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                                    It is the 339th message.

       There is only the truth of the Lord Jesus to save this present world from the ignorance or the spiritual poverty which has dragged this century in an abyss, where without its fast intervention, it will become engulfed without any return. As the prince of mercy did not accept that his suffering and his blood which has shed on the cross should be in vain, he did not close his mouth while seeing this century in the agony. For, he knows that just a single word coming from him will permit those who are in the coma to have good health, just as yesterday when he was still in the physic;he made Lazarus to come back to life after he spent four days in the grave.

       Being the master of the solutions to all the problems, the doctor, the surgeon of the operations and difficult cases, the Lord Jesus has thus given me his Spirit without measure to operate in this century. Like a good doctor in front of his patient, I have diagnosed this century and have determined the cause of its sickness, from the symptoms; I understood that it is ignorant of the truth of Christ. I have firstly looked at these leaders who say to be Christians and who govern their countries, and I have seen the contrary of Christ in their feeling, their thought, their spirit and life. I asked myself if they are Christians, it is on which foundation of the gospel? For, there are some people who fight the gospel of Christ by bringing another gospel to help the evil to prosper. The evil which floods this century does not come from the gospel of Christ.

       Knowing that in order to become a Christian, it all starts by listening to the gospel of Christ, to be conscious of his bad life, the engagement of the baptism of repentance… I came towards these Christian leaders to know,as they say to be Christians, if they took the engagement to die with Christ in the water of the baptism and to live in him by the faith. They answered NO. Some said to me that their parents had made them understand that they have been baptised when they were still babies, others told me that they have been baptised when they were still little children, and that they do not longer remember it very well, but it comes to their memory at times.

        When I asked them the person who took the engagement, they told me that it was their godfathers. I asked them the question to know if the entered in the water, they responded that they have poured them water on the head, and from that, I understood that it is the work of the people who want to distort the gospel of Christ. For, there is no other baptism, no other gospel, as it is said: “not that there is another one, but there are some who trouble and want to distort the gospel of Christ” (Galatians 1/7). For me, I know that all those who have been baptised in Christ have put on Christ (Galatians3/27).

       A world governed in majority by the Christian rulers who have received a handful of water on their head for the baptism when they were babies or children and up to today, can only lead to the fatality, and hence drag the entire world. If these leaders were Christians through the gospel of Christ which has touched their bad life, leading them to take the engagement by the baptism of the repentance to change their bad life, their manner to govern would not be a fatality for their nations and for the entire world. But since they are Christians by the gospel which fight Christ, that is why their hair have received a handful of water for the baptism, and that up to today, in order to break out the evil in their nations and in the entire world.

       That is why a president or prime minister who is a Christian and who has received the baptism in his childhoodis sometimes found legalising the homosexual marriage; bringing two people of the same sex to get married officially, thus, two people of the same sex present themselves in front of the mayor to wear the wedding rings (the alliance) and to kiss themselves. That is what the baptism of the beast has caused to the men who sodomise themselves, what the Creator does not even see in the animals that he has created for food to man. These Christian head of states and ministers in the great nations have even decided that this legalisation of the homosexual marriage should be given to other nations. But what a thought and spirit for a Christian!

       The water that is poured on the head of babies or children only represent the horns of the animal that they place on their head, and whoever doubt of what I say should ask the Lord, even in the dreams or visions, he will show it to him. For those who have been baptised in Christ in spirit and in truth, it is said: “We are buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in the newness of life” (Romans 6/4). For, the baptism in Christ is the engagement to finish with the sin, and the baptism in which they pour water on the head of babies or children is the baptism of sin. It tells nothing to you that this baptism is at the price of an amount of money? It is because for the devil, the law of free of charge does not exist.

        These men of God who always bless the homosexual marriage are also the veritable paedophiles. I always see the man of the papacy taking the decisions to expel or excommunicate two priests or two bishops caught in the act of sodomy, to deceive the deaf and the blind that their sovereign state of lies does not want these acts that tarnish their ecclesiastic body. Look how these leaders of the Christian people who are sponsored, flooded of corruption, the embezzlement of the public funds, take the richness of the people in hostage, especially the African leaders. These Christians who are sponsored rule the people in a very wild manner.

       The majority of them are civilian, but they rule their country with a dictatorship above that of the soldiers. The more they stay on power, the more their similar are sacrificed for them, for ritual crimes of protection, of domination… These Christians who are sponsored take their countries in hostage as if it was their private property, without any dialogue with the lower people, privatising the public companies without giving the report to anybody, selling the petrol, gold, wood…, in short, the richness of the underground. Some African leaders who are Christians have taken their country in hostage since more than thirty years and are surrounded by old people like them, putting in prison and killing all the young people who want to speak of their bad manners of managing the richness of the people. These Christians having the godfathers of the baptism, being head of states in the great countries, they have the groupings called the G8…, destabilising the head of states of the small nations because of the richness of the ground, putting these countries in fire and blood. As such, thousands of people are displaced to take refuge in other countries. But what feeling, thought and spirit! But what Christians!

       These sponsored presidents, prime ministers who are Christians have not known Christ; the power of his resurrection, the communion of his sufferings in becoming in conformity with him in his death in order to become Christians (Philippians 3/10), but they have rather received the baptism of the horns to transform into an animal, to drink the blood of their similar…, being at the head of the state, of a ministry…, they are the models for their people and the entire world, where the dream of some people is to see them with the eyes, and even to greet them and to take pictures with them. Therefore, the leaders of this world or of many nations of the world are corrupted Christians, embezzlers of public funds, paedophiles, consumers of the human blood, and the people who are governed by them suffer a lot.

       For, all the evil and the bad example come from the states’ leaders, and their ignorance or spiritual poverty comes from the sovereign state of the deception and their allied. It is a group of veritable witches who are too evil-minded for the soul, and who are above the witches that touch the flesh, and they are at the origin of the advancement of witchcraft… when a doctor has diagnosed the symptoms that cause the sickness of a person, to cure him only becomes a matter of seconds. The truth that the Lord Jesus has given me, face to their lie and seduction is like a fire face to rubber, where just its vapour makes this rubber to melt. All those who say to be Christians and not witnessing Christ, but rather another god with the name of Jehovah, all those magicians who flatter and who say to belong to the pentecostal churches, the awakened churches, the new churches… should know that the hard things of the kingdom of heaven on earth have started in this century. The Lord Jesus has shown me the prophets Jeremiah, John the Baptist, Apostle Paul, King David, Daniel the dean and the three mates, and he asked me what I see in each of them. I told him what I was seeing and he told me: “you have seen right. And now, manifest what you have seen, for I have given it to you”. But I recognise to have not yet started, but rather wishing to start and I…


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)




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