we do not learn how to speak in tongues, they will tell you: “you are judging the belief or the faith of others”. When you tell them that in God, we do not prevent people to put yellow coins in the basket of offerings, we do not impose or ask for a certain amount of money to the people in order to receive a prayer either of blessing, of grace or of deliverance, they will tell you: “you are judging the belief or the faith of others”. When you tell them that in God, we do not give the handkerchiefs, water, perfumes, soaps… to the people to use as protection, blessing…, they will tell you: “you are judging the belief or the faith of others”. When you tell them that in Jesus Christ, we do not recite the psalms for protection…, they will tell you: “you are judging the belief or the faith of others”. For there are many things, but I have written few.

       When I say the truth of the Lord Jesus to the people, instead to take it like a spiritual deliverance, they rather take it for a condemnation and judgement by saying to me: “you are judging the belief or the faith of others”. Tell me; who feels worried by this truth, the Lord Jesus or the devil? For, if we have to look how the people snivel when they listen to the truth or when they read it, the truth will not be preached because it touches all what is a lie and liberates the people from the belief to the said lie which is taken for the truth. But the truth of Christ must break, destroy, root out, ruin, all the belief to the lie and seduction, and to plant and build the belief on what is veritable for the eternity (Jeremiah 1/10).

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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