342nd message

The devil is too ...



                                      It is the 342nd message

       The devil is too cunning and wiser than the men. It is by the grace and the revelation of God that we can know him in his true posture; and from there, we can bypass his tricks in order to dominate him.

       The devil knowing that there is only Jesus Christ who has defeated him in this world, knowing that all those who will know and live Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth will also be able to dominate him, he has thus diverted the people from the knowledge of Jesus Christ (the truth) so that they should not be freed from the lie. That is why he has make use of all his cunning to pass through some people to establish another doctrine, so that the people should believe in it and they should be maintained in the state of the spiritual death. As such, he has brought another doctrine by the means of his adepts, and he has placed this doctrine in such a way that it floods the entire planet.

       For, this doctrine presents itself in many forms whose seats are found in the strategic places of the planet, the most envied places of the world. In Italy, there is the seat of the doctrine of the catholics which is taken for that of Jesus Christ. This seat is also that of the statues and the carved images of Mary and Jesus. In England, there is the seat of the protestantism which does not only teach and practice the baptism of babies and little children, but also sell this baptism as well as the titles of church elder, deaconess… In Saudi Arabia, we have the seat of Islam. This doctrine always finds that the blood of sheep brings something to man in front God. That is why they have instituted the feast of the sheep (tabaski) to give value to the blood of the animal.

       There is also the seat of the Jehovah witnesses in the United States, where its adepts recognise themselves as Christians, not witnessing Christ, but rather Jehovah. In China, there is the seat of Buddhism. There people have boxes where they keep the gonzo while praying Buddha. The devil has filled the world with his teaching (his doctrine); this doctrine is found everywhere, operating in many different names, but always having big countries for seat.

        The devil has passed by the great countries and their head of states or influential prime ministers to legalise the homosexual marriage so that all the small nations should take the example from them. We thus see two men of the same sex, one climbing on the other, thing that the Eternal God has never seen, even in the animals that he has created and given to man for food. The devil has imposed these practices to all the profiteer rulers and superstars so that all those who want to enter in their middle, who want to become like them or who want to benefit of their privilege should submit themselves to these practices that are: sodomy, the consumption of the human blood, the sacrifice of the human being… For this reason, the devil uses the people that he has raised at the summit of power, of the glory, of the celebrity, by making that they should be coveted, envied, sought after and carried in the hearts and spirits. He has incited the people to fabricate bombs and to test them in order to kill their similar; knowing that all those who will die physically, if they are not alive spiritually, they (their souls) will belong to him for the eternity.

         He also incite certain head of states of great countries to put other countries in fire and blood, knowing that the souls of all those who will be killed will belong to him for the eternity if they are not alive in the spirit. He gives power to his prophets, pastors, doctors, bishops, apostles… to make great prodigies and miracles in order to attract many people towards them. He thus makes them to gain much money while maintaining them in the state of seduction, knowing that the souls that will leave the earth without life will belong to him for the eternity. He has made to fabricate the products said spiritual and has made believe to the people that these products carry the power of God. He passes by his men to bless the products so that people should get attached to them by using them and to think that they contain the blessing of God; meanwhile in God, it is man who becomes the blessing by the word of life listened and received. He uses the witches of the flesh, he makes them to work a lot in churches in order to make people to sleep, to make them become weak, to make them forget, he put them in the challenge among each other… He uses the witches to initiate others, making other people to have night sexual intercourse and to have night meals.

       The devil has brought man to believe that everything is limited in the life of the flesh which is physical; meanwhile it is only the beginning of the eternity when the flesh which is the ground returns where it has been taken. The devil has brought man to find that it is not in his heart, his thought and his feeling that he has to suffer in order to build a house to God, so that God should dwell in him, but he has rather brought him in the construction of buildings of dust so that man should be happy to have raised a building to the Eternal God. He knows that while proceeding as such, people will be happy to have built a house to God, and their hearts on the other hand will become his house (the house of the devil).

       He knows that the soul is not in the building which they have constructed to God, but rather in the heart which is his house. Therefore, the devil brings the people to believe that to belong to a denomination as church, to suffer and die for it and not for the truth of Christ that must vivify them and set them free from the eternal death is the right thing to do. The devil has brought the people to see the value in all what is material and not in the life of Christ which is lived. He has brought the people to seek for the respect of their similar. The devil has brought man to be ashamed in front of his similar when he lacks the material, the diplomas or when he lacks the knowledge on how to write or to speak an official language.

       The devil has brought the people to believe that if a man on earth comes to die without getting married, without leaving children, houses and others, therefore, he has lose his life. That is why a man or a woman who already has 35 years without being married will start worrying as well as his or her parents. But if the man is married and does not have children, he will start worrying as well as his parents; and he does not delay to chase away the woman who does not give birth to take another one with the hope of getting children from her or to get married to her like the second wife. The devil has brought man to believe that if he forgives his similar, if he is humble, if he is simple, patient…, he will lose the consideration and the respect in front of the people. Man does not see that losing in front of his similar and not in front God is good for him; but losing in front God and not in front of his similar is bad for him. The devil brings the people to find that the man of God who does not have the material is a small man of God; but small relatively to the material and not relatively to Christ lived and taught.

       There are things that I have seen people selling in this world to become rich in the dust. Firstly, there are the richness of the ground and the underground like petrol, gold, diamond, mercury, wood, iron, bauxite, the soil, drug…, there is also the human being. He is sold wholly, he is sacrificed to the spirits that bring money or it is his organs that are sold. This world is controlled by witchcraft, magic and the internet. All the eyes of the devil and his government of people are fixed on the messengers of God because he knows that just a single word coming from them will lead to the failure of the belief in his lie and seduction that are taken for the truth. But it will be known through the word of light announced to enlighten the world.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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