338th message.

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                                    It is the 338th message.

       It is time for the entire world to know that the messenger of the Lord Jesus has appeared in this 21st century. Who says messenger of the Lord Jesus says representative of Apostle Peter; and the veritable representative of Apostle Paul in this world being present, he who falsely declare himself to be his representative should become attached to the truth of Christ which he has been fighting since many centuries, because this truth which is the light will bare all the sovereign state of the lie. This word or message is just the accomplishment of a prophecy made at the age of 06 months, in a spirit of power and of fire, and in a brain full of lapse of memory. 

       All the people of the planet earth should now know that in the world of the physical people, there exist two types of witches: on one side, those who make war to the flesh, and on the other side, those who make war to the soul. Among the two, the most dangerous are those who make war to the soul, and whom the wise men by the wisdom of God should take seriously.

       Let us start firstly by the less dangerous ones; those who make war to the flesh. They deprive the flesh of the richness, his goods, his health and his life, always willing that this flesh should suffer. That is why these witches block the finances, the travelling, the diplomas, the job, the promotion, the childbirth, the listening… they put sicknesses in bodies, bewitch the bodies, eat the human flesh, drink the human blood, change the brain into mud… Therefore, the flesh of man which is dust is deprived of the earthly things that it was to enjoy, meanwhile this flesh only has a limited life span before returning in the middle of the ground where it has been taken. 

       This flesh being deprived, prevented, touched, tormented, the devil in his cunning and game has provided what must protect these victims such as: the anti demon soaps, the Saint Michael soaps, the incense, in short; the products said spiritual. He has also provided the water, salt, the handkerchiefs said blessed, the recitation of psalms…, all these things that are said to have domination on the evil forces are impregnated of his spirit. The witches who touch the flesh are those ones that are known and seen by the blinds. According to these last, these witches must die because they touch and destroy their life or their future.

       Now, there are the veritable witches, those who make war to the soul, and who are taken by the blindsand deaf for the saviour gods. What I have understood is that in this century, the people do not know the devil; the veritable witch and his works. They only know the false witches who prevent the vanity (the flesh) from receiving vanities (the goods of the earth), ignoring the veritable witches who prevent the soul from receiving the goods of the kingdom of heaven. 

       In truth, if the veritable witches are not known, therefore, the devil also will not be known; because since the Garden of Eden, the devil did not want to prevent man’s flesh to live, to be in good health and to deprive it of all what can make pleasure to it like the witches do, but he rather wanted to deprive the soul of the eternal life, of good health and of all what can be good to it for the eternity; all this by the lie which is taken for the truth like the veritable witches do. In the Garden of Eden, the devil made believe to the man that if he eats the food forbidden by God, he will not die. Therefore, the devil works through his veritable witches who prevent the soul not to come back to life by the lie that they teach, and which the people listen and take for the truth of Christ which can save them on the last day; meanwhile this lie is just the maintenance or the seals in the eternal death.

       The veritable witches prevent, block and deprive the soul from having life, good health and the gaining of the goods of the kingdom of heaven. In their witchcraft, they baptise babies and little children, knowing that all those who have been baptised when they were still babies or little children, if they grow without listening to the gospel of Christ, without believing in it in order to take the engagement of a good conscience to be baptised in truth, they will all belong to them for the eternity. Baptising babies or little children is to make witchcraft against the souls of these children that will be sealed by a lie, even when they will become big.

       When I look at the rulers of this world like the kings, the head of states, the ministers, the diplomats… who say to be Christians, no one has believed to the gospel of Christ in order to take the engagement to be baptised like Christ, to bury the old man in spirit in the water of baptism and to come out in a new man according to the new spirit in Christ. All these rulers who are Christians have been baptised when they were babies or little children, up to the point where it is their parents, their godfathers and god mothers who recall them of this. They all have godfathers of the baptism, but is it from Jesus Christ, the apostles or from Lucifer? 

       That is even why these rulers, especially the African rulers, without believing in the Lord Jesus Christ to bury the old man in the water of the baptism, they control their countries in a very wild manner. The veritable witches teach people to pray Mary; that is to say they make witchcraft against the souls. The Lord Jesus has come to make us become the veritable children of God, that is to say the gods; because we receive him for life, force, power, protection, greatness, glory, richness… and the veritable witches want that in the spirit, the people should be unconsidered in front God who is spirit. They have brought the people to pray Mary, meanwhile Mary through whom the Lord has passed when he came like a simple man, has also received the Lord Jesus like the saviour with the hope of saving her soul and to address him the prayer. 

       How can we pray Mary? For, praying Mary is to pray another god; meanwhile the Lord Jesus is the only one who we must pray, and the Father who has sent him to save us. We pray the Lord Jesus so that through this prayer, he should do something for us. But if we pray Mary, it is to hope what and from whom? They are prayers of the demon of Lucifer. That is even why these demons appear in flashes in some areas or localities, and the people run there to say: “Mary has appeared”. It is the demon Mary of Lucifer and not Mary through whom the Lord Jesus passed when he was flesh; for she is also waiting for the abduction on the last day when the trumpet will sound, and the only judge of the living and the deaths will appear to render the sentence, so that everyone should harvest the fruits of his work on earth (John 6/27).

       For, if these veritable witches were not powerful to bewitch and make the people to become blind, how can they place a block of cement and say to the people that it is Mary who is faced to them so that this lasts should come and prostrate in font? They do not see that this cement placed in front of them is the same in the walls of houses? They do not see that the wood that they put in fire is the monument in front of which they prostrate? Or when they address a prayer to these carved images, do they see them with ears and a mouth to say to themselves: “with these ears, she listens to our complaint, and with their mouth, they will respond to us sooner or later”? 

       When these veritable witches bring the people to suck their rings, they bewitch their spirit by the spirit of the beast; and by doing this, I have found that the deception has made these people to become crazy; for these veritable witches, knowing that in the house of God, the sellers and byers will be cast out, they have pushed the people to buy titles such as church elder, deaconess… These veritable witches knowing that to be Christians without recognising ourselves to be the witnesses of Christ but rather the witnesses of another god like Jehovah is to be against Christ, and that whoever is against Christ is against the life of his soul, that is why willing that the people should be deprived of the life of their souls, they want to bring all the people to be the witnesses of Jehovah and not those of Christ, a stranger god, in order to prevent the people from entering in the kingdom of heaven. 

       These bewitched have the zeal and courage to knock on people’s doors, even if they are in the toilets to say to them: “Jehovah is visiting you”.The veritable witches are the hunters of the offerings, tithes, thanks giving… Knowing that in God we do not buy prayers, they ask for certain amounts of money in exchange of a prayer of blessing which according to them will open the doors of the travelling, the marriage, the childbirth, the promotion, the prosperity, the finances… They are the ones who give the handkerchiefs, the water; for they know that when a man already have the handkerchief or water and that he takes it for something that carry the blessing or power, he will believe in these things instead of believing in the life of Christ which was to become his thought, his feeling and his conduct so that he should obtain the blessing and the power of God. He who believes in a material, the anger of God is against him and deprives him from entering in the kingdom of heaven. 

       For, the veritable witches accompanied with the exorcist know that the Lord is a jealous God, and that he does not want us to take a material said spiritual in his place and to consider it like a power of protection and of domination on the evil forces. These veritable witches bring the people to recite the psalms for protection, knowing that the protection which does not come from Christ but from the recitation of psalms is from the devil. They have thus brought the people to recite them, that is why some people recite the psalms by heart, others recite a psalm as longer as they have recommended him or her to read it. For the witchcraft which destroys the flesh, the devil has provided the material said spiritual or blessed to protect and deliver the victims; and for the witchcraft which destroys the soul by maintaining it in poverty and in the spiritual death, the Lord has provided his truth to deliver, to bless and to vivify it for the eternity.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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